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Little Cooking Saint – 0169 – Cold Serve Rabbit (l)

 Chapter 169 Cold Serve Rabbit (l)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


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The strength of this youth really did not match his looks, though Madam Shi. However, all she said was, “As long as Xiao Shu is not hurt, it’s fine.”

“Sure!” Third Panda Brother replied cheerfully. [1] Then, he disappeared.

[1] A loud crashing attracted everyone’s attention. Third Panda Bro had one fist extended. The Vice Dean had crashed into the wall behind his desk, his chest caved in and blood exploded from his mouth. As they watched, the Vice Dean collapsed to the floor, his bulging eyes filled with shock, hate and anger.

[1] Third Panda Brother casually kicked the Vice Dean’s head aside. Then, without bothering to look, he changed the trajectory of his foot and slammed his heel into the Dean’s direction. The Dean barely managed to dodge the attack. Seeing how the situation had deteriorated to this point, he snarled and aimed to snatch either Madam Shi or Xiao Shu to be his hostage.

The time it took for him to choose the more helpless target, [5] namely Xiao Shu, Third Panda Brother had already grabbed hold of his leg and with a jerk, pulled the entire leg off.

“Aughhh!!” the Dean howled.

Third Panda Bro punched him once in the belly, cracking his core and blood burst out from all seven orifices [2].

“Die,” with a final twist, the Dean’s neck made an ominous crack that seemed to echo within the room.

Shen Lingfei remained sprawled where he had been thrown. If he had been standing, he would have collapsed to the ground on softened legs. The Deans of the College had died just like that, neither of them able to even land a counterattack against that youth…

[3] Just then, the youth glanced his way and Shen Lingfei stiffened. The youth tipped his head to the side and said with a beam, “Madam, would you like me to kill this one too?” Though the youth’s demeanour was relaxed, nothing could hide the blood lust in his eyes.

[3] Shen Lingfei tried not to shake as Madam Shi stared at him disdainfully. Then, she switched her gaze to Xiao Shu. Her meaning was clear, his death would be decided by Xiao Shu. Shen Lingfei’s feelings grew complicated as he looked in the same direction.

[3] [4] Xiao Shu’s hands had been untied at some point and her gag taken away by Madam Shi’s maid. However, she still looked like a wreck with her blood-spattered clothes. [5] The Dean’s blood had splashed all over the still tied up Xiao Shu when the youth pulled his leg off. She was also shaking with fear from the sight of the corpse next to her with its twisted neck and broken head. She was trying not to throw up.

When she felt Madam Shi’s stare, Xiao Shu gritted her teeth and said, “Let him go.”

“Let him go?” Madam Shi said. “Why?”

“This has nothing to do with him,” it was all down to her own stupidity.

“Is that so?” commented Madam Shi. However, aside from that little remark, she did not question her daughter. She motioned to Third Panda Brother, “Let’s go.”

“The two corpses…” prompted the maid.

“Leave them,” said Madam Shi coldly. She had been prepared to face death when she found out that Xiao Shu had run off with the precious items. Thankfully, luck was with her and help came in the form of Xiao Yu and her distant cousins. There was no need to hide her movements. Let all who have thoughts of going against the Shi Clan come and have a good look at this scene.

Those vultures would now have an excuse to openly come and challenge the Shi Clan in the name of ‘justice’.

Madam Shi did not bother to speak as she turned around and glided off. The maid cast one look at Xiao Shu, [4] who still has most of the vines wrapped around her person, before lowering her gaze and trailing after Madam Shi. [6] Third Brother Panda had already skipped ahead of them, anticipating extra chicken legs for dinner.

Xiao Shu turned her gaze from Madam Shi’s back and looked around the bloodied room, the two broken corpses and finally Shen Lingfei. The man she had given her heart to was still sprawled on the floor. [1] Somehow, this handsome young man who had always seemed so heroic and strong now appeared a little ridiculous and weak.

[7] Xiao Shu was a fairly short girl and had never been in a position where she could look down at Shen Lingfei. The young man she had admired so much was barely injured but was frightened that he could not even find the strength to stand straight.

She wriggled slowly, loosening the vines and eventually stepped out of the chair she had been tied to. She stood and found that she had to lower her gaze to look down at the young man at her feet. “Shen Lingfei, do you know what I was thinking just now? I was thinking, if mother had agreed to exchange the Jade Spirit Essence for me, I will detonate my Dantian. Even if I had to kill myself, I would not let them have what they want.

You’re not dead because I am more at fault in this than you. I liked you and I was willing to be used by you. However, this is the last time. I will not be made use of anymore. As for you, you had better shape yourself up.”

After saying her piece, Xiao Shu left.

There was quite a crowd outside. Xiao Shu’s scream had attracted their attention, but no one had dared even peek in. When Madam Shi came and went with her two escorts, they had not dared to interfere either. When everything eventually grew quiet, people were still nudging each other to be the first to peek into the room when Xiao Shu stepped out. Her bloodied appearance causing people to blanch away in horror.

Xiao Shu ignored them.

[7] Not too long ago she had been jeered by the same eyes for being a cow that was led by the nose everywhere. Let them look, she never did care what other people think. [7] Xiao Shu kept her eyes forward as she stepped across the College grounds. When she reached the gate, however, she stopped.

There, in front of her, was Madam Shi.

Her mother was waiting for her.

Madam Shi turned to look at Xiao Shu, her eyes were calm as she took in her daughter’s disastrous appearance, “Let’s go home.”

Suddenly, Xiao Shu felt her throat grew stuffy. [7] It was even more difficult to breathe now than when the Vice Dean had gripped her neck. However, she managed to choke out a quiet, “Yes.”


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There were more and more people gathered under the large Locust Tree just at the entrance of Locust Tree Lane. These were the customers of Qing Xiang Place. Brilliant chatter of gossip interspersed with the sound of frying rabbits and clanging of wok spoon against metal. Amidst this fragrant and lively atmosphere, Shiyu stood right under a tree, watching with burning eyes as the chef went on with his craft.

It was nearly noon when news of the deaths of the two Deans reached the diners. The lunch rush brought in waves of people eager to share gossip.

The initial reaction was disbelief.

“How can that be?”

“Those two are the Deans of a Cultivation school!”

[8] “Deans of Dawn College are some of the greatest powerhouses of Dawn City, ah!”

“Is this a joke?”

“Both at once?”

“No joke,” said someone authoritatively. “Even now, the students of Dawn College are running around trying to get someone to avenge their Deans.”

“But- just- how did they die, ah?”

The saying ‘Three hearsays give birth to a fact’ existed for a reason. By now, even though the majority of the listeners never did see the corpses of the Deans with their own eyes, they were convinced of their deaths. The only question now was ‘how?’

“I heard the Shi Clan was the culprit. The Shi Clan came to the Dean’s office and left two corpses behind. It is said that the Eldest Young Miss came out of the Dean’s office covered in blood. Tsk, tsk, we really can’t look down on that weak looking girl. Who would have thought she could commit such terrible acts?”

“Impossible! The Deans’ Cultivation Stages are not low. Sure, the Shi Patriarch has a higher Cultivation Stage, but he’s not even in Dawn City. There aren’t any high-level people in the Shi Clan, ah!”

“My guess is the two Deans must have suffered some sort of attack or a problem with their Cultivation, which is why the Shi Clan could take them down so easily.”

“Do you think-”

As the gossipers talked on, Shiyu continued to listen with half an ear. [9] Her attention mostly on the cook as she tried to determine just what it was he did that made the Cold Serve Rabbit here so delicious. Now and then, the waiter who had corrected her would pass by, but he tactfully looked the other way each time… causing her to burn with internal shame.

Anyway, let’s think about other things. Yes, other things like the deaths of the two Deans.

To be honest, Shiyu had not expected Madam Shi to go so far as to have the two old dogs killed. She had imagined that such an elegant and delicate looking madam would solve matters quietly and discreetly. Killing the two Deans and then letting Xiao Shu walk around with a bloodied appearance was equivalent to kicking a hornet’s nest.

Dawn College has deep roots and many connections. Students of this College, past and present, would not let the matter go easily.

The fact that Madam Shi has a Jade Spirit Essence already caused people to pay too much attention to the clan. With this act, she had given them the perfect reason to come knocking at her door under a righteous banner…

Shiyu suddenly smiled.

What’s the use of thinking so much?

Madam Shi has absolute strength on her side in the form of the Panda Gang. Tricks and conspiracies are nothing against absolute power. She must want to demonstrate this strength and eliminate her enemies in one go!

This was not a bad idea. Ah, but since Great Lord Wen and the three brothers helped so much, she must prepare some sort of present for them.



[Gumihou: Please don’t cook weird food for Great Lord Wen, Gumihou refuses to help you. If it’s disgusting, Great Lord Wen will give the appropriate reaction. Gumihou promises this.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9



[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Third Brother Panda is attacking, he seems like the type to cheerfully thrash people up. However, in the original text :

He had already rushed to the deputy dean’s body, grabbed his body, slammed his fist on his chest, and suddenly his entire chest collapsed directly. The deputy dean squirted blood from his mouth, his eyes opened angrily, and he fell back.


[2] Seven Orifices: Eyes x 2, mouth x 1, ears x 2, nostril x 2

[3] Change POV: The POV actually swung from Shen Lingfei, 3rd Panda Bro, Madam Shi and Xiao Shu within 5 paragraphs. Switched all noted POV to Shen Lingfei, because it’s more interesting that way.

[4] Added Detail for Logistic Purpose: Someone please untie Xiao Shu.

[5] Additional Detail for Logistic Purpose: Why is Xiao Shu the only bloody person? Changed some details in the previous text to reflect this.

[6] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Text did not mention 3rd Panda Bro leaving with Madam Shi or sticking around. Gumihou let him skip away happily first.

[7] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: It’s Xiao Shu’s realisation of Shen Lingfei’s true worth, therefore, should be treated with more care.

[8] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Let’s add Drama! By splitting the dialogue and switching passive sentences into dialogues too.

[9] Adjusted Detail for Plot Purpose: I made Shiyu looked stupid (well, Shiyu made herself look stupid, Gumihou was just being helpful).

Nevertheless, Shiyu made an error in observation in Chapter 167 (See Note 8)

Therefore, she should suffer the consequences.



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