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Little Cooking Saint – 0125 – Stone Bowl Bibimbap (h)

Chapter 125 Stone Bowl Bibimbap (h)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Warning: Er, slight PG – 15?


When Xuan Yin was caught like a little chicken by those powerful guards, only one thought ran through her mind.

Her Cultivation level was too weak.

Right now, she was only an 8th Level Condensation Stage [1] Cultivator. This world is just like her previous one, the weak became food for the strong. If this goes on, let’s not speak of the growing distance between herself and her nice new friends. She barely even have the strength to protect herself.

She must increase her power.

After being trussed up like a little chick, she did not even utter a word of complaint. After all, if she could not fight against others, who was to be blamed? Complaining won’t solve anything. It’s better to just pretend compliance and wait for an opportunity to escape.

All the way to the palace, she maintained a rigid silence. Even once they reached the bride’s boudoir and maids came in to take her clothes off to bath and dressed her, Xuan Yin’s face remained expressionless. The attendant in charge felt oddly dazed. Why is this woman so weird? Did she really feel nothing at all?

He decided to report this odd behaviour to the Crown Prince.

His master was lounging on a couch, one leg crossed over the other and was popping small snacks into his mouth. When he reported the woman’s weird behaviour to the Crown Prince, the royal eyebrows rose and Crown Prince said, “Is that so? This prince shall go have a look.”

When he arrived at the bridal chamber, the woman was almost done dressing up. Only the veil was left. She was sitting on the bed very rigidly, looking a lot like a very pretty stone statue.

To think this woman turned out to be this good looking thought the Crown Prince. He came over to the bed and stopped. “What is your name? Speak.”

Xuan Yin slowly blinked at the command. Her eyes sliding up to stare at the Crown Prince’s Adam’s apple as she studied the width of his neck. She could see the delicate collarbone peeping through the open neckline, the blood vessels beneath the fair and fine skin were very obvious.

“I have something I wish to speak to you,” Xuan Yin said. Her eyes moved up and met his very calmly.

This shocked the Crown Prince a little. This woman is really bold, he thought. However, when he thought of her reckless little friends, he smirked. People with the same attitude really do like to flock together. It’s no wonder she’s such a bold one.

“Everyone out, this prince wish to speak with the Imperial Concubine,” said the Crown Prince lazily. The busy palace servants flowed out like water at the wave of his hand.

Finally, the door closed, leaving only the two of them in the chamber.

Perhaps feeling a little uncomfortable at being the only one standing, the Crown Prince sat down on the bed beside her. “Alright, say what you wish to say.”

Xuan Yin said, “You brought me here, is it really to marry me?”

“What other reason could there be? Without a bride, those people waiting to see a wonderful ceremony will be disappointed. Surely we mustn’t disappoint them?” the Crown Prince said carelessly, clearly not at all concerned.

Xuan Yin fell silent. Then, she said, “Do you know what it means to be married?”

The Crown Prince turned to look at her, “It means you will be an Imperial Concubine of this palace.” He laughed, the arrogance in his voice evident. “To think I picked up my Imperial Concubine picked up from the street like trash.” He looked Xuan Yin’s face again, “Well, at least you’re not bad looking.”

This removed the final doubt in Xuan Yin’s heart. She had one final question, “What is your current Cultivation level?”

The Crown Prince’s laughter abruptly stop. He glared at Xuan Yin, “Are you going to resent this prince for my low Cultivation stage? Though this prince is only a 7th Level Condensation Stage Cultivator, you are still a mere 8th Level Cultivator-”

[2] The Crown Prince’s words were cut off by a pair of lips. A fair face was pressed close to his and he struggled to push the woman away. However, she had clamped both arms around his body, pinning his arms down and forcing him down on the bed. She stuck so close to him that he could not even reverse their positions.

The Crown Prince narrowed his eyes and was about to kick this woman away when Xuan Yin’s beautiful eyes suddenly widened. As he stared into the pair of charming eyes, a strange fragrance gently enveloped him. His body gradually relaxed and his last coherent thought was: This person will surely take good care of me…

Xuan Yin let go of her victim’s lips and ran her tongue over the Crown Prince’s neck, sliding sensuously over the Adam’s apple before closing her lips over his chin. The expressionless stone statue was gone. In her place was an alluring charmer with indescribably sexual appeal. The more the Crown Prince looked at her, the more he desired to own her…


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At the East Palace main hall, twilight was gradually descending. Shiyu and her party was welcomed by a throng of smiling servants and had been served several pots of tea already.

Just what is going on?

The people exchanged looks. They could not imagine what the Crown Prince was thinking or planning to do by kidnapping Xuan Yin.

“When is your Crown Prince coming? You’ve been saying soon, soon all day. If you say the word ‘soon’ again I’ll chop you up for soup. You had better not tricked us.” Shiyu’s patience was running low as she openly threatened the attendant beside her.

“Please be at ease,” the attendant smiled. “His highness is currently discussing something with the Imperial Concubine. Just a little longer.”

[3] It was a credit to his professionalism that his smile never showed how much he was shaking and sweating inside. Just what were they discussing that was taking so long?!

“No, I’m going to have a look,” Shiyu stood up. “Who knows what your Crown Prince is doing to our friend!” According to her knowledge from the original novel, this Dong-Fang Zhen shouldn’t be a danger to Xuan Yin. However, things had developed to this point where even one of Lin Fan’s supposed wife and her family died under her hand, so who knows whether this prince might have been blackened by some unknown event?

“How could this be done?” the attendant hurried over to try and stop her. However, how could ordinary servants like them stop Shiyu?

[3] He could only stop Shiyu with his body and pray that this little girl was not the type to just slice annoying bystanders into half on a whim. Luckily, his gamble paid off. Shiyu pushed at him but did not actually hurt the man.

It was a stalemate.

Shiyu was contemplating the pros and cons of just picking this guy up and throwing him to the side when a familiar figure came out from behind a screen.

“Xuan Yin!” Shiyu was overjoyed. “Xuan Yin, are you alright?”

Xuan Yin’s face was tight with tension. Her head snapped up when she heard her name being called. Instead of greeting them or even explaining anything, she threw a curt ‘Leave now’ before striding past Shiyu. Naturally, the rest shut up and took her cue. All of them got to their feet and left the East Palace on swift feet.


At the sleeping chambers.

The Crown Prince was lying on the bed with his eyes shut. His breathing uneven. Pieces of clothing were scattered all around him, some had been torn apart from haste to take them off.

When Xuan Yin suddenly came out of the chambers, servants scattered away in fright. [4] Some tried to stop her, but more tried to go in to check on the Crown Prince. However, to their horror, they found they were unable to step through the door. It was as though there was a storm was brewing inside the room.

[4] Suddenly, the wind changed and the air pressure inside dropped and servants were now trying to avoid being sucked into the room. They could only cower outside and pray for the Crown Prince’s safety.

By this time, the Emperor had moved to the Hall of Rituals with his entourage consisting of the Empress, his various Concubines and other hangers-on. Everyone sat down to wait for the Crown Prince to arrive with his bride-to-be to start the wedding ceremony. While everyone was chatting happily with each other, the Emperor, who had been monitoring the movements at the East Palace suddenly sat up.

In fact, he was not the only one. Of the guests at the Hall, those with Cultivation immediately turned to face the direction where the East Palace lies.

“Is the Crown Prince on the verge of breaking through?” someone exclaimed. The energy impact was so strong that they could feel it all the way at the Hall of Rituals.

An old man suddenly appeared next to the Emperor. The old man leaned in to whisper into the Emperor’s ear, “The Crown Prince is fine, but I’m afraid the seal on his body could not be sustained anymore. It could unravel with this breakthrough.”

The Emperor’s heart settled. The Crown Prince was his last surviving son. The son he favoured most was also the one he valued most. To keep him safe from scheming eyes, he had experts sealed the Crown Prince’s Cultivation when he was young to keep the young man’s Cultivation below Core Transformation Stage. Only when he had accumulated enough spiritual powers to breakthrough to Core Condensation stage that this seal would be broken.

Looks like he could look forward to more excellent news from now on.

With a flash, the Emperor appeared above the East Palace grounds. That’s right, the Emperor has come to personally protect his son. All the courtiers and guests were surprised by this development. However, after some small reaction, they all chose to stay where they were.


[Gumihou: Wait… is the Crown Prince jumping straight from Stage 1 to Stage 3!!?]


[1] Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~

Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4


[2] Switched to more action-packed dialogue and description. Instead of ‘The prince’s eyes widened because the woman in front of him jumped up, pressed him on the bed, and sealed his mouth with her lips. He wanted to struggle, but found that he was suppressed by her and could not move at all.’ Like… that’s not exciting at all.

[3] Additional Detail for Minor Characters: This poor attendant, at least give him a little more screen time for his suffering

[4] Additional Detail for Dramatic Purpose


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