Little Cooking Saint – 0170 – Cold Serve Rabbit (m)

 Chapter 170 Cold Serve Rabbit (m)

Translated by Gumihou

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Dawn College.

The most famous Cultivation school in Dawn City was also the one with the most connections to powerful clans. When news of the death of its two Deans raged across the city, rousing the anger and dissatisfaction of all its students.

How could they not be angry? [1] How humiliating is it to be known as a graduate from a school where not one, but two of your Deans were killed in their own office?

[1] This was a matter of personal pride as well the pride of their school.

[2] These hot-blooded young students howled against the unfairness of this senseless killing. No matter what, the Deans were their teachers, so how could they let their death be meaningless? In their eyes, the enemy had barged into their school unprovoked and killed, no, murdered their Deans in cold blood.

[2] “We must seek justice for the Deans!”

Not long after Madam Shi and Xiao Shu got home, the Shi Estate was surrounded by enraged students. These students had formed a mob to break into the Shi Estate but found their efforts futile. Unable to get their hands on their targets, the students could only spit and howled from the outside.

[2] [3] “Whore!”

[2] [3] “Bitch!”

[2] [3] “Slut!”

[2] [3] “Justice for the Deans!”

[2] [3] Within the estate, Xiao Shu clenched her fist as the screaming turned into a weird chant. It was as though the people were trying to cast a curse on the Shi Clan.

Those two Deans were the ones in the wrong. They had been greedy for her family’s treasure and used dirty tricks to try and snatch them. [3] Xiao Shu touched her throat, the memory of the Vice Dean’s viciously triumphant face still vivid in her mind.

[3] “Bastards!” Xiao Shu made to rush out of the house and attack those stupid people.

[3] However, a stern voice roared. “Sit down!” Madam Shi’s expression was cold, “You sit quietly on that bench and listen. Listen well and think why we are in this situation now.”

Xiao Shu’s fierce expression collapsed. Her mouth trembled as she lowered her head.

[2] Meanwhile, the Shi Clan’s servants huddled within the estate, frightened to even set foot outside. Despite the howling and cursing from the mob, every one of them refused to believe that their mistresses had anything to do with the murder of the Deans.

[2] They have all served the Shi Clan for so many years, they knew just how generous and benevolent the Master, Madam and Young Miss were. So how could they do such a thing?

[2] [3] “Bitch!”

[2] [3] “Slut!”

[2] [3] “Coward!”

[2] However, no matter how much ruckus they made, the students dared not attack the Shi Clan directly. After all, regardless of how promising their talent was, they’re not as strong as the Deans who had been killed off. That fraction of self-preservation instinct had not disappeared into the mob mentality.

[2] Therefore, although they continued to curse the Shi Clan to vent their feelings, what they really wanted was to arouse the sense of justice of the people around them. Surely, surely someone would take pity on the students of Dawn College and take up arms against these vicious murderers?


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City Lord’s Estate.

Ding Qi hurried into the City Lord’s Estate, passing the main hall aiming for the garden where his father, the current Dawn City’s Lord was playing Go.

“Grandfather! Father!” Ding Qi quickly approached them. “Something terrible has happened. Two of Dawn College’s Deans were killed by Shi Clan’s people. This son begs you to come forward and seek justice the Deans!”

City Lord Ding was an elegant looking middle-aged man. Contrary to his son’s agitated behaviour, he calmly moved his Go piece before saying, “You say that the Deans were killed by the Shi Clan? Where is your evidence? For what reason were they killed?”

Ding Qi opened his mouth, but nothing came out. [4] He couldn’t just blurt out ‘everyone said so’ or father would sigh and give him that pitying and disappointed look again. He frowned as he tried to remember the reason why the Deans were killed.

[4] Before Ding Qi could think up a reason, City Lord said, “Stay out of that business.”

“Why?! They’re my teachers. As a student, how can I not seek justice for them?” Ding Qi grew passionate again. “Father is the City Lord, right? Isn’t this matter under the Lord’s jurisdiction? Also, Uncle Zhao, Uncle Zheng and Uncle Li had all agreed to step out on behalf of the Deans. So, how can Father not go?!”

City Lord Ding finally looked up from the Go board. He frowned at his son, “Is this true?”

“Yes!” flushed with excitement, Ding Qi said, “They said they’ll come and see father soon.”

“I see,” City Lord Ding nodded. He spoke to his manservant, “If anyone comes looking for me, I am not home.”

The manservant bowed and left to give out the order.

Ding Qi gaped. “Wh- father! How can you do this?!”

“You know your two Deans are dead, but did you know that the two of them visited the Shi Estate yesterday [5] with a small team of guards?” asked City Lord Ding.

Ding Qi was shocked. He shook his head, “No, but how could the two matters be related?”

[4] City Lord Ding closed his eyes and sighed, “I supposed you also don’t know that your two Deans were thrown out of the Shi Estate either?”

Ding Qi gasped, he wanted to say something but the calm, steady look in his father’s eyes made him paused. “My son, you know too little about the matter and yet dared to demand justice for the Deans of Dawn College. Why are you so sure of their innocence? Isn’t it possible that the Shi Clan might have retaliated against something the Deans have done? You cannot trust the word of the masses. Only trust what you have seen with your eyes, heard with your ears and investigated with your mind.”

Ding Qi swallowed. His father’s gaze remained steady. His grandfather said nothing but was looking at him with gentle eyes. Ding Qi thought back to his behaviour just now and had to admit that he might have been a little too hasty.

Father and grandfather would not deliberately set out to harm him.

Therefore, could it be possible that the problem lied not with the Shi Clan but with the Deans?

He wanted to ask more questions, but father and grandfather had already returned to their game. Ding Qi pondered over Father’s words and decided it would not harm to investigate the matter a little more.

When Ding Qi left, City Lord Ding said, “Father, if it is you, could you kill those two Deans?”

“Though I am a Great Perfection Level, Core Condensation Stage Cultivator, I cannot guarantee that I would be able to get rid of those two in such swift manner.”

City Lord Ding halted in the middle of picking up a tile, “Are you saying… Divine Transformation Masters?”

“Very possible,” Elder Ding sighed. He had been trying to break through to Divine Transformation Stage for many years, but still could not make that last leap forward.

City Lord Ding sighed with relief, “How lucky for us that so many people are aiming for that single piece of pie. I’m afraid the major powers within Dawn City will be reshuffled again.” With a Divine Transformation powerhouse to back them, Shi Clan’s position within Dawn City’s hierarchy is assured.

Luckily, he made sure to keep up with the current knowledge and kept an eye on the Shi Clan the moment he heard about that precious item. Otherwise, he could be one of those people who die trying to grab something out of his reach.

Only one question remains now, how many will die in the next few days?


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When Ding Qi reached the Shi Estate, he found that the streets and alleyways surrounding the estate were chocked full of people, making it difficult for pedestrians to pass. The crowd’s mood was irritable, anxious and excited at the same time. All of them were craning their necks towards the Shi Estate.

Ding Qi wanted to ask around for information, but it was so noisy that even if he was able to find someone willing to talk, he would not be able to hear them over the abuse being hurled at the Shi Estate. After some thought, he decided he would have better luck trying to find some information from a nearby teahouse. Just as he managed to push through the crowd, he unexpectedly bumped into someone.

[6] They were just at the edges of the crowd now and Ding Qi could finally breathe properly.

[2] “What a lot of people,” muttered the person.

Ding Qi saw that the other person was a young girl about the same age as him. She has a food box under one arm and a disgruntled look on her face. A little embarrassed, he bobbed his head, “Sorry for bumping into you,”

“No, no, it’s fine. It can’t be helped with this crowd,” Shiyu waved a hand at the mob of chanting students. She sneered, “Humph, even in death those two old dogs still caused troubled.”

“Who are you calling dogs?!” Ding Qi glared at her.

“Those two so-called Deans of an academy, ah.” Shiyu was not at all bothered by his ire, “When robbers ended up being killed, are we supposed to blame the victim for not giving up their belongings with open hands?”

Even more people had arrived and someone knocked Ding Qi from behind. Shiyu tsked, “You go ahead and watch the excitement if you like, I’ll be leaving first.”

Shiyu made her way to the next alley and used Chasing Clouds & Moon to leap over the Shi Estate wall.

Left alone with the crowd, Ding Qi pondered over the girl’s words. What did she mean by ‘Robbers ended up being killed’? Could it be possible the Deans were killed in the middle of robbing the Shi Clan?

He thought back to the rumours he had heard and frowned.

Though Ding Qi would like to speak to the girl a little more, he was unable to find her. After some time, he gave up and went back to his original plan. Right, let’s go to the teahouse and see what kind of information we can pick up.


As for Shiyu, she had safely returned to the Shi Estate with her food. Madam Shi was more than relieved to hear of her safe return.

On the other side of the estate walls, major forces of Dawn City were gathering together. All had eyes on the Shi Clan…


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9




[1] Added Details for Reasons: Because I need a better reason why the students will be angry aside from ‘because pride’ and ‘we wanna’ which would only serve to highlight ‘we dumber than mould’.

[2] Moved Sentences: For Dramatic and Logistic reason. Several sentences had been relocated for maximum drama.

[3] Adjusted Sentence Style for Dramatic Effect: Some careful crafting for mounting drama and pressure.

[4] USMiC: Flesh out Father Ding and son’s characters.

[5] USMiC: Added the guards as a continuation of the previous USMiC note as per Chapter 164, Note 2. Author-san seemed to have forgotten that she put them there back in chapter 163… might as well mention them again here, since going to someone’s house with lots of guards gives ‘We’re so Here to Threaten You’ vibes.


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