Little Cooking Saint – 0153 – Rou Jia Mou (b)

Chapter 153 Rou Jia Mou (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


The more Shiyu thought about it, the more she believed that the Principle of Proximity was somehow influencing whatever’s happening here. After all, isn’t she hanging out with a bunch of people from Dawn City right after seeing a vision about said city? In fact, it could even be considered as something similar to a divine intervention.

The group was currently making their way out of Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. Nevertheless, it would still take them a few days’ walk before they were properly out of the forest. In the meantime, everyone all remained alert against sudden monster attacks.

The Cultivation level of Spiritual Beasts around the periphery of the Mountain Range was not particularly high. Therefore, the group managed to take them down fairly quickly with their coordinated attacks. Shiyu merely followed them around and did not participate in the monster subjugation, nor did she take part in the distribution of spoils either.

Along the way, the group also made time to collect precious herbs and medicinal grass. As Cultivators, no one would ever complain about having too many precious herbs. As for the distribution of the herbs, it was done fairly diplomatically.

Perhaps feeling that Shiyu was being too taciturn, Xiao Shu got into the habit of engaging her in small talks from time to time.

Xiao Shu was not only cute in appearance with her crescent smiling eyes or her cute and feminine expressions. She was also very warm and personable. Like a cheerful teenage girl in the modern world. Through Xiao Shu, Shiyu managed to learn a few things about her current companions.

Another reason that made Shiyu feel close to Xiao Shu was her surname. Xiao Shu’s given name was Yuanshu with the surname Shi. The exact same ‘Shi’ as Shiyu’s own surname.

In fact, Shi Yuanshu carried the meaning of ‘Hope to Find Comfort with Time’.

There’s a reason why Shiyu paid particular attention to the surname ‘Shi’. In her past life, her teachers would always comment on her name or find it memorable because of its rarity.

After coming into this world, she had not encountered another person with this surname until Xiao Shu. [1] It was a little thing to notice, but Shiyu felt some kinship with this girl after learning about it.

Perhaps that was why she paid particular attention to the people Xiao Shu was close to. Shiyu could tell almost immediately who Xiao Shu happened to like. It was the leader of their little team of youngsters. A strapping young man of 19 called Shen Lingfei. The young man was a 3rd Level, Core Transformation Cultivator, which meant his basic talent was not bad.

If Shiyu had not been assisted by Ocean Heart Flame, she would probably be at that level too.


That afternoon, the group paused their travel to rest under an old tree.

“We should reach the edge of the Mountain Range in three more days,” said Shen Lingfei. “However, make sure not to lower your guard. We must all be vigilant against thieves and robbers waiting to ambush Cultivators just beyond the mountain range.”

Every day, countless people ventured within the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range to hunt for treasures. Many died in the attempt. However, many still left the mountains laden with treasures of all kinds.

Lurking outside the Mountain Range like vultures were groups of bandits who specialized in intercepting and ambushing these successful Adventurers. The Cultivators, either scared or exhausted from the trials within the mountain would lower their guard once they left the cover of these ancient trees, believing that they were out of danger. These people often ended up as easy prey for these bandits.

Sometimes, human beings could be even more frightening than monsters. Everyone nodded at Shen Lingfei’s reminder.

Shiyu sat a little apart from the rest of the group, observing this Shen Lingfei. He has a beautiful appearance. His looks could be considered above average even in this world chocked full of beautiful people. He was a little high handed and patronizing, but that attitude made it easy for people to see him as a leader.

Her eyes roamed the area, looking for Xiao Shu. By the time she spotted her, the cute girl was already carrying a bowl of hot soup over to Shiyu.

“Since you’re injured, have a bowl of soup made from monster bones. You’ll feel better after taking it,”

This kind and lovely behaviour is a quality that [2] idealised girls should have.

Shiyu smiled and accepted the bowl of soup, “I thank you for your care these past few days.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. That barely cost me any effort,” Xiao Shu’s little tongue stuck out to lick her lips as she blushed. “That’s right, we’ll be out of the forest soon. What are your plans once we crossed the borders?”

After her experience with Liu Yi’s herd of hypocrites, Shiyu had no plans of travelling with a group if at all possible. However, there’s no reason to hide her destination, “I plan to visit Dawn City.”

“Oh, that’s excellent! We plan to return to the city after this. Why don’t you come with us?” Xiao Shu said with perfect innocence.

To be fair, Dawn City was actually one of the largest city in the area. It’s not surprising for people to head there after a successful hunt.

“Sure,” [3] though she had decided to travel alone, since Xiao Shu, a nice girl, had invited her to travel together surely it will be alright? Moreover, there is no weird misunderstanding or arrogance between the male and female leads in this small story for her to get caught in…

It was really quite nice to travel with such a cheerful companion. Somehow, she and Xiao Shu clicked well together. When Xiao Shu heard that she had never been to Dawn City before, she began to talk about the more interesting sights and things about the city.

As Xiao Shu chattered on, Shiyu continued to play the attentive listener, nodding now and then to show that she was listening.

“… we have this great dish in Dawn City. Aiya, just thinking about it makes my mouth water, ah. Travelling like this is fun, but I really miss eating Cold Served Rabbit [4]. Once we get back, we’ll probably stop by a restaurant and stuff ourselves silly on a nice meal first.”

Xiao Shu actually had to suck in the drool that was about to dribble out of her mouth just from talking about this dish. [5] Suddenly, her general air changed and she sighed, “To be honest, I came to Spiritual Beast Mountain Range to try my luck on getting some Wood Attribute herbs. Preferably something that’s about 300 years old. However, it looks like it’s impossible, ah…”

[5] Shiyu blinked. A 300-year-old precious herb? Hey, you have to have some kind of crazy luck to even stumble across a 30-year-old precious herb in the periphery of the Mountain Range.

By now everyone had packed up and were about to move again. Shiyu patted Xiao Shu on the shoulder, “Don’t lose heart, you might be able to buy some at a medicine store later.”

Considering Xiao Shu’s dress, manners and ability to make conversation, she appeared to be a well-educated girl. Only fairly rich household would bother educating their daughters so well. Though a 300-year-old precious herb was a little pricey, it would not be out of this young miss’s spending range.

Xiao Shu opened her mouth, but then pressed them closed again. Her cute little lips, so ready with a smile was twisted into a slightly bitter grimace.

They set off.

The group travelled non-stop until nightfall. They made camp in a suitable area and some of the more active people set out to hunt to supplement their evening meal.

Nights were dark within the woods. Everything looked as black as ink beyond the cheery little circles cast by campfires. Shiyu sent Fat Cat on a little mission. [6] Fat Cat gave her a belligerent look and even scoffed at her idea. Shiyu had to promise all kinds of delicacies before the cat bothered to heave himself to his feet and disappeared into the inky blackness after Xiao Shu.

A little while later, Xiao Shu came running back to the camp calling “Lingfei! Look what I found, ah!”

Attracted by her shouting, the campers all looked up and gathered around to see what she was holding out. “It’s a Wood Attribute thing [7]! My guess is it’s about 400 years old, ah!” Xiao Shu was practically trembling with excitement and glee.

Shiyu closed her eyes in despair and had to massage the stress out of her forehead. Wei, this girl. Don’t you know what it means to make your fortune in silence? Fat Cat had been tasked to place this precious herb where only you could find and all you have to do is find it and put it away, ah. It’s actually this auntie’s gift to you for being such a nice girl, ah!

[8] One of the girls exclaimed, “Xiao Shu, what are you going to do with this herb?”

Shiyu was mildly curious too.

[8] Encountering a 400-year-old precious herb is like tripping over a bag of silver. If sold, it could fetch hundreds of thousands of silver taels per plant. It was truly a great find.

However, since Shiyu had already ‘gifted’ the thing away. It was up to the recipient to do what they want with it. It’s not a bad thing to want to share their findings with friends. In fact, one could say that this is quite a valuable quality in a person.

Xiao Shu turned joyful eyes at Shen Lingfei and held up the plant to him, “Didn’t you say you needed a 300-year-old Wood Attribute herb? Look, this one just perfect!”

[8] “… …” what?

Shen Lingfei did not take the herb. Instead, he said, “Since we all came on this expedition together, everything we find here, whether it’s Beast meat, Beast Cores or precious herbs, are jointly owned. If you give it to me, what about the others?”

[8] “… …” say what?

Xiao Shu suddenly looked smaller, “What should we do? I’ll go with whatever you suggest,”

Shen Lingfei said, “We should take everything back and sell them for silver. It’s easier to divide silver than things among so many people.”

“But…” Xiao Shu bit her lip, but then mustered up the courage to say, “Please take this precious herb. You may consider me the buyer for this herb. Once we’re back, I’ll put the money into our general account so that everyone could divide it later.”

Shiyu lost control over her lower jaw and her mouth dropped open.


[Gumihou: …this is… are these people for real?]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification* Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay* Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity* Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal* Stage 9



*Changed the words to something more mysterious sounding


[1] Added Details for Character Development and Transition Purpose: Why are you so obsessed over the name? Also, the transition from pondering over her name and then over the guy Xiao Shu liked is too sudden. Therefore, might as well connect the surname thing and the interest.

[2] Changed Details for Prevention of Stupid: Original text “Such kindness is something that most girls have’…

Yeah, you mean like Mo Yin? Or are you talking about one of the Xue sisters? Or, Ling Xiao Xiao? Where are these ‘most girls’ you’re talking about? Lady, girls are even more vicious than guys in this fantasy world where the weak are food for the strong.

Also, as a female Chef in a male-dominated career, Shiyu should be the last person to have this kind of sexist thought.

Patched with ‘idealised girls’.

[3] Added Details for Prevention of OOC: Because lack of consistency is annoying, she had just brought up Liu Yu, and was determined to not travel in a group but then just give an ‘Okay’ when Xiao Shu invites her?

Gumihou needed a little extra motivation, therefore… Nice Girls over Handsome Boys in terms of sincerity.

[4] Cold Served Rabbit – Chef Wang has a recipe for this

Warning: he also showed us a cute grey rabbit before cooking… but he did not show the butchering

[5] Show don’t tell. Show don’t tell. Show don’t tell.

[6] Additional Detail for Prevention of OOC: Because this Fatty is not your servant, nyaa.

Original text: “When Shi Yu asked if the Fat Cat was ready, the Fat Cat gave a cry.

That’s it. That was the entirety of Shiyu getting Fat Cat to play this little ruse with her. Considering Fat Cat’s behaviour, would he do it? Would he? Huh?

Also, Fat Cat gave a cry? What cry?

Fxck yourself, nyaa.

[7] Thing, why thing? Because in the original text it’s “It’s a Wood en en,”

Yes, the infamous ‘en’ favoured by all strong silent type characters. Right next to ‘hn’.

‘Thing’ made better sense than this mysterious ‘en en’.

[8] Rearranged sentences for maximum shock value. Also, deleted some things the author did to give the shock away. Original text: What happened next caused Shiyu to lose control over her lower jaw and her mouth dropped open in shock.

Also, moved this text right to the end of the chapter.


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