Little Cooking Saint – 0138 – Plum Wine (c)

Chapter 138 Plum Wine (c)

Translated by Gumihou

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Shiyu had already pondered over this question before coming over. Therefore, she did not hesitate, “A barter trade. I want to exchange this Ice Attribute medicinal herb, for a sample of all the medicinal herbs you have in this shop. Well?”

Elder Wu thought for a while, then said, “If the customer is not particular about the age, then it is feasible.” Considering the number of medicinal herbs in the shop, variety alone reached up to a thousand types. However, medicinal herbs of a lower age could be bought at a relatively cheap price, therefore this bargain is still acceptable.

“That is fine, I accept,” said Shiyu.

“Then, I shall have my people prepare,” Elder Wu stood up.

Qi Chuyun took this opportunity to say, “Elder Wu please go ahead, I shall accompany this customer.”

Elder Wu saluted her and left. He even called the tea serving maid to come with him, leaving Shiyu and Qi Chuyun alone in the room.

By now, Qi Chuyun was sure this person was the girl she had been trying to track down. However, it did not seem prudent to say anything now. Instead, she continued to make small talk.

Moreover, she is aware that her bargaining power would be higher if the other party were to voice their request first. This little girl had been making inquiries about the Qi Clan. As someone with the surname Qi, Qi Chuyun was sure that her identity would intrigue this person.

“Miss, you don’t sound like someone from Xuan Chu,” Qi Chuyun finally broached the subject. “The accent is not similar. Oh yes, I forgot to introduce myself. My surname is Qi and my name Chuyun. This shop is part of our Qi Clan’s property.”

“Oh, so it’s Miss Qi? Please accept my humble greetings.”

Qi Chuyun waited, but the expected request did not come. Moreover, this person did not seem at all excited about meeting a member of the Qi family. Since they have been asking after the Qi Clan, shouldn’t they be more interested in meeting a member of the clan?

Or, could it be possible that her status was too low to excite any interest?

Qi Chuyun frowned. She called her personal maid in and whispered a few words into the woman’s ear. After listening to her mistress, Hong Yu left the room.

The two exchanged idle chatter for nearly an hour before Elder Wu finally returned. He placed a space ring before Shiyu and said, “All the things you have requested are here. We have prepared 5 of every single medicinal herb and plant that we have, all of which are at least 50 years old.”

Shiyu glanced over at Qi Chuyun. From the number of herbs alone, not to mention the good minimum year, the few thousand medicinal herbs put together would exceed the value of a single Thousand-Year-Old Ice Lingzhi. Looks like she has Miss Qi to thank for this largess.

Accordingly, Shiyu put her hands together and said, “Many thanks to Miss Qi and Elder Wu,” after checking the ring, Shiyu put it away and got ready to leave.

Qi Chuyun also got up and personally sent her out. She handed a token to Shiyu, “Dear customer, if you have any other rare medicines you wish to sell, please contact me directly with this token.”

This way, this person would have the opportunity to get closer to the Qi Clan. She was sure that this girl would approach her sooner or later.

Shiyu is taken aback by this person’s enthusiasm. How unexpectedly friendly, ah! Thought Shiyu bemusedly as she accepted the token, “Alright.”

Then, she left the shop.

Qi Chuyun had thought that she would be able to speak to this person a little longer and build a better rapport, who would have thought the girl would leave just like that?

“Eldest miss, should I have her followed…”

“No need!” Qi Chuyun immediately rejected the idea. “She will come and look for me on her own, you just do what you need to do.”



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After leaving the shop, Shiyu continued to walk down a few random streets, still wearing her shapeless black robes. [1] After her many battles against thieves and assassins, her situational awareness had heightened a lot. After all, thieves and assassins were pros when it came to trailing people and catching them unawares.

When it was apparent that no one was following her, Shiyu casually strolled into an empty street disappeared into her space.

The land within the space was very fertile. In addition to the many medicinal herbs and plants, she had also planted a lot of cooking ingredients like green onions, ginger, and garlic. Shiyu took off her veiled hat and black robes and began the time-consuming process of planting the thousands of medicinal plants in the ring.

After planting the medicinal herbs, she watered them with a bit of Spring of Life water. Once the last of the medicinal herb was watered, Shiyu settled down to rest and admire her wonderful field of flourishing herbs when suddenly, the ground under her feet began to shake.

“What the- an earthquake?!”

Just as suddenly, she was spat out of the space.

“… …” what the heck?

Shiyu found herself sitting in the middle of the lonely street where she had last been. Stunned, she tried to return to the space, but no matter how she tried, she could not access it.

Had she… planted something bad and the Saint’s Dwelling decided to kick her out…?

Fortunately, she found a familiar face next to her. Fat Cat was also sprawled on the ground, a disgruntled look on his face.

“What happened?” asked Shiyu. [2] She’s very anxious about her thousands of medicinal herbs, ah! Not to mention her safety net!!

Fat Cat gave her a baleful look, “I’m not sure whether you are lucky or unlucky. We cannot enter the Saint’s Dwelling now because it’s undergoing an upgrade.”

“An upgrade?” Shiyu’s eyes brightened. Upgrades are good things, right? “Then, would the Saint’s Dwelling have more functions after the upgrade?”

“Who knows? You can see for yourself when it’s completed.”

“How long does an upgrading last?”

“It should take a few days,” Fat Cat bound up to Shiyu’s shoulder, “come on, let’s go back.”


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Two days later, the Qi Clan’s grand discipleship selection began. Roughly 2,000 young boys and girls were sent to Wushan City from all over Xuan Chu. Famous people from near and far were suddenly squeezed into a single space.

There were so many people that at first, the only thing one could see was a sea of black. Children gathered in the field were infected by the enthusiastic atmosphere and suddenly, their desire to join Qi Clan as a disciple deepened.

Qi Chuyun came early to manage the crowd in the city square and prevent people from making trouble. Generally speaking, with the Venerable Ancestor here, the likelihood of trouble happening was minimal, however, she felt anxious for some reason and decided to exercise more caution.

“No one with a token came looking for me?” she asked the maid.

“No one,”

How could it be? Why did that person not come?

“Was she stopped by the gate guards? Did she come to the gates but no one sent word?”

“The gate guard was promoted by miss, therefore it is impossible for him to be this neglectful. This maid has already questioned them. No one with a token came.”

Qi Chuyun frowned again.


Could it be possible that this person planned to make trouble and disrupt the selection?

As suspicion brewed in her heart, her eye suddenly caught sight of a young girl sitting by herself. This time, she has a black cat on one shoulder.

As expected! This person is too suspicious!

Her pupils shrank and she immediately commanded her guard, “Go and arrest that person and bring her here!” She blinked and thought through her statement. She coughed and said, “Actually, that person is… a friend. Invite her nicely to the stage.”

Dangerous people should be kept close to oneself.

Hong Yu gave her mistress a doubtful look, but gave the orders anyway.


Shiyu was sitting by one of the stands, waiting for Qi Clan’s Venerable Ancestor to come out. Fat Cat should be able to tell if he was really a Divine Transformation Cultivator. She was swinging her legs idly when a small team of guards led by a vaguely familiar-looking maid came up.

This maid… isn’t she that Qi girl’s maid? Suddenly, Shiyu understood why Miss Qi was so enthusiastic about befriending her. She was probably the one who had her followed back at that border city. She had just drawn this conclusion when the maid stopped before her and smiled.

“Greetings to miss, our eldest miss wish to invite you to meet with her,”

Shiyu gazed past her and eyed the guards, “I suppose, if I don’t want to go, you’ll encourage me with a knife?”

The maid’s smile did not waver, “Please,”

Shiyu did not get up, “Let me ask you this. Is your eldest miss a direct descendent of the Venerable Ancestor?”

“Of course,”

“I see,” Shiyu nodded and stood up, “Lead the way.”

Since she had been noticed, it would not be possible to resolve Mister Qi’s matter secretly anymore.

From what she had heard, when Mister Qi left the Ninth Realm, he had one son and one daughter. Therefore, the people surnamed Qi could well be his blood descendants.

If she told them the truth, who knows, it might actually make her job easier.


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> [Current Title]: Cultivator Chef – Fire Attribute – {Ocean’s Heart Flame Carrier}

> Basic Description – [Player Shiyu] is a professional chef from [our] world.

> [System Update]: {In-Progress} – [ 2/7 Days ] until update complete…

[Saint’s Dwelling Medicinal Expansion Pack ver. 01.500.01]

Unlocking Requirements: plant +1000 types of medicinal herbs [COMPLETE]

New Features: [UNKNOWN]

> NOTE: [Player Shiyu] is unable to access updating [space or feature] until update completes.

CLOSED> [Current Skills]: Basic Knife Work [MAXED] ……

CLOSED> [Relationships]: Fat Cat [Mentor] ……

CLOSED> [Equipment]: Supreme Indifferent {Cooking Mode – Killing Mode} ……

CLOSED> [Inventory]: Fire Beads {Volatile} [ 5/5 – (MAX)] ……

CLOSED> [Previous Title]: Beggar Chef – No Attribute – {Beggar Kids’ Big Sis} ……


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CLOSED> File 3: [Player Xuan Yin – {Fat Onion Access}]



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[1] Additional Details for Character Development: Give reason why she’s confident about not being followed.

[2] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: To make it more dramatic, of course.


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