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Tondemo Skill – 246 – 2nd Water Torture Sphere

Chapter 246: 2nd Water Torture Sphere


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Looks like our timing is bad again,” said Elland-san as he studied the situation inside the Boss Room.

I peeked in too and saw that it was filled with Killer Hornets. The buzzing from their wings was like the constant drumming of construction equipment.

“When I last came here, there were less than half of them. I remember we encountered a nest back then too, but from the number of Hornets now, I expect the nest must be unusually large.”

[8] “A nest…” I looked at Fer, “What do you think? Should we try dealing with the nest first before taking down the fliers?”

Fer replied with his characteristic ‘Umu’, before continuing, “From the number of Killer Hornets in the room, not even I could reach the nest before significantly reducing their numbers first.” [5]

“Hmm, I agree,” said Elland-san.

““Yosh! Let me burn all these Killer Hornets to the ground, nyahaha!”” Dora-chan got ready to zip into the room but I waved my arms frantically to stop him.

“Wait! Wait! Get Fer to put a barrier around you first.”

Umu, that’s a good idea,”

After the barrier was applied Dora-chan zoomed into the Boss Room and began to wreak havoc.

“W-w-w-wait a minute. Is that… is that the Barrier? The Legendary Barrier Magic that has been lost for centuries?!!?”

[4] I gave Elland-san a doubtful smile, “Eh? I mean, it’s just a barrier…”

[6] “Just a barrier!!!???”

[8] While Elland-san was being incoherent, I turned to Fer, “What’s up with him?”

“Hmm, I believe Barrier Magic is something that humans could use a long time ago. However, I am the only living creature who could use this magic now.” [5]

“Eeehhh?! It’s that amazing? But, you were using it so casually all the time?!”

“Of course, it’s natural to use one’s resources as needed,”

[6] Ahhh, I- I guess that’s true? I mean, I’m pretty sure no one in this entire fantasy world has a [Net Super], but I’m using it kind of casually now?

Is this even the correct comparison?

While I was mulling over this and Elland-san still waving his arms awkwardly, Dora-chan interrupted me via telepathy.

““Hey, I can see a bit of the nest now. Should I just burn it down?””

Before I could answer, Sui bounced up between us. ““No! No! Sui will do it! Sui will destroy the nest! Dora-chan gets to do all the fun things, Sui wants to do fun things too~!””

Ah, that’s right. Sui didn’t get to shine much on this floor.

““Sorry, Dora-chan. Would it be alright to let Sui destroy the nest?””

““Tch, I guess I have no choice,”” Dora-chan looked a little disgruntled, but, more importantly, he had agreed.

““Sui, Dora-chan says it’s okay. So please thank him, alright?””

““Thank you very much, Dora-chan~”” Sui warbled happily as she bounced about.

““Humph!”” Dora-chan turned away, but we could all see the blush on his cheeks.

Pretending not to see anything, I turned to Sui and [8] said out loud for Elland-san’s benefit, “What kind of attack are you planning to use, Sui?”

““Sui will make a biiig ball of water and lock everything in~””

““Good idea,”” I was about to explain the details of Sui’s attack, but Sui was already bouncing toward the enemy. Oh well, Sui’s attack is better witnessed than explained anyway.

““Here I goooo~!””

A huge ball of water suddenly appeared out of nowhere and the Killer Hornet Nest was trapped within the sphere that was as large as a wagon. Just as we had done back at Doran’s dungeon challenge, all we had to do next was wait for the monsters within the sphere to disappear, indicating that they had died and reabsorbed into the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Dora-chan busied himself burning off random Killer Hornets that had escaped the Water Torture Sphere. A lot of Drops ended up on the floor. I pushed up my sleeves and said, “Alright, time to pick up these items.”

[8] I had already picked up a few when I noticed there was no one beside me. “Elland-san?”

Elland-san was still standing there with his mouth opened. I reached out and shook his shoulder, “Elland-san?”

“Haahh… Barrier Magic… Legendary Barrier Magic!!”

Ah, so he’s still stuck at that.

Is it really that shocking?

“Ahem, it’s Fer after all. He’s a legendary monster beast, so, it’s not strange for him to know legendary magic,”

That seemed to jolt him out of his stupor. Elland-san shook his head and muttered, “That’s right, it’s Fer-sama after all.”

Common sense doesn’t apply to Legendary Beast.

While we were talking about said Legendary Beast, Fer was grooming his fur…

“Now, let’s go pick up the Drop items,” that should cheer him up.

“Yes, let’s,”

Instead of thinking about unnecessary things, the both of us began to pick up the Drop items. Drops from this room included: Killer Hornet’s Poison Needle, Killer Hornet’s (Special) Poison Needle, Killer Hornet’s Wings, and Killer Hornet’s (Special) Wings.

[8] By the way, the (Special) items were Dropped from Special Individuals. I expect they must be mutants of some sort?

Since there were so many of the Killer Hornets, it took us quite a while to pick everything up.

By the way, Doran’s Killer Hornets did not produce ‘Wings’ as part of a Drop. Apparently, a Killer Hornet’s Wings could be made into some kind of medicine.

[8] Speaking of which, since we destroyed a nest, we got a lot of Larvae as well, but these don’t produce Drops.

Dungeon Larvae disappeared almost instantly after they were destroyed, but if someone happened to stumble upon a nest outside of a dungeon, the Larvae were often sold as food. [8] I know this because someone tried to sell me these before and, well, not to disdain other people’s food culture, but I really don’t like the idea of eating bugs. The spider legs from last time were already taxing enough, but at least they looked a lot like crab legs after we boiled them… [5] [6] As I was ruminating over various things, Sui’s telepathy interrupted my thoughts.

““Master, I’ve defeated it~””

“Nice! Excellent work, Sui!” I ran over to where Sui was, “Okay, you can release the Water Torture Sphere now, let’s see what kind of Drops they have.”

““They have lots of needles and wings, and this something else~”” [5]

“Oh?” Elland-san also came up and he crouched over something I has never seen before. Before I could cast [Appraisal], Elland-san said, “It’s Royal Jelly!”

“Royal Jelly?” [6] I’ve heard of royal jelly before, when it came to beauty products, anything with ‘royal jelly’ fetches a premium price.

“That’s right, Royal Jelly is something that’s both precious and very popular. I wanted to buy it back at Doran, however, because it has the ability to improve skin conditions as well as health, it’s especially popular among the nobles.”

[6] “I see,” as expected.

“Moreover, it could be used as is too. I heard somewhere that just licking it would make a person feel better,”

[8] “Licking it?

[8] Elland-san held the Royal Jelly close to my face, “You want to give it a try?”

[8] “Uggh, no thanks,” it’s still a bug thing from a bug. Precious or not.

“Looks like our luck is pretty good, we have this too,”

While I was busy gagging at the thought of licking a bug product, Elland-san picked up a long pointy cone-shaped needle.

[6] “It looks like a lance,” I commented, thinking back to those western storybooks about dragons and knights on horses.

“It’s a Killer Hornet Queen’s Poison Needle, [8] and you’re right. Lance users covet this thing,” Elland-san grinned as he made the Needle disappear into his [Item Box]. “Aside from durability, it has the extra effect of poisoning one’s opponent. A first-class lance could be made from this.”

Aside from these two unique items, the rest were just more Needles and Wings. It soon got boring, but I was not willing to let this trip go to waste so I persevered.

“Whew! We managed to pick everything up,” Elland-san said as he wiped his forehead. [8] For a moment, I accidentally saw the image of Elland-san in a straw hat with a basket and a daikon in his hand…

“Ahem, yes, there were quite a lot of things,” I quickly turned away before I could laugh out loud. “Sh-shall we go?”

“Yes, onwards to the 14th floor!”


[Gumihou: How could Gumi resist that last joke, lol]


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    Checking if Honey is fake:

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