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Little Cooking Saint – 0128 – Octopus Balls (a)

Chapter 128 Octopus Balls / Takoyaki (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“I’m not worried about this. My main concern is, what if the Thunder Cloud Calamity grew too big? Some riffraff from the Eighth Realm could use this opportunity to drill through the barrier into this space and make trouble,” said Old Gu.

Even with the Great Suppression protecting them, if too many [1] Divine Transformation, or higher, enemies stormed this place, the human powerhouses could be outnumbered. What should we do then?

Fat Cat said, “We cannot avoid this matter forever. Those scoundrels had been incessant in their efforts to conquer the Ninth Real for a long time now. We could only hope that the old masters could withstand the assault for the time being. Allowing time this new crop of talents to mature.”

After saying this, both cat and spirit grew quiet.

Who could know how long these masters could last against the assault?

As for the young people, grow up quickly, ah.

In the end, it was Old Gu who broke the silence first. “In a few days, I shall bring Lin Fan deep into Spiritual Beast Mountain.” They were running out of time.

“Once Shiyu completes her current task, I too, shall bring her to a certain place,” said Fat Cat.

The Ocean Heart Flame may have caused a sudden surge in Shiyu’s Cultivation. However, since it was not built by Shiyu herself through hard work and dedication, it was not stable enough.

“Speaking of that Shiyu, I see that her mental strength is not bad. Will you be training her to become a Master of Illusions?

Mental powers are a curious thing. It is something that all Cultivators have to some extent. However, ‘some’ does not mean ‘a lot’. Naturally gifted Cultivators will have correspondingly strong mental strength.

Also, compared to the more visible martial arts, mental attacks were more difficult to defend against. Cultivators with strong mental powers could easily kill Cultivators of the same rank through illusions alone. This is one of the great benefits of having strong mental powers.

In truth, there were very few Cultivators who could increase their mental strength beyond what they already had, fewer still were born with unusually powerful mental strength. Therefore, the term Master of Illusion was an honorary title meant for Cultivators who could kill their opponents through illusions alone.

“If she continues to improve, it would not be impossible,” said Fat Cat.

“Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since I’d met a true Master of Illusions. I look forward to it. I just hope they would all become stronger soon.”


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By the time snow stopped falling, the Imperial Capital was blanketed in white. When Shiyu threw open her window, a perfectly white world greeted her. In her past life, she grew up in the southern parts of China where snow was rare. She had seen snow briefly once on Spiritual Beast Mountain Range last year but was in no the mood to enjoy it. Now, however, the sight of the cool and clean world made her stunned her with its beauty.

That afternoon, after she ended her treatment for 11th Martial Uncle, the patient suddenly opened his eyes. It was a miracle! The 12th Martial Uncle could not stop crying. After 10 years of suffering, 10 years of not giving up hope that this day would finally come… Thank goodness, this day finally came.

As she watched this scene, Shiyu could not help the surge of feelings in her heart. Though the phrase ‘Love will find a way’ existed, how many actually get to see the fruits of their love?

After the initial excitement and incredulity, everyone else left the room, leaving the pair of lovers to reunite with each other.

As they went downstairs, Feng Luo suddenly said, “I need to tell you all something. I’ll be returning to Feng City soon.”

Under everyone’s curious eyes, he smiled helplessly, “I used to think that my Cultivation talent is not bad. However, after seeing how quickly everyone improves, I also felt a great pressure to improve as well. Therefore, I have decided to go through Grandfather’s trial and let him train me up. Hopefully, the next time we meet I can take Lin Fan out with one strike.”

Lin Fan’s answer was lofty and cool, “You should understand that the reverse is more likely. Now that 11th Martial Uncle has woken up, he should be completely healed after two or three more sessions. After which, I shall also leave to polish my skills. I will only be back by the Sixth Month next year.”

The smile on Shiyu’s face diminished by half.

She knew that Feng Luo would be leaving, but Lin Fan’s decision to leave was too sudden. Moreover, now that 11th Martial Uncle has woken up, that meant Qing Chen and Xuan Yin would be leaving too. In a week’s time, wouldn’t this house be completely empty?

Though she understood that they could not be together forever, seeing evidence of their impending parting still made her a little sad.

Perhaps sensing her sadness, Feng Luo said, “Well, I’ll definitely be back before the Sixth Month. I plan to challenge the Divine Tea Mountain. Who knows, I might even lay my hands on a few pieces of Enlightenment Tea.”

“That’s right,” echoed Lin Fan.

Shiyu breathed in deeply and swallowed down her emotions. “That’s good. After all, it’s not like we’ll never see each other again. In fact, this is very good. The most important thing is to polish our own skills.”

This group of young people might be the cream of the crop in terms of talent. However, when something bad happens, the world won’t care about your promising future. Their collective strength could not have toppled the Xue Clan so easily if not for their even more powerful elders blocking those who seek to destroy them.

In other words, they are still not strong enough to venture out in the world on their strength alone. They were still one level too weak against true masters.

Now that the issue of parting had been brought up, everyone was a little sad. However, knowing that they might not see each other for a long time, everyone got along a little better and cherished each other’s presence a bit more.

Three days later, Shiyu came in to give 11th Martial Uncle his next treatment. This time, she focussed on clearing out the evil spirits residing in his chest. However, because Thunder Seed was there to guard his heart, this area was easier to clear than others. However, it was still very time-consuming.

When the last wisp of evil miasma was burnt away, Shiyu sighed heavily. She felt that her relationship with Ocean Heart Flame had gotten a little better. Moreover, her mental powers had improved by a lot too, which could only be a good thing.

The only problem is… now that the 11th Martial Uncle was no longer in a coma, he knew who had really treated his sickness.

Now that the evil spirits were gone, 11th Martial Uncle true appearance was revealed. When the last of the miasma dissipated, a handsome and elegant middle-aged man cupped his hands in a grateful salute. “The grace of saving this life of mine shall never be forgotten. In the future, if you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to call for me.”

Shiyu’s response was immediate, “It’s not like I do this for nothing.”

“Oh? Would little miss please speak?”

“There are two matters. First, please keep the fact that I am the one who treated you a secret. Secondly, now that you are completely healed, you should have no more need for the Thunder Seed. May I have it instead?” said Shiyu unhesitatingly.

After all, it was for the sake of obtaining this Thunder Seed that she had exerted so much effort. Now that the opportunity had fallen into her lap, how could she let it go easily?

11th Martial Uncle touched the Thunder Seed on his chest. A flash of emotion went through his eyes and he said, “Eldest Martial Brother found this seed through a fortuitous encounter. Back then, I remember ridiculing it, calling it useless trash. I never thought that this Thunder Seed would one day preserve my life long enough for treatment to be found. Now that it has completed its duty to me and little miss has pronounced a need for it, I shall hand it to you. I trust that Eldest Martial Brother would be more than happy to exchange this seed for my life.”

Shiyu’s eyes lit up, “Then, I greatly thank 11th Martial Uncle for your generosity.”

The little seed was handed over carefully between the two. Both looked at the small, shiny thing sparking with electricity in Shiyu’s hands. Shiyu breathed out a sigh of relief.

Finally, the Thunder Seed she had worked so hard to obtain is finally in her hands.


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Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4


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