Tondemo Skill – 233 – Dungeon Meals

Chapter 233: Dungeon Meals


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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After this morning’s breakfast, I left the house by myself and set out for the shopping district to buy groceries. It was not far from the inn, so I felt quite safe on my own. I didn’t even bring Sui with me.

I stopped at several different bakeries, buying up most of the local black bread. [1] I still have some black bread I bought from Doran, but considering my familiar’s appetites, it won’t be enough.

I visited a few other stores but did not see anything interesting enough to catch my attention. [1] In the end, I decided to just go back to the inn and get started on my cooking.

I’ve made more than we need for our journey from Verulean to Avering. However, I thought it would be a good idea to make more food, especially the meat dishes for my meat, meat, meat companions.

First, let’s go with the standard favourite, Orc and Bloody Horn Bull meat slices pickled in miso sauce and grilled. We’re almost out, so I made lots more. After all, it’s pretty easy to slice, pickle and bake this dish. More importantly, it’s delicious and matched well with rice. I made other gyudon style dishes too. Such as the ginger flavoured grilled Wyvern and Bloody Horn Bull meat.

I also made both Miso Pickled and Ginger-Fried Golden Back Bull since I have those in hand. [6] I’m looking forward see to how those will turn out.

Grilled sliced beef on rice has always been a favourite regardless of its flavours, so I have great confidence in my choice of dishes. [5]

For my next trick, let’s go with some vegetable stir-fry. Naturally, it has to be a Stamina Stir-Fry since my familiars all liked meat so much. Let’s see, for the vegetables, let’s go with the standard favourites. [8] Cabbages, carrots, garlic sprouts and some sliced mushrooms just for variety. As for the meat, I’ll just use the ones I’ve sliced and marinated earlier. The meat has already been seasoned, so whatever seasoning the meat is pickled in will serve as the sauce. That saves me quite a bit of time.

[8] For the newest meat, I decided to go a step further and use something called a ‘Salt-based sauce’. Whatever, it should taste good with beef, right? Let’s make a Stamina Stir-Fry with Golden Back Bull in Salt-based Sauce!

[8] As soon as the various stir-fries are done, the oven pinged, indicating that the first batch of grilled meat is done. Once I put the second batch in, I got started on the stews. I’m still on a beef trip so the next thing I made is a Bloody Horn Bull stew. While the meat and vegetables were stewing, I sliced more beef to make Hayashi stew.

[8] These Western-style dishes go well with bread as well as rice, so we can eat them in front of other people.

While the pots were simmering with these wonderfully meaty stews, it’s time to make minced dishes. Most of our minced stuff had been eaten on our way here, so I’ll have to make more. Salisbury Steaks made with Orc and Bloody Horn Bull meat are a standard favourite. I also made some meaty Bolognese sauce, which would be perfect with pasta or on bread. Just thinking about that sweet, sour and savoury taste made my mouth water…

I thought about making Keema Curry too, but the smell would probably be too foreign and attract too many questions. [6] Especially in a walled dungeon where there is no place for the smell to disperse.

In the end, I settled on making Stir-fried Eggplants in a sweet and savoury Chinese style miso sauce. [6] It’s kind of like Mabo Tofu, but with eggplants instead of tofu. Naturally, this would be awesome with rice.

That’s it for the beef and pork dishes. Next, let’s make something with poultry meat.

Teriyaki Cockatrice, Cockatrice sautéed in Honey Mustard Sauce, and Minced Cockatrice Soboro. All three are excellent on rice or bread. 

“Hmm, let’s see, what should I make next…”

I’ve already made a lot of fried food, so that should be fine.

There was still plenty of stewed pork and pork soup. [1] I’m already cooking rice on the side so…

“Ah, seafood! [5] Wait, I think I have plenty of those left.”

Well, plenty is relative. There’s still lots of various Tempura and clam chowder. [1] If I serve them up to my familiars, they’d want seconds and more seconds… in short, it’s not enough for my familiars.

Let’s not waste my precious seafood on them. I should make use of the other ingredients. The Golden Back Bull made a fine roast, which had been eaten up at our last lunch, so I believe I should roast more. While I’m at it, let’s roast some Orc meat as well. I could slice the roasted meat for sandwiches later.

“I think I’ll make some fish dishes after all. A Takikomi Gohan! A mixed rice dish with fish would be perfect!”

Fish on its own might not be filling for Fer, but with rice to bulk it up, surely it would be alright? [2] Anyway, let’s make it. The main reason to make Takikomi Gohan is mostly because I want to eat it.

Also, it’s really easy to make. So bonus all around.

First, the necessary ingredients.

From [Net Super] I bought fresh ginger, some granulated kelp stock and Mentsuyu sauce.

To make Takikomi Gohan, I start by washing the rice and leaving it to soak in cold water.

For the Seabream Takikomi Gohan, I first roast some seabream with a little salt.

To make Octopus Takikomi Gohan, I sliced the boiled octopus into sticks about 3mm wide. The fresh ginger is also sliced into a similar shape. 

After draining the soaked rice, I stir in some granulated kelp stock and Mentsuyu into the rice. Metsuyu is a perfect all-rounder when it comes to Japanese cooking. If you ever feel there’s something lacking in your stew, sauce or soup, just add a splash of Mentsuyu!

Unlike the standard soy sauce, Mentsuyu is more like a dashi broth with soy sauce and all kinds of secret seasoning in it. In fact, you can even make plain rice more delicious just by seasoning it with a little Mentsuyu.

I really want to try serving Takikomi Gohan for dinner, but I’m afraid Fer and Co would complain about the lack of meat.

Hmm, meat. How about making seafood Meunière?

[6] Though the name is kind of fancy, it originated as a rustic French dish. It’s made by dredging the meat in flour before frying it in clarified butter or oil, or a combination of the two in a shallow pan. The fried food is then served with a separately made sauce. When the butter-fried fish is served with a creamy sauce, it gives off a very luxurious Western feel.

After warming up a pan of butter, I fried up Salmon Meunière, Aspidochelon Meunière and, ohohoho, some Scallops Meunière. For the sauce, all I have to do is simmer sliced onions and mushrooms in soy sauce flavoured steak sauce and the Japanese-style Meunière is done!

“Dinner time ~ What do you want to try first~”

I served myself a bowl of Seabream Takikomi Gohan and Octopus Takikomi Gohan, both were incredibly delicious. Fer also had some, however, he seemed more interested in the Meunière and kept on eating those.

Dora-chan, on the other hand, liked the Octopus Takikomi Gohan. “Hmm, the texture on this dish is really fun,”

That’s what I like about it too.

Of course, he also ate lots of Meunière.

Sui found everything delicious.

Ah, I must say fish is still my favourite protein. After dinner, it’s time for me to continue my work. I’ll have to get everything done before our dungeon challenge tomorrow.


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