Tondemo Skill – 241 – Fight the Undead Boss

Chapter 241: Fight the Undead Boss


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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Note: Gumihou Note 5 it’s so hard that it fell below 1000 words…


We’re right outside the 9th floor’s Boss Room now.

I took a peek, “It’s crawling with Zombies and Skeletons and, is that a Skeleton Warrior? The one with a sword…” [5]

“Hmm, looks like there’s quite a lot of them, but I’m sure we can handle it,”


“All right, shall we go?”

Fer, Sui and Dora-chan were nearly vibrating with anticipation.

“Alright everyone, let’s go in. Remember to leave at least one Skeleton and one Zombie for me, alright?”

Various impatient voices answered me telepathically. Elland-san pushed open the door and my three familiars leapt into the room.


Fer attacked with his signature Claw Slash. A single swing of his right forepaw and several Zombies suddenly began to fall apart as though they had been cut through with lasers.

Dosu! Dosu! Dosu! Dosu!

Sharp spears of ice formed around Dora-chan before zipping right into the Skeletons’ skulls.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Acid Bullet struck the Skeleton Warrior who had brought its sword up defensively. The sword began to melt from the acid. The rest of the Skeleton Warrior began to melt too.

As expected, my familiars are too amazing! Ah, but I should be working too. I gripped my spear and targeted a Skeleton that was clacking its way towards me.

“Take that!”

I swung my Mithril Spear upward, slicing the Skeleton from groin to head. It split apart and fell to the floor with a clatter.

“Gag, ugh, gah…”

A Zombie was shuffling over from the side.

[6] This time, I drew my elbows in and thrust the Spear forward, aiming for its chest. The Zombie collapsed after taking a hit. Its body disappeared into the floor leaving a bottle of Corrosive Liquid behind.

[6] I looked around and saw that the room had been cleared, “It’s over,”

“Yes, and I did not even get to make an appearance,” said Elland-san a little bitterly. His role just now was basically the doorman.

“Ahaha, sorry about that,” my party basically swept in and flattened the monsters in no time flat.

““Aruji~ Sui picked up the dropped stuff~””

I collected the Corrosive Liquids and Skeleton Bone Fragments that Sui had picked up.

““Oi, there’s a treasure chest here,”” Fer called through telepathy. [5]

Excited, I ran over to Fer, calling out to Elland-san, “Come on, Fer says he found a treasure chest.”

We made our way to the back of the Boss Room. [1] Fer and Dora-chan were already waiting by the treasure chest.

[4] “Hmm, for a treasure chest, it looks kind of plain,” Elland-san commented.

““Ou, you’re finally here!”” [7] Dora-chan zipped around our heads. ““Fer says there’s a trap in this treasure chest thing!”” [5]

“Careful, it might be trapped,” cautioned Elland-san. [5]

“Hm, you’re right,” I said. “Fer says a poison arrow will fly out of the chest the moment we open it.” [5]

“Hoh, so Fer’s [Appraisal] could also see what type of trap it’s armed with,” Elland-san sounded very impressed. “Now, how should we open it?”

“Er,” I have Absolute Defence, so something like an arrow is nothing to me, but I really don’t want Elland-san to know about it. I could explain it away with Fer’s barrier, but that’s a different problem on its own…


“Fer, how many arrows have been set up in the trap?”

Umu, just one. It will shoot out the moment you open the chest.” [5]

“Amazing, Fer’s [Appraisal] skill could also see details like this?”

“Haha, yes. More importantly, I think we can just bypass the problem by flipping the cover from the side with my spear,”

“Good idea, let’s do that,” [5]

Everyone moved away from the front of the chest. [5] I extended my spear with one hand and quickly flipped the cover open.


[6] A single arrow shot out, landing with a clatter on the floor. When nothing else happened, we all peered into the chest. A knife laid at the bottom of the chest.

I silently activated my [Appraisal].


[Poison Knife]

Poisonous knife. When injured with this knife, the subject becomes slightly poisoned.


Huh, slightly poisoned? So it’s not enough to kill, but it will weaken the target and leave them vulnerable to other attacks.

“It looks like this thing is called a ‘Poison Knife’ ”

“Ohh, a Poison Knife? That’s a fairly good Drop for the 9th floor,” Elland-san looked interested. [5]

“A good Drop?” I was immediately intrigued. “Is it a popular item?”

“Quite so, especially for Scouts. A must-have thing for the average party. A swift-footed scout can weaken a monster with the knife first, leaving it vulnerable to other attacks.”

[6] “I see,”

[4] “Ah, but it’s not advisable to use this against monsters you intend to harvest for meat, but you can use it freely against monsters like Ogres and Trolls.”

[6] “I see, that’s very useful to know. Thank you very much, Elland-san,”

“Well, it’s my job as the senior to advice my junior Adventurers,” [6] Elland-san smiled wisely. He looked very reliable at that moment. “We’ve cleaned out the 9th floor. Shall we head for the 10th floor now?”


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    1. Gumihou

      It’s not hard to get blase when surrounded by OP familiars.

      However, his ‘Safety First!’ mentality prevails!

    2. Heucuva

      Doesn’t Mukoda have Perfect Defence which will stop all malicious attacks, and triple minor blessings which block all status effects? At this point, the “only” reason to level up is to get the tenants for his super skill.

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