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Little Cooking Saint – 0196 – Grilled Buttered Corn (d)

Chapter 196 Grilled Buttered Corn (d)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Uncle Wang had always obeyed Third Miss’s commands.

When they came to the Ninth Realm, the Patriarch had given him a special jade talisman. This talisman was meant to prevent any untoward accidents or emergencies. For a quarter of an hour, the Dao of Suppression will be lifted and his powers would be restored to their original levels.

[1] For a quarter of an hour, his Nascent Formation status would be more than enough to sweep across the Ninth Realm and suppress everyone through his Cultivation realm alone. Now that he was free from the Suppression, he was now the most powerful person in this world. The gap between him and these so-called Divine Transformation experts was unimaginable.

As his powers continued to climb, the surrounding atmosphere darkened and even the sun seemed to lose its colour. The pressure emanating from Uncle Wang’s body was so strong that the students below could not bear it. One after another, they fell to the ground, unable to do anything but shiver in place.

Those with stronger Cultivation realms merely collapsed to their knees, the weaker ones began to bleed from their various orifices. If they continued to stay in place, they might even explode from the pressure alone.

“Everyone leave! Quick! Get out of here!” Lin Fan shouted. “Run away! Run as far as you can!”

His voice cut through the hypnotizing pressure of the Nascent Formation aura and a glimmer of life appeared in their eyes. [1] Those nearest to him lurched to their feet and staggered blindly away from the threat.

Feng Luo and Dong-Fang Zhen were already evacuating people. Their higher Cultivation realms allowed them to move around, albeit with some difficulty. The bottom line was, they would not die immediately.

As for the Dean and the Elders… what are they going to do about this situation?

“You guys leave too,” said Lin Fan, Qing Feng sword already in hand.

“I’m not leaving,” Feng Luo’s expression was serious. He has a spear in hand as he straightened up, “One more person means more strength.”

Qing Chen turned to Dong-Fang Zhen, “You take the others and leave,”

Dong-Fang Zhen understood that these three people before him were much stronger than himself and did not argue. This was not the time to be manly or heroic, he must save his strength to rescue people and give the fighters peace of mind.

“Then, you guys take care. Leave the rest to me.”


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Shiyu could only stare anxiously at Lin Fan, [1] Feng Luo and Qing Chen as they stood there unmoving with their weapons. She had been captured and bound, unable to move. Gritting her teeth with hatred, she glared at the old man…

… who was already moving his hands and, suddenly, countless ice arrows appeared in the air and fired at the elders.

These Frost Arrows were sharp and came from all directions. The elders were stuck like a turtle in a bottle, unable to escape. They were completely at the mercy of their opponents.

“Fight!” the elders gritted their teeth and did their best to defend against the sudden volley of arrows. [1] Shiyu cast a glance at Uncle Wang and realised from his slightly amused face that he was just teasing them. He was just playing with the elders as though he was teasing a bunch of cats and dogs!

After the first set of Frost Arrows were destroyed, he smiled and laughed like a benevolent grandpa, “Good, good, try and avoid this!” Snow began to surround them out of nowhere.

[1] The snowflakes appeared tiny and delicate, but when they flew past the elders, thin cuts appeared on their clothes and skin. Soon, the cuts turned to gashes and not long after that, the elders began to bleed out.

Shiyu, who could not even struggle against the invisible hold over her body, stared at the terrible scene with bloodshot eyes. These elders were her mentors and teachers! People who were willing to bet even their burial money (maybe) to help the young people improve. How could she just sit and watch them bleed to death?!

Hatred filled her eyes as she glared at Uncle Wang’s head. If only she could kill him! If he was not around to assist evil, how could that nasty woman in green be so arrogant?! So what if she’s arrogant? No matter how proud she is, what could she do without the power to back her ego? [1] It’s all this bent old slave’s fault!

But, what could she do? She had been imprisoned and could not move. Was she to stay her hand and wait for an opportunity to strike in the future?

No, she wants her revenge now!

[1] Breathing harshly, Shiyu’s mind began to spin, trying to think up ways to harm that person or at least caused enough trouble to let her elders escape.

However, even after squeezing her brains, she could only think of one plan.

Suicide bomb.

If she detonates her Dantian, even a Divine Transformation expert would be injured. However, would it work against a Nascent Formation expert? No matter what, she has to try something. At the very least, she would not give that bitch the satisfaction of bringing an intact corpse home!


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Somewhere in the void.

Wen Xian was nearly in tears, “Brother, brother, quick! You must save them!”

Wen Heng pressed a hand on his head, “Wait a little longer.”

Life and death, honour and disgrace, these are the triggers that could stimulate a person’s potential. Until the very last moment, who could know what abilities they were hiding?

Though these people had nothing much to do with him, they had raised and protected his weak little brother when he was not around and could therefore be considered good people. It would not be bad to have more good and strong people in this world. At the very least, [1] if they were strong, Wen Xian would not be ashamed about associating with them in the future.


At ground level.

Lin Fan said, “Teacher, I want to save them.”

Without further comment, Old Gu pierced his own soul and temporarily transferred his Cultivation realm to Lin Fan. Lin Fan was now a Core Condensation expert and could better accommodate Old Gu’s powers.

As he stood there, his strength began to climb. [1] It went up and up, going beyond Core Condensation into Divine Transformation and continued to climb, level by level until stopped at Level 8. The sudden power hike caught the outsiders attention.

Uncle Wang narrowed his eyes at this youth, “How unexpected, this child is not suppressed by the Dao of Suppression!” He had used the jade talisman from the Patriarch to fling off the Suppression, but what about this person? Could this child be from that certain family of Enforcers with special abilities?

Many thoughts flashed across his mind. It all inevitably ended with one conclusion. This child could not be left alive. Immediately, he stopped toying with the elders and directed his attacks at Lin Fan.

As Lin Fan’s powers began to soar. Feng Luo exchanged a look with Qing Chen and together they flashed towards Shiyu. They could not do anything against those outsiders, but they could at least try and save Shiyu!

When Shiyu noticed Lin Fan’s sudden power hike, she stopped thinking about detonating her Dantian. After all, no one is willing to die for nothing!

The moment Uncle Wang left the green-robed girl’s side, the Dean and the elders grabbed the chance to take the girl down. Shiyu was snatched away by Qing Chen and was pulled to the dubious safety at the periphery of the fight with Feng Luo covering their escape. She still could not move, however.

After checking her over, Qing Chen remarked to Feng Luo, “She must have been restrained by that old man’s mental powers.”

Qing Chen’s words triggered a thought in Shiyu’s mind.

Mental powers!

[1] Of course!

Fat Cat had once said that her control over her mental powers was greater than most people. It was true that her Cultivation strength was useless against that old man, but what about her mental strength?

Desperation, determination and hatred fuelled Shiyu’s mind as she narrowed her eyes at the old man who was now battling against Lin Fan.

Mental strength came from the Sea of Knowledge, the greater the Sea of Knowledge the more powerful the mental strength. Fat Cat had said that for many Cultivators, they could only increase their Cultivation strength, but not their mental powers. The Master of Illusion’s advantage is based on using this vast mental strength to attack their opponents.

The Sea of Knowledge represents the human brain. If the Sea of Knowledge is damaged, the body would also be affected.

But… how should she attack? Could she stab someone with mental her mental powers or… devour them?

She hesitated a little, she had never studied any Illusion based technique aside from Meridian cleansing and hiding, but, but the situation is critical now, so let’s throw some stuff at the enemy and see what happens. Who cares if something bad happens to them? Something bad had better happen to them!!

With her mind’s eye, she imagined a very sharp needle. [1] The needle began to form from nothingness into solid mental power. It will fly swift and true right into that old man’s Sea of Knowledge.

[1] Shiyu held the image in her mind tightly for one final second before letting it fly like a devastating arrow towards the old man head.


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Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


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