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Little Cooking Saint – 0172 – Panda Rice Balls (b)

Chapter 172 Panda Rice Balls (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Nobody had expected the slip of a girl to send one of the masters flying out of the hall with just a wave of a sleeve. Though he had not reached Core Condensation Stage, he was still a 9th Level, Core Transformation Cultivator, ah.

Within Dawn City, only a few powerful experts have reached Core Condensation Stage. Aside from Great Perfection, Core Condensation Stage Elder Ding from the City Lord’s Estate, most of the patriarchs and elders here were Core Condensation masters as well. Additionally, they had called in help from other cities as well, which raised the current count of Core Condensation Masters within Dawn City to about 30 people.

However, this little girl actually took down someone one step below the Core Condensation stage?

Could it be possible that this little girl’s Cultivation has reached the actual Core Condensation Stage?

At such a young age?

Shock and horror flashed through everyone’s eyes. A middle-aged 3rd Level, Core Condensation Stage person stepped out to say, “Still so young and yet not ashamed to declare yourself better than others. Humph, I’d like to see just how well you’ll fare against me.”

“I should be the one to say that to you!” Shiyu snapped back, not even looking in his direction.

The middle-aged man’s expression grew ugly. “Arrogant little bitch, die!” A large sword flashed through the air. A cold light radiated through the naked blade aiming for Shiyu’s neck.

Shiyu’s feet skipped and suddenly, her whole person flashed forward like a speeding white arrow. Her hands shot forward and powerful fingers gripped the man’s left wrist. With a jerk, she snapped the wrist back at an odd angle and the sword fell out of a nerveless hand.

The middle-aged man was shocked. How could this cheap slut be so fast? He tried to backtrack away from the vicious little girl, but already he could feel the sharp point of a dagger slipping into his chest, aiming for his heart-

“Bitch!” [1]


A flash of white and a distinctive ‘Tang!’ rang through the hall.

A dagger flew upwards, sinking itself into the beams above them.

Shiyu narrowed her eyes. The person who had stopped her attack was the same elder who had elected himself as the leader of this group of ‘justice-seeking’ people. “Just because your Cultivation level is higher than others you dare come into my Dawn City and kill as you like? Madam Shi, I had thought you merely a little too arrogant and high handed, but to think you’d collude with outsiders to kill Dawn City’s people. How dare you bring outsiders in to suppress our people? Unforgiveable!”

At this, rage ignited within Shiyu’s heart, “Your double standards are too astounding! Old thief! How dare you run your mouth like that!?”

“Little girl, I see you do not know the immensity of heaven and earth. To dare come to my Dawn City and bully people,” the elder’s hand flashed forward to grab Shiyu. “Today, I shall do your master a favour and teach you a lesson,”

“Scram!” Shiyu shouted. Instead of retreating, Shiyu dashed forward and curled her body to gain more momentum. Suddenly, both feet shot forward and impacted the elder in the chest, sending him several feet backwards.

She was now at 6th Level Core Condensation Stage, the elder a 9th Level Core Condensation Stage master. The three levels of difference were enough for Shiyu to do some damage to the elder. [1] After having stumbled back, the elder looked at Shiyu in disbelief. “You’re a 6th Level Core Condensation Cultivator!”

Shiyu had kept her Cultivation stage hidden through Saint’s Dwelling. However, the moment they battled each other, the elder easily saw through her true strength.

Shock followed the elder’s announcement.


6th Level Core Condensation?

This little girl?

At her age, her talent could be considered terrifying if she had reached Core Condensation Stage, but, Level 6? Just how old is she? She could only be a child in her teens, right?!

Ding Qi was also shocked.

6th Level Core Condensation, 6th Level Core Condensation, 6th Level Core Condensation…

The words rattled in his head like a bunch of noisy marbles. He was about the same age as this girl. If he was already considered a great talent by his peers and teachers at 4th Level Core Transformation Stage, how should one describe this girl’s talent?

Madam Shi covered her mouth. She had already known that Xiao Yu’s origin was not simple. However, she would never have imagined that this child’s Cultivation level would be so incredible.

Xiao Shu had already fallen into a daze since Mother had ordered the servants to open the gates. She suffered another shock at this unexpected announcement. To think that Xiao Yu is so powerful?

“Even if you’re a 6th Level Core Condensation Cultivator, you’re still not a match for this elder!” The old man had recovered his precious bravado but was visibly more cautious now.

“Little Sister Shi, why don’t you let me fight?” Bei Bei was nearly hopping in place with impatience.

“No, no, no, let me, let me!” Second Panda Brother waved his hands frantically. His first and third brothers had already fought. If he did not come out now, wouldn’t they consider him a good for nothing and cut down his food allowance?

Shiyu waved a hand at them. “It’s fine, I can take care of this myself.”

However, the three beautiful youths swarmed over her and attacked her with their ultimate move, [3] Dewy Eyes no Jutsu, “Please, please, please let us fight~ We have never fought on such a big stage before, so please, please, please~”

“Aaargh,” Shiyu narrowed her eyes against the cuteness that was currently assaulting her. Finally, she said, “Alright, alright, just make sure not to kill anyone. Just beat them until they beg for mercy.”

If people start dying, things would become even more troublesome. The powerhouses here would have even more of a reason to get rid of the Shi Clan. All she wanted to do was make sure these people won’t dare to make trouble for the Shi Clan anymore.


“Right, but only one of you may go,” the other two could remain as her trump cards.

“Me! Me!” without waiting for an answer, Second Panda Bro acted. He dashed forward and punched the elder in the chest. People who were fast enough to follow his movements saw the elder’s chest caved in before the whole body flew backwards and hit the [2] door, sending [2] pieces of wood all over the place as his body crashed out into the open.

[2] Onlookers who had been keeping an eye on the Shi Estate from outside grew excited at this development. Some were watching from rooftops and others from tall trees around the area.

[2] “Someone flew out the door!”

[2] “Who was it?”

It was rare to see high powered Cultivators fight, this was a great treat for them.

“Is it someone from the Shi Clan?”

As everyone continued to guess and [4] make bets on how long the Shi Clan will last before it collapses, keen eyes focused eagerly on the rubble. Everyone gasped when an elder, but not of Shi Clan, burst out from the rocks, he was heaving with pain and trembling with angry shame. If he had not been wearing his Golden Thread Armour under his clothes, he would have been crippled by that attack.

“Shameless junior! You dare to sneak attack your betters!” his voice vibrated with shame and anger. “Despicable! Shameless!”

The people surrounding the Shi Estate were shocked to see the elder emerged from the rubble. However, hearing his scolding, they concluded that the Shi Clan must have launched a sneak attack on this venerable elder.

How shameless, ah.

[2] As soon as his abuses reached Second Panda’s ears, the youth became furious. He rushed out of the hall and yelled, “Do you think this young master need to use sneak attacks to clean you up?” Then, with an angry leg sweep, he kicked the elder into the air, sending him sailing over rooftops.

Shiyu was horrified.

“Hey!” she rushed out of the hall. “Don’t kill him!”

“I know!” Second Panda Brother called from a distance. He was chasing after the elder, who had elected to make use of extra distance gained from the kick to run away.

The mob inside the hall glanced at each other. This isn’t how the script was supposed to go…

Also, even if the youth really had launched a sneak attack, as the elder and a 9th Level Core Condensation Stage Cultivator, he should at least be able to defend himself. To be beaten down to the point where he could not even exchange blows…

Just what is that youth’s Cultivation stage, ah?


[Gumihou: Hahaha, you wanna know?]

Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9


[1] Deleted Words for Dramatic Reason: Unneeded words that would drag down the fight scene was deleted. It was kind of repetitive and serves no purpose.

[2] Changed Details for Logistic Reason: Finally found out why the Shi Estate transformed into Shi Bungalow.

Original Text: “…whole body flew backwards and hit the pillar, sending white pieces of marble all over the place. More importantly, the screen that had been blocking the view fell down and everything was revealed to the outsiders…”

Author-san wants people to see what was happening inside.

Yeah, there are ways to achieve this without transforming a perfectly good estate into a single building residence. I don’t even need to use Cultivation to do it.

Watch how Gumihou plot the scene to achieve the same result.

Hint: Cultivators can climb trees and rooftops.

[3] Added Detail for Comedic Reason: …Gumihou can’t resist, lol. Dewy Eyes no Jutsu.

[4] Added Detail for Comedic Reason: Come on, you think they wouldn’t bet on something like this? Betting on Cultivator fights is probably some kind of great pastime in an era with no TV or Spotify.


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