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Little Cooking Saint – 0134 – Xi Zi’s Lotus Root Powder

Chapter 134 Xi Zi’s Lotus Root Powder [1]

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


[2] What the-

[2] “Hey! I can walk upside down, haha! This is so fun!”

[2] Fun? Is that the only thing in your head?

“It’s like I have suckers under my feet. Hehe, my feet can stick to any surface now- woah!” His feet suddenly left Shiyu’s arm and he fell headfirst onto the ground. His head planted in the ground like an onion, his little feet kicking feebly in protest.

However, Shiyu’s mind had already flown off at the word ‘suckers’. She eyed the still wet and greasy pile of Octopus Balls on the plate and gingerly picked one up. She gave the ball the standard flame treatment and took a bite. Hmm, the flavour was a little lacking but at least it was nice and chewy without being tough. After swallowing the Octopus Ball, Shiyu placed her hand against a rock and felt her hand stuck itself against the hard surface.

The special characteristic of an octopus’ sucker.

Since she had already experienced this special effect with Spiritual Snow Rabbit, Shiyu was not too surprised by this result. However, this special buff disappeared very quickly.

Fat Cat showed a rare look of surprise.

“I finally understand why he would choose you of all people to be his heir,” said Fat Cat.

Shiyu gave the cat a curious look, “Are you talking about master?”

“Aside from an affinity for cooking, both of you could absorb the powers of the Spiritual Beasts you ate. Still, there is some difference. Your master could absorb the powers of Spiritual Beasts he ate and directly increase his Cultivation. As for you, you seemed to have the ability to absorb the characteristics of beasts you ate,” said Fat Cat.

Shiyu pondered over this, “Master’s ability seems to be better?” How incredible it is to be able to convert the Spiritual Beasts he ate into strength? If she could do the same, she would not have to work so hard to level up.

“Not necessarily,” said Fat Cat. “Have you ever tried making food with Spiritual Beast meat to increase your power?”

“Yes,” the first time it happened, she was surprised. However, she found to her disappointment that the buffs she got from the food were all temporary. Nor did she experience a permanent increase in Spiritual power after eating Snow Rabbit or the giant octopus.

Fat Cat nodded, “It’s possible that you have not encountered any powerful Spiritual Beasts, yet. When this matter is completed, you may try and capture a powerful beast at Spiritual Beast Mountain Range.”

He did not bother to say more. There’s no need to say more than is needed.

“Alright,” Shiyu answered readily. “Wait, are you saying that anyone could increase their Cultivation through Spiritual Beast meat? And get the buffs and increase in Cultivation powers?”

“If that is the case, then everyone would focus on hunting down Spiritual beasts for food.” Fat Cat eyed her for a moment. “If you can be like your master and extract benefits directly from your food, do you understand what this could mean?”

Shiyu’s heart quickened. If she could increase her Cultivation by eating powerful Beasts, wouldn’t it be possible to increase her strength in a short time?

“Have you ever thought what would happen if you happened to, say, consume a flying Beast and obtain its powers of flight?”

Shiyu’s throat went dry. If she could really gain this ability… If one day they had to face the various races in the future, Humans would not lose against them in terms of flying ability…

“However, it’s better to leave these thoughts for the future. You aren’t strong enough to be a Spiritual Beast Hunter, you’ll be hunted down and eaten instead.” Fat Cat unceremoniously pissed all over Shiyu’s dreams. “The most important thing now is to complete this mission. It would be good if the Fire Spirit is willing to follow you. It’s a pity it has already devoted itself to a master.”

It looked like Fat Cat had used up his quota of useful advice. After this final sentence, he clammed up and settled down to sleep.

Shiyu turned her attention to the moist-looking Octopus Balls. All sorts of complicated feelings roiling within her.

As for San Pang, he made up his mind to hug Shiyu’s thigh harder. Yes, let’s eat more Octopus Ball and stick harder to this person.


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It took Shiyu another month of hard travelling to cross the borders of Xuan Chu Empire and then to Xuan Chu Empire proper.

On the evening she stepped into the borders of Xuan Chu, Shiyu decided to rest in a tree before entering a city. She was meditating when a sudden thunderclap roared from the north, shaking her out of her concentration.

What is that terrible thunder?

She had gone through more than a few thunderstorms in this world, but ordinary thunder and lightning should not have shaken her like this.

In fact, she was not the only one. Cultivators across the Ninth Realm opened their eyes and looked towards the direction of the Imperial Capital.

Ordinary thunder could never be so loud or ominous. Could it possibly be the Thunder Bridge?

Fat Cat made some calculations in his heart and realised that time was running out. The first of the Lightning Tribulation had arrived. Someone from the top would have sensed something. If they were not already gathered and waiting for this very thing to happen.

As Cultivators raced to gather at the Imperial Capital, a figure dressed in all black stepped out from a void within the depths of Spiritual Beast Mountain Range…


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Shiyu’s first impression of the Xuan Chu Empire was the abundance of lakes. She sped by all kinds of lakes, large and small.

Since there were so many bodies of water blocking her path, she did not feel comfortable racing through the place and opted to walk on proper roads like an ordinary person. The air was cool and tasted moist to her tongue.

The seasons had changed as the world eased into the Third Month. Spring was heralded by the blooming branches of peach and plum blossoms lining the roadside. From time to time, a lively breeze would scatter bright petals onto Shiyu’s shoulders. Instead of brushing the petals off, Shiyu left them alone, content to let the next breeze carry them away.


Spring is here,

Apricot blossoms flew overhead,

The romantic youngster

Is filled with life


Though Shiyu was no beautiful scholarly master, she could appreciate the charm of being blessed by the falling flower petals.

Perhaps influenced by the abundant water around them, even the people tended to speak gently in this region. Their accent leaned towards the Wu Nong dialect from the Jiang Nan province. Just hearing it made her feel very comfortable.

Shiyu stopped at a tea stand just outside the city gates.

With so many people travelling in and out of the city, a tea stand like this would be the best place to gather information. Mister Qi mentioned that he left the Ninth Realm 300 years ago, it was unknown if the Qi Clan is still around.

The moment Shiyu sat down, the attentive shopkeeper came forward, “Dear customer, what would you like to order?”

At this, Shiyu thought she might as well try the local specialities now that she’s in a different country. “Please give me some of your best dishes.”

The boss paused, then smiled, “Of course.”

Not long afterwards, he came back with a little tray. “Little girl, since you are alone, you probably want something light. Please have a bowl of Lotus Root Powder [3] and a plate of pastry first. If you wish to order more, please don’t hesitate.”

Shiyu had not expected the boss to be so thoughtful, “Oh, thank you very much,”

The boss bustled off, leaving Shiyu to study the bowl of Lotus Root Powder.

The contents of the bowl was a crystal clear, slightly reddish liquid flecked with Osmanthus flowers. Well, it was technically a liquid, but its consistency was closer to thick glue. When Shiyu dug her spoon in, she had some trouble trying to pull it out of the bowl. The Lotus Root Powder was like some kind of gel that tried to pull the spoon back into the bowl. In the end, she lowered her lips and scraped the gel to the lip of the bowl and sucked it into her mouth.

Contrary to its weird consistency, the sweet, fragrant and slightly sticky gel melted gently on her tongue. The tender sensation seemed to dispel the early spring cold from her body, warming her from within.

Shiyu switched her attention to the pastry next to her.

[Gumihou: No cooking involved, lol. That’s… good actually. Haha…]

[1] Lotus Root Powder exist – Check it out here!

Has English subtitles.

Li Zi Qi making use of every part of the Lotus: Vid begin with lotus picking, how romantic is that?

Dianxi Xiaoge also has a video on this – Please watch for relaxation purpose

[2] Adjusted writing style for more direct and dramatic delivery.

[3] Lotus Root Powder – Is made from Lotus Root Powder, very labour intensive. Interestingly enough, even once it’s been made into a liquid (of sorts) it’s still called ‘Lotus Root Powder’


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