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Little Cooking Saint – 0124 – Stone Bowl Bibimbap (g)

Chapter 124 Stone Bowl Bibimbap (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Now that the Xue Patriarch and first miss were already dead, there was no need to pursue the matter anymore. After setting off the agreed signal, everyone retreated.

Shiyu was about to leave when she caught a glimpse of a spiteful pair of eyes. When she turned to look, the person hurriedly lowered their head. However, Shiyu had already seen her.

It was Xue Qingruo.

Flames appeared on her palm and Shiyu flicked it over in Xue Qingruo’s direction. Before the girl could even scream in fear, she was already a pile of dissipating ashes.

Her comrades saw this, of course. Surprise obvious in their eyes, but then they all raised their thumbs in silent approval.

[1] Well, almost all of them.

“How decisive! And here I thought you’re going to let Xue Qingruo keep her life, maybe destroy her Cultivation at most,” said Feng Luo cheerfully.

“Let her keep her life? Who could guarantee that she won’t turn into a second Xue Qingge?”

To pity your enemy is to invite harm to your friends and family. If it’s possible to cut the grass and remove all the roots, she would not hesitate. There’s no need to pity an enemy who will eventually plot one’s destruction.

As they all hastily retreated from the Xue Estate, Elder Liu said, “Go straight to the College. The Xue Estate has no master now and the pursuers would most likely give up when you reach the College grounds. With the Dean protecting you, they would not dare to act rashly.”

Shiyu and the rest eyed the people running after them and sped off towards the College.

With Elder Liu to cover their backs, the group of fleeing people encountered no obstacle and were soon running through the tall ancient trees that were part of the College grounds. The moment they passed through the College entrance, their pursuers vanished. However, this also proved that the people who destroyed the Xue Clan was definitely connected to the College.

“Wouldn’t this cause trouble for the College?” asked Shiyu.

“The Imperial College is an independent power unto itself. Not even the Imperial Family would dare to casually sever the relationship with the College. Moreover, we have not seen a single master from the Imperial Family until now. We can conclude what the Imperial Family has made the decision to stay out of this,” said Feng Luo. “In other words, the Xue Clan has, in the most unexpected way, perished.”

Now that her blood has cooled, Shiyu thought of the three people who had died under her hands. Suddenly, it occurred to her that this was the first time she committed murder.

“By the way, Little Shi, you’re very skilled. I remember my first human kill, I must admit to being nauseous then, if only for a little. Are you sure you’re fine?” asked Feng Luo.

Everyone looked at her.

Shiyu shrugged, “It’s not like I’ve never killed before. All those chickens, ducks, fish, pigs and goats are all living things. All I had to do is remind myself of Xue Qingge’s vicious scheme against Xiao Qi and my knife plunged easily into her heart. I have never claimed to be a good person. So there’s no need to pretend a mercy I didn’t feel.” Shiyu’s dagger flickered into her hands and she said coldly, “People who are too good for this world will be bullied.”

“Though we are not good people, we are not evil either. That is good enough,” said Qing Chen.

“En,” Shiyu nodded. She scanned their little group and noticed two people missing. “I think, we’ve forgotten Wen Xian and Xuan Yin when we left the Xue Estate…”

She had just made this comment when Wen Xian came running up, “Sister Xue! The Crown Prince took Xuan Yin away!”

Everyone, “… …”

[2] Feng Luo, “Fxck,”


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The Crown Prince’s bride fetching procession was very long. Along the way, the commoners lined the road to watch the fun. Behind the ceremonial guard was the Crown Prince, who was waving at people from his horse with a benevolent smile.

The Crown Prince looked very upright, heroic and handsome in his brilliant red clothes. However, the situation would probably have been better if he did not look half as cheerful as he did…

“Your royal highness, the Xue Estate is on fire, are we really not going to have a look?” asked one of his personal attendants through a forced smile. The man looked as though he was about to burst into tears any minute.

The Crown Prince’s smile did not waver, “What does the Xue Estate fire has to do with this prince? Did we not already fetched our Imperial Concubine?”

Tears welled up in that servant’s eyes, “But, that’s not the intended Imperial Concubine, ah…”

“Isn’t it fine as long as this prince managed to fetch an Imperial Concubine? It’s all the same whether it’s the original intended or not. This prince will warn you now, complain any more on this auspicious day and this prince shall have someone stitch your mouth shut,” said the Crown Prince.

The servant pressed his mouth closed with an aggrieved expression.

When the procession had approached the Xue Estate. The first thing that caught their attention was the orange flames blazing into the sky. When the guards saw this, they all got ready to rush into the house and rescue people. Who would have thought that the Crown Prince would suddenly say, “Are the Xue Clan having a barbecue feast? Unfortunately, this prince doesn’t like this kind of celebration. You, you, you and you. The four of you fetch that woman in black loitering on the side of the street.”

Four [3] Core Condensation guards immediately flew off to obey. When the woman was brought before him, the Crown Prince said, “To dare wear black on this prince’s auspicious day, how daring, ah. Very good, you have this prince’s attention. You may become this prince’s woman. Servants, toss this female onto the sedan chair. We’ll bring this one back to the palace.”

All the various guards and attendants, “… …”

When they finally recovered enough to protest, the Crown Prince said, “Who is the Crown Prince here? This prince or you? Are you planning to disobey this prince? Anymore nonsense out of you, this prince will have you changed for someone more obedient.”

Everyone immediately shut up. None of them has any idea what the Crown Prince was thinking. How could he just let replace one Imperial Concubine with some random woman on the street was beyond them. Let’s not think about it anymore. It’s not a servant’s place to wonder what their master is thinking.

By the time the bride fetching procession reached the palace, it was dusk. The sun was already sinking in the hills beyond. Now that matters had come to this point, the personal attendant had no choice but to grit his teeth and gave orders for the sedan chair to be taken to the bride’s boudoir with its replacement bride to bath and change clothes.


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When Shiyu’s party reached the gates of the palace, the bride fetching team was long gone. Shiyu suspect that the Crown Prince must have deliberately taken Xuan Yin. After all, such a lengthy procession should have taken a long time to reach the palace. So, why is it that a bunch of Cultivators speeding hither tither could not catch up to them?

“Where should we go now? Surely it could not possible that the Crown Prince decided to use Xuan Yin to lure us into a trap after knowing she’s part of our group?”

Not possible doesn’t mean impossible. Everyone frowned.

It was not easy for them to get rid of one Xue Qingge. To think that after getting rid of that annoyance, a bigger annoyance in the form of the Crown Prince appeared. Moreover, regardless of his Cultivation stage, a member of the royal family is not as easily dealt with as a family sect like the Xue Clan. This is why they decided to quickly strike down Xue Qingge before she married the prince, but why is the prince making trouble now?

They lack the strength and connection to deal with this kind of threat, ah!

Shiyu, “Let’s go in and have a look first. At the very least, they can’t bar us from the Hall of Rituals where the wedding celebration is supposed to be held. Going together would be too risky, I have the means to protect myself if something were to go wrong. Moreover, I can also appeal to Grandpa Feng and the rest for help.”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better if we all go together?” said Lin Fan.

“Since we all started this together, we shall see it to the end together.”

Having such reliable companions backing her like this really moved Shiyu’s heart.

They were still discussing the matter when a low-level attendant ran over. He was beaming all over his face as he approached them, “Oh, we are so glad to see everyone here. The Crown Prince wished to invite everyone over to the East Palace.”

The Crown Prince is inviting them over? Just what kind of scheme is this?

Shiyu’s party exchange a glance with each other. Finally, they sent Wen Xian over to the Hall of Rituals while the rest of them followed the attendant over to see the Crown Prince.

The attendant led them through long passages and hallways until they reached the East Palace.

The moment they entered the East Palace gates, the servant leading them suddenly disappeared. Instead, he was replaced by many busy maidservants. The East Palace was situated quite deep within the palace. Considering the distance of the Crown Prince’s palace from the Hall of Rituals, it was likely that no one from that side would be able to tell what was happening inside the East Palace once the heavy gates were shut behind them.


[Gumihou: … it’s just one thing after another, isn’t it? Could it be Xuan Yin’s protagonist halo making trouble for her?]


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Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4


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