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Tondemo Skill – 236 – Standing Out

Chapter 236: Standing Out


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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We had to line up for the dungeon.

[6] I don’t mind lining up for things. In fact, I believe that the ability to line up quietly and wait for your turn is a mark of a civilized society.

However, it gets annoying when people in the line with nothing better to do began to gossip.

[6] Loudly.

“Hey, isn’t that Elland? The Guild Master of Doran?”

“OMG! It’s former S Ranker Elland!”

“And that Adventurer next to him, the one with the familiars. Isn’t he the guy in the rumours lately?”

“Why IS Doran’s Guild Master here?”

“That’s Mukouda, right?” [5]

Everyone was whispering, but they might as well be screaming their heads off since I can hear them. I don’t want to stand out! My poor heart can’t take it! It’s bad enough with Fer and Dora-chan, but now I’m stuck with a flashy looking elf next to me! [5]

Ignore, ignore, just ignore them. Lalala, I can’t hear you! [5]

I tried to focus my attention on other things instead.

The entrance of Avering’s dungeon was similar to Doran’s. It was just outside the city walls with a bunch of merchant’s stalls lining up along the street. All ready to sell whatever an Adventurer would need for a dungeon dive.

There’s also a sturdy looking stall by the dungeon entrance. It looked like a satellite office of the Adventurer’s Guild. Well, I guess it makes sense to have someone from the Guild nearby at all times for whatever reason.

“It’s kind of similar to Doran’s dungeon.”

“Entrances to publicly maintained dungeons are often set up this way,” Elland-san explained. “There’s another dungeon city in this country with a similar setup.”

“I see, I guess it’s efficient for money-making if nothing else… eeeh?” I squinted my eyes. “Aren’t those-”

“Doran City’s fried potatoes! Get your delicious and fluffy fried potatoes here!”

“Hey, I showed that merchant how to make those fried potatoes. Huh, to think he’s already set up a stall here. He’s really efficient.”

“It’s still very popular in Doran. Children love it and it’s perfect as a beer snack too. I do like to enjoy my ale with a couple of plates of hot potatoes~”

Oh, so Elland-san likes them too? Well, they’re really addictive. In fact, I’m starting to crave some too… [5]

“Speaking of which, you’re sure we have enough food?”

“Yes, I’ve already spent quite a lot of time preparing it. It’s all inside my [Item Box]. I’ve made enough to cover Elland-san’s share too.” [5]

“Please don’t let me starve while surrounded by the Undead Army. I really don’t want to join their ranks.”

“Hahaha, Elland-san really knows how to joke. Don’t worry, that won’t happen.” It will never happen as long as I have the [Net Super]. I just have to make sure to keep it out of Elland-san’s sight.

[6] “Truly?”

“Of course! I’m used to preparing vast quantities of food ever since I started travelling with Fer and the rest.” It hasn’t happened yet, but I get the feeling that I would be beaten up by Fer and the others if I serve crappy or inadequate food.

“If you say so, I shall have to trust you with the food situation,” Elland-san still looked a little pensive but he still trusted me in the end. As an S Ranker, he should know that running out of food is one of the unspoken issues faced by people new to dungeon challenges.

“By the way, has Elland-san challenged this particular dungeon before?”

“Yes, but only down to the 17th floor.”

Ah, so you’re one of those parties hated by Nadia-san…

“To avoid the 18th Undead Floor?”

“Yes, the Undead could be a real problem. We made the decision as a party and decided not to push further.”

[4] “I see, well, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Still, are Undead really that difficult even for S Rankers?”

“Obviously, since they’re resistant to physical and magical attacks. The only thing we could do is avoid them and try to get to the next floor as quickly as we can, which could be a pain. Moreover, if we’re surrounded by Undead…” [3] Elland-san’s face twisted with disgust.

“Ugh,” I don’t think I can survive if I was alone in that kind of situation.

“There’s a church where you can get a Holy Seal engraved on your weapons, but honestly it’s quite terrible.”

“I heard, isn’t it the one where you can only use it for 10 times before it disappears?” I said knowledgeably.

“Yes, it’s ridiculously expensive too,” suddenly, a gleeful smile appeared on his face. “However, since I’m with you. I’m sure we’ll make it to the last level.”

“Ahahaha…” it’s kind of hard to live up to that kind of expectations… Nevertheless, I do have that Item given to me by Vahagn-sama and Hephaestus-sama. [1] I should try it out at the 9th Undead Floor.

“Oh, look. It’s our turn next. I’m looking forward to a dungeon challenge after all this time. Moreover, I get to be with Dora-chan… mufufufufufufufu…”

I cringed. Elland-san, you’re being kind of creepy…

Anyway, we’re finally going to challenge the Avering dungeon. I eyed the yawning gates and wondered:

Should I really go in?


[Gumihou: You have no choice, mufufufufufu…]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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  1. Jii

    If.. you’re.. so.. worried..about..starving… THEN DON’T COME!!!!!! JUST DON’T TAG ALONG!!! This was supposed to be a Mukoda Party only!!! dungeon dive!!!

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