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Tondemo Skill – 232 – My First Spear

Chapter 232: My First Spear


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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When I was escorted to the Guild-run inn, I saw the receptionist’s eyes widened at the sight of Nadia-san. I guess it’s rare for the Guild Master to personally escort people here?

“Yo, I brought you the greatly anticipated S Ranker,”

“Ahaha,” Nadia-san, please introduce in a more proper way…

Nevertheless, the receptionist greeted me politely enough and I inquired after a room suitable for me and my familiars. [2] It costs three gold per night. I thought for a moment and requested two nights and paid the coins. [6] It’s best to use a little time to properly prepare before entering the dungeons.

After arrangements for the room had been made, I turned to Nadia-san and asked, [4] “Could you recommend a weapons’ shop for me?”

“Hmm, if it’s a weapons’ shop, there’s a good one right across the street. The boss has a good selection of weapons for beginners and experts. Ah, but he’s the mean type, so try not to get eaten, gahahaha!” [5]

She laughed all the way to the door, leaving me behind with the receptionist.

[6] A moment of silence later, the receptionist coughed and said, “Shall I show you to your room?”

[6] Ah, that’s the face of a true professional.

The room they led me to was on the ground floor and was large enough to accommodate our whole party. [2] Since our room was on the ground floor, I could even take out my Magic Stove. If we had been on the upper floors, I might not have dared to test the integrity of the floors here.

Moreover, there’s an attached bath and toilet!

While it was nothing as luxurious as the bath at Verulean, it was still larger than the one I had back in Japan.

Nothing beats having a private bath, hehe.

It’s still a bit of a tight fit with Sui and Dora-chan together, but we solved the matter by taking turns. [6] Meaning, I let them play in the water first before getting in and having my peaceful soak.

Alright, now that I’ve had a nice bath, let’s check out the weapons’ shop…

“Oi, I’m hungry,”

“Me too,”

“Sui too,”

Which I will do after I’ve fed my familiars. [5]

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Fuuh, that was a good meal.

Lunch consisted of sliced Wyvern bowl with plenty of sliced meat stacked over a large bowl of rice. [1] It’s part of the prepared food I had made earlier and is still a favourite among everyone. If the way they gobble up the ‘Beef bowls’ was anything to go by.

Anyway, the plan is to get an easy to use, beginner’s spear. Once I bought a good one that I like, I’ll get Sui to copy the design but in Mithril. Since the weapons’ shop was nearby, I left my familiars to snooze and went over there to have a look.

[6] There was indeed a weapons’ shop nearby. [1] It was guarded by a sour-looking, middle-aged dwarf with a large beard and a rather stout body. He looked like a very surly Buddha with that terrible scowl on his face.

He looked like the really stubborn type…

However, I still needed that spear, so, “Excuse me…”


“Do you happen to have an easy to use spear for beginners?” [7] I asked nervously, cowed by his Fools-better-not-waste-my-time attitude.

The dwarf uncle looked me up and down, [6] perhaps taking in my obviously weak and unsophisticated posture?

[7] Finally, he snorted and said, “Humph, you’re really a beginner, aren’t you? That’s still miles better than the fools who want weapons bigger than themselves. Very well, let’s see…”

The sullen dwarf headed over to a rack of spears and selected one. “Here, this is made by one of my apprentices. It’s not bad and the price is good.”

The spear was very basic. Long wooden handle with a sharp straight blade at the end. [TZ 1]. [6] I tested its weight. [1] It was neither too heavy nor too light and the length is good too.

For the price of 1 gold coin, it was a good bargain.

After all, I paid 8 silver coins for that short sword I got right after I registered as an Adventurer. So, I guess for a beginner’s weapon it’s pretty reasonable.

“Make sure to take good care of it,” the dwarf said gruffly. “Iron weapons will become dull and rusty if you don’t clean off monster blood or sharpen it periodically. Your life depends on your weapon, keep that in mind.” [5]

[4] “I see,” I said, nodding seriously. “What about Mithril weapons?” The Mithril sword Sui made for me did not require any maintenance at all, neither did the Mithril kitchen knife. [5]

“Mithril? They are a category unto themselves. They are valued since no care is needed to maintain their sharpness. Moreover, it has a high affinity for magic. Thanks to their special attributes, Mithril weapons are very expensive.”

“I see,” I have some experience with Mithril, but it’s good to have confirmation from an expert. I’m now even gladder to have collected some Mithril ore back at the lizard subjugation mission.

The dwarf uncle took me over to a special shelf where all the Mithril weapons were stored. The cheapest item there, a short sword, cost 230 gold.

Maa, work hard and do your best. Perhaps you might one day be able to own one of these too!”

“Eeeh,” in the end, I said nothing but smiled and paid the 1 gold coin for my beginner spear and left with my prize.

As soon as I shut the door to my room, I rushed over to Sui, “Sui, Sui, have a look at this spear. Can you make a spear just like this? But with the pretty blue stones?” [6] [5]

“Hmm? Yes~ Sui is getting better at making things. Sui can make things even faster now ~”

“Good, excellent. Here’s some of the pretty blue stones,”

I handed both Mithril ore and spear to Sui and watched as the magic happened. [1] Barely 10 minutes later, Sui declared, “It’s done ~”

“That’s super quick, Sui! I certainly can’t make even a knife in so little time. Sui is really amazing!”

Speed aside, the spear made by Sui looked incredible! I immediately fell in love with it. “Thank you so much, Sui!”

While Sui bounced around happily from the praise, I chanted, “[Appraise],”

[Mithril Spear +]

Crafter: Sui.

A well-made Mithril spear. Excellent sharpness.

Ohh, just as expected of Sui. There’s even a ‘+’ sign next to it, just like my Sui-made short sword. The ‘Excellent sharpness’ gave me even more confidence. Right now, I have two Mithril weapons. A short sword and a spear.

Tomorrow, I’ll spend some time making more food. The day after that we can go challenge the dungeon.


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[Gumihou: It certainly isn’t a pear, lol]


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