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Little Cooking Saint – 0189 – Untitled (b)

Chapter 189 Untitled (b) (Title may or may not have been scorched away by the Lightning Tribulation)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Right now, the Tea of Enlightenment had suddenly stopped about 2 miles from the city walls. No matter how hard it tried to struggle, the Lightning Tribulation refused to let it go. Lightning kept crashing down on it, causing thunder to roar over and over again. This close, Shiyu could see that the Tea of Enlightenment was being split and scorched until it was too weak to move.

The leaves and branches on the Tea of Enlightenment had burnt off so much that the plant had shrunk a lot. Not only were the outer leaves and twigs burnt off, but even the bark and trunk were also being stripped away.

Nevertheless, the Lightning Tribulation was not there just for punishment. On the bark of the Tea of Enlightenment, parts that had flaked off revealed a brilliant golden light. The Tea was being purified with every strike of lightning.

However, being struck by lightning over and over again was still a terrible thing. Right now, the Tea was so weak that it could only huddle in place and let the lightning strike its body over and over again.

The onlookers watched tensely.

After a long time, the thundercloud above the Tea did not disperse. The entire area was lit up in an eerie purple glow that made people uneasy.

Just how long is this going to take?

The Cultivators were watching the scene closely. Each of them gearing up to rush over and snatch the Tea as soon as the lightning let up.

Two hours later, however, lightning was still striking at the Tea. The Lightning Tribulation did not look like it would ease up anytime soon. The exposed part of the Tea already let out a glowing light through its scorched skin. Even the few leaves that were left on its branches showed a faint golden shimmer once the ashes flaked off. Desire flared up within the people staring at the Tea. Leaves that had gone through Lightning Tribulations are way more valuable and precious than ordinary Tea leaves.

[1] Though right now, rather than a tree or a bush, the Tea of Enlightenment looked more like a log with a few blackened leaves on one miserable branch.

Suddenly, the Tea began to move again. It staggered here and there, not directly towards the Royal Capital but in its general direction. Still, with how large the city was, it was rather difficult to miss running towards the city proper.

[1] Just as everyone was wondering whether the Tea of Enlightenment would stop moving again, [2] a section of the thundercloud suddenly darkened. [2] No, the cloud did not darken. Something had floated in front of the cloud, blocking its eerie purple glow!

Another lightning flash revealed that it was some sort of black fog. In fact, the section closest to the thundercloud was rapidly dissipating away. [3] Unfortunately, it was not dissipating fast enough. How could a fog just appear out of nowhere and float so close to the Lightning Tribulation?!

[2] Moreover, they could not see what was inside that fog!

The Divine Transformation Masters all narrowed their eyes and began to attack the black fog. However, it was like hitting cotton, the fog just absorbed their attacks and continued to [2] float placidly towards the thundercloud. Suddenly, another lightning strike seared the fog, turning it into white mist. The white mist hovered for a split second before plunging into the barrage of lightning.

“Someone rushed into the lightning!”

Although everyone only saw the white mist and could not feel whatever was hidden within, there was no doubt in their mind that someone had hidden themself inside. The only question was, who?

An idiot rushing into the Lightning Tribulation like this…

Are they not afraid of death?!

Everyone’s eyes narrowed. At the next lightning flash, they saw that figure again!

However, between two blinks, the figure vanished!


[4] While surprising, that was not their main concern. What shocked and outraged them most was… the Tea of Enlightenment had vanished too!

[4] Everyone blinked hard and rubbed their eyes, but, no matter how many times they blinked or rubbed their eyes, the evidence was irrefutable.

The Tea of Enlightenment was gone.

By now, even the Lightning Tribulation seemed to have realised this and was starting to run amok. The lightning strikes grew even more powerful. The area where the Tea had huddle on was struck so many times that a pit had formed. Finally, with a powerful roar, the purple thundercloud flattened out and began to indiscriminately throw lightning bolts at the people below.

“Aaarggh! My eyes!” someone howled as they covered their face, blood seemed through their fingers as though he was crying tears of blood.

The thundercloud seemed to have gone mad. Purple lightning exploded from the cloud, striking everything within range. Trees, rocks, buildings and even the very ground was scorched or destroyed. Cultivators who were too slow to run away or had recklessly rushed forward to check the situation barely had the luxury to scream before they turned into blackened coals.

The screams from the frightened people seemed endless. The city was a little more than a mile away from the thundercloud, but the attacks were so fierce that a section of the wall was actually cracking from the impact. Fortunately, quite a lot of people had already run away when the thundercloud started to approach the city two hours ago.

Cultivators who could still move began to back away from the thundercloud, no one dared to approach it anymore. The Lightning Tribulation continued to rampage while the Cultivators all stared hollowly at the destruction.

The sight was truly frightening, however, the thing that made everyone’s heart cold was… just who was the culprit who came in and snatched the Tea out from under everyone’s noses?

How dare they just grab the prey?

Are they not afraid of dying?

The Cultivators all felt very angry. The peach they had been waiting to ripen for so long had been unexpectedly plucked right before their eyes. This slap was too severe, ah!

Most of the Cultivators had retreated to the city wall. All of them were busy discussing why the Tea of Enlightenment had suddenly disappeared.

Lin Fan and Feng Luo were shocked too. Things had happened so fast that they did not have the time to react. Dong-Fang Zheng and Xuan Yin were also speechlessly staring at the rampaging thundercloud.

Without a visible target, the thundercloud quickly exhausted itself. At its weakest, a person suddenly shot out of the thundercloud. This… just what is going on, ah?!

“When that white mist entered the thundercloud, the Tea of Enlightenment disappeared. Therefore, the person who snatched the Tea should be the same person hidden within the mist. However, just what is that mist? Is it really that powerful? I can’t even sense whether the person is male or female, let alone their Cultivation stage,” said Feng Luo.

Lin Fan gave one of his rare answers, “That is no ordinary mist. It could obscure the perception of others… I must speak to master about this later.”

Even as they discussed the matter here, the much more powerful Divine Transformation masters hidden in the void were trying to guess what had happened.

Among them was a much younger woman in emerald green robes. She had spent a lot of effort to come down to the Ninth Realm and did not intend to leave empty-handed. Even if she had to lose the prize, it had to be against a much worthier opponent. However, what happened just now was so mysterious that it felt like she had been scammed.

Nobody knew how to feel about it.

“Uncle Wang, what was that thing just now?” she asked.

A stooped old man stepped forward, “Third Miss, this old one did not clearly see what happened just now,” said old man with a little cough.

“How can this be? You are a Na… if even you could not see it clearly, could that person’s Cultivation be higher than yours?” [5] Tan-Tai Chu narrowed her eyes at the dissipating thundercloud, dissatisfaction clear in her heart.

If your Cultivation is truly higher than Uncle Wang’s why not just step in with your head held high and take the thing straightforwardly?

“Not necessary,” [6] Uncle Wang shook his head. “That person’s Cultivation is not high,” at the very least, he could tell this much. “However, the white mist is good enough to block even my perception. I believe it’s a technique employed by a mysterious group of people…”


[Gumihou: I wonder… is the Tea of Enlightenment a nice character or an annoying one?]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] USMiC – Tea of Enlightenment: Describe its misery in the most graphic and miserable way possibly. Also, shorten its name to ‘Tea’ for convenience.

[2] Added Detail for Logistic Purpose: In the original text the black mist ‘suddenly filled the area’ which is not a bad way of explaining Shiyu’s fog but…

In the previous chapter the thundercloud was ‘so large that it blocked the sky and people in the capital had to light their lamps

So, technically Shiyu could be moving in the dark and not be noticed until she’s close to the thundercloud because her black fog would obscure the purple glow.

Therefore, instead of something just ‘suddenly’ happen, let’s take a step by step action, shall we?

[3] Added Detail for Logistic Purpose: Original text ‘luckily, the fog is thick enough that nobody could see what was happening inside’

Uh, sure, if this is Shiyu’s POV, but we are now using the crowd’s POV. The last thing that could be considered ‘lucky’ is something that’s floating around mysteriously and you cannot see inside of, ah!

Change ‘luckily’ to ‘unfortunately’ and rewrite the scene as should be seen happening in the eyes of the onlookers. Especially those Divine Transformation masters.

[4] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: sentences too close to properly convey the disappearance of the Tea. Author-san spent more time on people’s reaction than the moment the Tea vanished.


[5] Unnecessary Faffing – Replaced ‘the girl in emerald robes’ with ‘Tan-Tai Chu’ because, come on, surely everyone knows this by now? Also, surely Tan-Tai Chu is not going to refer to herself as girl in emerald robes?


[6] Unnecessary Faffing – Replaced ‘the old man’ with ‘Uncle Wang’, since we already know his proper noun.


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