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Tondemo Skill – 231 – Structure of Avering’s Dungeon

Chapter 231: Structure of Avering’s Dungeon


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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I was practically stuffed into a couch by Nadia-san who, thankfully, sat down across from me. There was also a table between us. Thank goodness!

“So, you really do have a Fenrir as your familiar. I’d heard about it, but I must admit I’d been rather sceptical about that rumour until I’ve actually seen him with my own eyes.”

Maa, it’s perfectly natural to be sceptical.

Since I’m the one feeding him all the time and entertaining his demands for ‘Seconds’, I sometimes forgot that a rather famous legendary monster had insisted on becoming my familiar.

“From what I heard, Marks told me that you go around taking on high-level requests that have been sitting on the shelves of guilds, is that right?”

“Yes, that is so…”

“Interesting. Unfortunately for you, as a great dungeon city, we have no shortages of high-level Adventurers loitering around. So there’s no mission here that could interest you.”

I was not at all sorry to hear this. It was perfectly natural for a dungeon city to have an excess of Adventurers, which meant a scarcity of missions going around. It was the same with Doran.

“That’s fine, we’re mainly here to challenge the dungeon anyway. Is there any procedure we should go through before going into the dungeons?”

“You can go whenever you’re ready,” [3] she smirked at me, then continued. “It’s been 200 years since the dungeon’s been cleared, I hope you can do it.”

I hope so too. Anyway, “Since this is my first time challenging the Avering’s dungeon, I have some questions…”

“Aa, that’s fine. Well, there are 27 Levels in total. Right now the record for deepest is Level 17.”

“17? Isn’t that rather shallow for a dungeon that had already been cleared?”

“Well, it can’t be helped. You do realise that we have Undead in the dungeon?”

“Yes, I’m aware of it.”

“Well, Level 18 is filled with those. Undead are a real problem for most people, which is why most Adventurers don’t bother trying to go past Level 17.”

[4] “What about the composition of the monsters on other levels?”

[4] “Other levels? Hmm, I guess it should look like this,”



  • 1st to 3rd floor = Big Rat, Giant Bat. Mice and bat monsters that could easily be taken down by most Adventurers.
  • 4th to 8th floor = Goblin, Kobold. The lower you go, the tougher they get, however, there’s no king.
  • 9th floor = Undead floor. There are Zombies and Skeletons. In the boss room, there are three Skeleton Warriors which are superior species of Skeletons. It has been confirmed that higher species rarely ever appear at this level.
  • 10th to 17th floor = Insect zone. The lower the floor, the bigger they get. Plus, there are also some poisonous monsters among them.
  • 18th floor = Undead floor. Zombies, Ghouls (high-ranked Zombies which move faster than regular Zombies), Skeletons, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages and Wraiths. In the boss room, there are 5 Skeleton Knights which are the top examples of their species. It’s been confirmed that higher species rarely show up here.
  • 19th to 25th floor = Reptile floor. As the name suggests, reptile-type monsters such as snakes, lizards and turtles appear here. Similar to the insect zone, the lower the floor, the bigger and more numerous they are. The last two Reptile Floors are filled with poisonous monsters.
  • 26th floor = Undead level. Ghouls, Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, Skeleton Knights, Wraiths, Lich (tougher species of Wraith that could use magic) have been confirmed. The boss room is expected to be guarded by these higher species.
  • 27th floor = Hydra, the dungeon boss.

“Be careful, there are traps on the 10th floor,” finished Nadia-san.

I see. It looks like the Undead floors really are a pain. I understand that there will be Undead on the 9th floor, but the 18th and the 26th floor seem to be especially troublesome. Although the Undead barely has any attacking abilities, they are still high-rank monsters, which explains why most adventurers don’t want to proceed any further. 

The boss room on the 26th floor seems to have higher rank species, so I don’t know what will come out of there. According to Nadia-san, information beyond the 23rd floor were all 200 years old. There’s no new knowledge since no one has broken past Level 23 for a long time now.

“Even high ranking Adventurers stopped at Level 17, mostly because they knew the next one would be a pain with those Undead around,” muttered Nadia-san.

“I see…”

[4] “Aaah! Those stupid lazy Adventurers! The Loot and Drops up to Level 17 is apparently good enough that most just stopped there and go home! Meanwhile, a lot of them just hung around between Levels 8 and 12 since the Level 9 Undead is still pretty manageable for C Rankers and above.”

[6] “Ah…”

[4] “Of course, some really squeamish Adventurers would only hang around the Level 8 since the loot there is pretty decent too.”

I guess… Nadia-san is pretty emotional about this matter.

Anyway, from what I’ve heard, I feel like I should prepare more food for this dungeon run compared to the one from Doran. Especially since we can’t expect meat Drops from mice and bats or Goblins and Kobolds. Personally, I’d rather not eat any Undead meat Drops…

[4] “Erm,” I carefully interrupted Nadia-san, “Do you happen to have a map of the dungeons?”

[4] “Eh, maps? Maa, you can just pick one up at the reception. It’s also available near the dungeon entrance. It’s pretty accurate up to Level 12.” [5]

“I see… Erm, one more thing. I’d like to ask for a recommendation on accommodation for myself and my familiars. Just for one night since I expect we’ll be challenging the dungeon tomorrow.”

“Hmm, our Guild-run inn is pretty good. When we renovated this place we included an inn specifically catered towards high ranking Adventurers like yourself. Of course, there will be an added fee for your familiars so it’s a little expensive. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that it’ll still be cheaper than other inns within this city.”

“That sounds pretty convenient. I believe we’ll go with that.”

“Excellent, I’ll personally escort you there,” Nadia-san declared as she stood up.

“Eh?” the female guild master loomed over me. “Wait, h-how can a guild master do such a mundane thing? It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m sure I can make my own way…”

“Nonsense, I expect great things from you. This is the least I should do. Come.”

Ugghh, I’m being swept away in her pace again…

[Gumihou: Eheh, Gumi adjusted the style of the dialogue at the end to better show off Nadia-san’s overbearing behaviour. Hope it came through?]

[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

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