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Little Cooking Saint – 0177 – Crystal Pork Shoulder (b)

Chapter 177 Crystal Pork Shoulder (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“He and Lin Fan were sent to a special place by a… a senior to gain experience and improve their Cultivation. They must not have finished their trial yet,” Shiyu nearly said ‘a friend’, but thought that Grandpa Feng would feel more at ease if she said ‘a senior’.

“Oh, it must be Old Gu! I should have known!” Elder Feng nodded knowingly. “I see, I see, so he has sent the boys somewhere to train. When I saw his soul jade cracking and chipping, I had been worried…”

His soul jade had been cracking up but did not shatter. However, not even a Divine Transformation master like him could safely enter the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range alone, which was why he had invited Elder Gu to join him.

Shiyu paused, should she explain the matter to him? Never mind, it’s not like this misunderstanding would hurt anyone. She’ll properly explain it to Grandpa Feng later.

Elder Gu was a little surprised to see that his old friend knew this girl but refrained from asking.

Since they were all acquaintances to some degree, there was no need to fight over some small disagreement. [1] One does not grow to this great age by being reckless or stupid. While he sympathized with Elder Zheng, he did not completely believe everything spouted by that little brat of his.

It’s been years since he had last seen Elder Zheng. While he owed a debt of gratitude to Elder Zheng for helping him once, that did not mean he would play the role of an attack dog for him. Moreover, this girl did not look simple…

“Why don’t we speak inside?” various onlookers had gathered to stare and point at the impasse above Shi Estate.



Madam Shi had rushed over the moment she received news that someone had invaded the Shi Estate. She came prepared to see people battling it out over the Shi Estate’s airspace but was instead greeted by the sight of two amiable looking old men with smiles on their faces. The tension in her body lessened.

[2] “Madam Shi!” Shiyu called out as she jumped off the roof and ran over to her hostess in the manner befitting her status as a ‘cheerful little girl’. “This is Elder Feng from the Feng Clan and his friend.”

[2] Divine Transformation Master Elder Gu had been relegated to ‘friend’.

[2] “Grandpa Feng,” she called out in a slightly spoilt manner. The slight twitch on the [3] young man’s face made Shiyu’s smirk grew just a little wider. “This is our kind hostess, Madam Shi.”

“Oh? Madam Shi?” he beamed, his eyes passing between Shiyu and Madam Shi. “How fortuitous to encounter someone with the same last name as yourself.”

“That’s right, ah,” Shiyu nodded. “Why don’t we got in and have a seat first, Grandpa Feng and… er, grandpa?”

[2] “Hoho, my name is Gu,”

[2] “Hello, Grandpa Gu,” Shiyu said obligingly, causing the [3] young man to seethe even more. “Please come this way.”


[2] Madam Shi guided the esteemed guests to the Receiving Hall. Meanwhile, clever and fleet-footed servants quickly had tea and snacks ready by the time the party entered the hall.

Since Elder Feng knew this girl, Elder Gu guessed that they must have had a good reason to beat up Elder Zheng. Though he did not like to be seen as obviously bias, he also disliked being made into a weapon in a quarrel between two clans unrelated to him. After all, in this kind of matter, each side would claim to be the victim while blaming others.

Therefore, after the obligatory greeting and small talk, he said, “I have come to Dawn City to see an old friend, only to find him injured and bedridden. Therefore, I have come on behalf of this friend to find out the truth behind this matter.”

Madam Shi listened quietly. After Elder Gu’s polite words, she cast a glance at the fuming young man next to him and said solemnly, “I do believe the Zheng Clan should be the ones clearest as to why their elder now lay recuperating in bed. They storm into my Shi Estate when my husband is away under the banner of justice to force me to take my life as a form of apology. If they had not come, would we raise our hands?”

Since the old man sounded sincere, she also answered honestly. This master should not be someone who came to trick her. After all, the other side was a strong man and do not need to use tricks against her. Moreover, instead of raising his hands against them immediately, Elder Gu had sat down to talk. It showed that he was not completely on Zheng Clan’s side.

It was as Elder Gu had expected.

It was not strange for one clan to suppress other clans out of self-interest. Clans would also work with other clans for self-interest, it was just common sense. If Elder Zheng had died, he would be obliged to teach the Shi Clan a lesson to gain some face for the Zheng Clan. However, since Elder Zheng was still alive, there was room for discussion.

[4] “I see,” said Elder Feng. “I do believe this is a case where both parties are at fault, therefore, having outsiders meddling would only tangle up matters even more. Don’t you think so, old friend?”

[4] “Hmm,” Elder Gu stroked his beard, knowing that Elder Feng was creating a way for him to back out of the matter gracefully. After all, as a personal friend of the ‘main culprit’, he has the better right to play the part of the person appealing for leniency.

[4] Elder Feng continued, “The incident may have been aggravated by emotions as well, it is a good idea to step back and discuss the matter calmly.”

[4] Elder Gu nodded, “It’s good to talk things out first and settle the matter peacefully.” Then, he turned to the Zheng grandson, “You may return, make sure your grandfather is recuperating well.”

Grandson Zheng looked unwilling, but he was even less willing to offend these two masters. Therefore, he reluctantly nodded and left the Shi Estate.

As soon as he left, the atmosphere within the Shi Estate became less formal. Elder Gu studied Shiyu for a moment before asking Elder Feng, “Whose child is this?”

“This…” he also had no idea, ah!

“I’m just a commoner,” said Shiyu. Meaning she’s not from a Cultivator clan or school.

“Your surname is ‘Shi’? Elder Gu just directed his inquiries at Shiyu. “Did you get your name from your parents?”

Isn’t that a rather odd question?

Shiyu just shook her head, “I don’t have any parents. Grandpa took me in.”

“I heard you call out ‘Third Miss’ just now,” said Elder Feng, “could you tell us more about that?”

Elder Gu shook his head, “I recognised the wrong person, let’s not talk about that,” he deliberately let his gaze lingered on the three youths behind Shiyu and frowned. “These are…” However, he did not continue. Instead, his eyes shifted over to Madam Shi and the rest of the people around them.

Madam Shi was sharp enough to know when she was not wanted. Moreover, she was sure that there was some information that she is better off not knowing. She stood up and said, “I shall prepare some special tea for the esteemed guests.”

With a little bow, she left the room, taking all the maids away as well as [5] Xiao Shu with her. Finally, only Shiyu, the two elders and the three Panda Brothers were left.

Elder Gu waved his hand, creating a Spiritual barrier that prevented outsiders from listening in. Then, he levelled a solemn gaze at Shiyu, “Little friend, it is not safe to keep these Divine Transformation [6] Metal Eating Beasts next to you.”

Shiyu blinked, “So, you know?”

“It is not difficult to see through hidden Beast form under the same Cultivation stage. You should be thankful that Dawn City is rather remote and there are no other Divine Transformation humans around, otherwise you’ll attract no small amount of trouble for yourself.” Humans and monster beasts are mortal enemies. Whenever they encounter each other, one or the other would end up dead. “But, how do these Divine Transformation Monsters ended up following you around and obeying your orders willingly?” This was the only odd thing he could not understand.

Although not all Beast races were fierce, even the docile ones would only follow masters that are stronger than them. As far he could tell, Shiyu have not reached the Divine Transformation Stage yet, so why would these Iron Eating Beasts follow her around so obediently?

Ah, thought Shiyu, there’s no way she could escape mentioning Wen Heng this time.

However, before she could confess, the bears piped up:

[7] “We follow Sister Shi because she gives us delicious food!”

[7] “With Sister Shi, we can eat lots of good things!”

[7] “Delicious food is life!”

[7] “… …” Elder Gu was rendered speechless by the unexpected answer.

All three youths stared back at Elder Gu. Humph, we are not afraid of you. We are all Divine Transformation masters here, furthermore, there’s only one of you and three of us!

Shiyu coughed into her hands, “They are just joking. In fact, a great senior was so powerful that he suppressed them with his aura alone…”

“Oh!” Elder Feng nodded. “As expected of Old Gu! What a capable man!”

Shiyu, “… …” Um, has Elder Feng turned into a fan of Old Gu?

Ah, but, this is not bad either. Revealing Wen Heng’s existence would only cause trouble for him. Considering how powerful he was, he’d probably be worshipped as a god of a superstar in this world.

Although, if trouble really appears, Shiyu was sure that Great Lord Wen would be able to handle it…


[Gumihou: I wonder what Old Gu would think of his fan, lol]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9


[1] Changed Details for Sensible Result: In the original text, it was ‘not everyone has an impulsive personality’ which is not wrong, but not very interesting either. Changed it to ‘one does not grow this old by being reckless’ for a more poetic and martial artsy feel.

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Shiyu introduced xxx to yyy with a smile. Everyone smiled. They all spoke with a smile.

Exciting stuff.


[3] USMiC: Grandson Zheng’s presence was pretty negligible. Shiyu only saw him after the introduction as well as the invitation to enter the house. She also did not see him when he arrived with the two ‘mysterious old men’ in the last chapter. We only know he’s here when ‘Shiyu saw the young man with the unkind look on his face and guessed his identity.

No shit, Shiyu. Brilliant deduction. Bravo.

Instead of this pointless detective work (˘\_( õ ‹3 ó)_/˘), just let Shiyu smirk randomly at the obviously hostile young man.

[4] Tricky Conversations are Tricky: Gumi basically read the dialogue, understood the meaning and recreated it in English in a way that isn’t awkward or weird.

[5] USMiC – Xiao Shu: She was right next to Shiyu when the grandpas arrived in the sky. At the very least, as the only daughter of the Madam of the Estate, she should be allowed to sit with these guests as long as she behaves. Not sure why author did not include her. Mayhap poor Xiao Shu has been forgotten?

[6] Metal Eating Beast – another term for ‘panda’. Ancient Chinese believe that pandas were monsters, lol.

[7] Added Details for Comedic Purpose: Author wants to write a funny, I think? Anyway, it’s a good opportunity for a comedic moment. Might as well let the Pandas be a little more active.


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