Little Cooking Saint – 0152 – Rou Jia Mou (a)

Chapter 152 Rou Jia Mou (a)

Translated by Gumihou

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Because of the damage to her mental strength, Shiyu had to stop and rest. She must refrain herself from using her mental powers at all cost. Right now, she could only be grateful that though her mental powers had been damaged, she had at least not damaged her brain to the point where she became a retard.

That night, she slept in a cave, [1] a little fretful and depressed as she considers her future. She had just managed to fall asleep when a sudden thunderclap shook her awake. This was the second time she was shaken up by a weather phenomenon. It was much louder and more direct than the first one she had experienced back in Xuan Chu. She blinked sluggish eyes at the cave entrance and had to rub her eyes when she saw purple lightning flashing across the sky.

[2] She had read about the Lightning Tribulations over Divine Tea Mountain. She hoped they could survive it. Human beings aside, the trees and plants on Divine Tea Mountain must not have it easy right now.

While Shiyu was sighing to herself, San Pang was also staring into the sky.

When the purple lightning flashed, his whole body shrank into a ball and his heart shook with fear.

That year, if he had not suffered that blasted Sky Thunder’s strike, he would still be that gorgeous and impressive young master of the sky. Who in this world would deign to suffer within the body of a miserable radish unless they have suffered great calamity?

While everyone stared at the flashing lightning in fascination, not many noticed the few figures flickering through the cracks left by the lightning strikes…

After a night’s rest, Shiyu made up her mind to go to Dawn City. After all, she was going nowhere quickly with her cooking, and the Prologue had just given her a vision. Perhaps, once she managed to collect that fragment, she would find a way to recover her mental powers.

Sadly, now that her mental power was impaired, she could not use it to probe her surroundings anymore. Thankfully, these ancient trees were sentient enough to recognise her and were very friendly. The ancient trees helpfully showed her a way out.

Shiyu travelled southwards for three days.

Eventually, she saw traces of human life. Boot prints on the ground, for example, as well as evidence of trees being cut and remains of a campfire, made it very clear that humans had been through here.

As she continued forward, Shiyu suddenly noticed a strong stench of blood. Instinct made her throw herself to the side and a bloody Spirit Beast pounced on the spot where she had been just moments ago.

Fire gathered on Shiyu’s palm. After baiting so many assassins into ambushing her, Shiyu’s battle senses had been honed razor-sharp. Moreover, this Spiritual Beast was only a seriously injured Level 3 monster. She could kill it off in one move.

However, before she could do anything someone rushed to block her way, “Careful!”

[3] “Hm?”

The figure then leapt forward and began to engage the monster in a fight. Suddenly, a lot more people came leaping in to fight the beast.

[3] Shiyu shrugged and leaned back to observe the spectacle.

The people fighting the beast were all young people, around 18 or 19 and wore identical uniforms. Clearly, they were a party from some sect or school. The group of young people surrounded the monster and, in very coordinated movements, attacked the beast and killed it.

Once the beast was down. [3] One of the young people broke off from the group and approached Shiyu. It was the person who had put herself between Shiyu and the monster. Shiyu had only seen her back just now and when she was fighting the monster, so had not gotten a good look at her face.

The girl left the dismantling of the monster to her companions as she bobbed her head embarrassedly at Shiyu, “Are you alright? We encounter two Monster Beasts just now, but this one got away from us. You almost got hurt because of us.”

The Spiritual Beast Mountain Range was inherently dangerous, so Shiyu would not blame the other. “No, I’m fine,” said Shiyu before turning around and walking away.

The girl had not expected Shiyu to be so cold and nearly said something, but was distracted when her companion shouted, “Waah! There’s a Beast Core!”

“What? Beast Core?” forgetting about Shiyu, the girl ran towards her companions.

In the month they started exploring Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, their group managed to capture quite a few monsters, but only a handful have Beast Cores in them. Who would have thought they would actually get lucky with this one. How fortunate that they decided to chase down this one, ah!

“Luckily that person didn’t make a move. Otherwise, we might have come to a dispute over this Beast Core,” someone said joyfully.

Someone else disagreed, “We’ve wounded the beast to this point, even if it nearly attacked her just now, we would have managed to kill it all the same,”

“Luckily our Xiao Shu is smart. Whenever we encounter strangers she always makes sure to stake a claim over our prey. Otherwise, we’d have fallen into a dispute again,”

“Since there are so many of us, that person would not be so stupid as to make claims over nothing,” they all laughed and chattered companionably as they put the corpse away and continued on their journey.


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Meanwhile, Shiyu was resting under a tree, [3] her face a little pale. After suffering from the backlash that had damaged her mental powers yesterday, she got tired very easily. Otherwise, it would not have taken her that many days just to reach this place.

While she was sitting and meditating, the group of noisy youngsters passed by her still laughing and chattering to each other. They spotted her under the tree and whispered to each other, “Look, that girl is right over there. Do you think she’s waiting for us?”

“Who knows…”

“Or, do you think she’s afraid of travelling alone and wish to join our group? What if she wants to join us? Should we let her?”

Of the [4] seven or eight people in the team, three were girls and girls tended to be a little more soft-hearted and sympathetic to the unfortunate. Moreover, Shiyu’s pale face convinced them that she must have been recently injured.

“We could let her travel with us for a bit,” the girl called Xiao Shu said.

The wild mountains and sheer ridges were too dangerous for an ordinary person. Moreover, they were at the very edges of the mountain range where low-level monsters roamed. Therefore, there should be no issue of conflict.

The others agreed to her suggestion.

Shiyu opened her eyes after having adjusted her breathing. She did not refuse the offer to join their group. This group of youngsters might be arrogant and prideful, even a little rude, but she preferred travelling with a group of openly hostile people rather than hanging out with a bunch of smiling tigers.

They have their little clique and would often laugh and joke with each other while keeping Shiyu at a distance with more polite language and pointed silence. Still, Shiyu would rather have anger brewing in the bottom of her belly from poor treatment compared to the emptiness of walking through the forest alone.

[3] They travelled like this for about three or four days.

Eventually, this group of youngsters found that though Shiyu did not talk much, she was neither hostile nor arrogant. Eventually, they lowered their guard and began to chat more with her too.

Within the group of youngsters, the one that could be said to be closest to Shiyu would be the cute girl called Xiao Shu. As they travelled together Shiyu learned that these people were students of Dawn College. They had left Dawn City to gain experience and were now ready to go back.

[3] How unexpected, ah!

To think that she would encounter people from Dawn City. Is this what they call the Principle of Proximity? Had the Prologue activated itself because it sensed the presence of people from the City of Dawn?


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification* Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay* Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity* Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal* Stage 9



*Changed the words to something more mysterious sounding


[1] Added Details for Character Development: And for realism.

[2] Added Details for Logistic Reason: Nowhere in the earlier chapters did Fat Cat or anyone explain the Lightning tribulations to Shiyu, so it might have come from her time as a novel reader.

[3] Added Details for Transitional Reason: Things are happening too rapidly, added some transition since we’re about to encounter a new scene and lots of new people.

Also, rearranged the sentences to create a more holistic reading experience in general.

[4] Logistics: Why seven or eight people? Why not seven? Why not eight? Are one of you half-human? Are you not able to count? This is very dangerous you know? As a tour guide, I must make sure I know how many people in my group, not seven or eight!!! What if you picked up an extra ‘passenger’? Trust me, you Do Not Want That!!


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