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Little Cooking Saint – 0119 – Stone Bowl Bibimbap (b)

Chapter 119 Stone Bowl Bibimbap (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Grand Elder Feng arrived at the villa the very next day.

[1] Thanks to Feng Luo having aired the family shame yesterday, everyone looked at Grandpa Feng with different eyes. His ‘Unique Attribute’ foremost on their minds Thankfully, Grandpa Feng spotted 12th Martial Uncle almost immediately, overwhelmed by nostalgia, he did not notice the strange looks from the younger generations.

After having not seen each other for many years, the two senior masters spent the time reminiscing with each other about how these young’uns did not understand the pain of parting et cetera, et cetera and complained good-naturedly about how the younger generations were only interested in their own affairs.


The day after Grand Elder Feng’s arrival was the wedding date of the Crown Prince and Xue Qingge.

“Wait, I thought she’s only being taken in as the Imperial Concubine and not a Consort? Why is everyone making such a big thing out of it?” asked Shiyu while she was dressing up Xiao Qi.

“It’s still the wedding of the Crown Prince. Although a Concubine ranked lower than a Consort, without even a shadow of a Consort by his side, the wedding would naturally be grand,” explained Feng Luo.

“Oh,” Shiyu said as she absently twisted Xiao Qi’s hair into twin buns. Her little sister was being slowly transformed into a beautiful Chinese doll, all pink and tender and cute, ah~

Personally, Shiyu preferred pale blue colours. She chose to wear a loose, Full Chest Ruqun. She had ordered this particular outfit from the clothing store at Feng City during her reckless spending spree and Xiao Qi had collected it for her. As for her hair, she did not bother with a complicated style and just rolled it into a bun on top of her head.

The two sisters looked very similar in their style and grace.

As the two made their way downstairs, Xuan Yin came over, all dressed up for the banquet too. Shiyu had to admit, this girl has very strong charms. The moment she stepped into a room, everyone could not help but look in her direction.

Xuan Yin did not like to talk. Her expressionless face and thousand-yard stare gave off an aura of indifference that made people pay even more attention to her. Her black outfit was form-fitting and highlighted all the wonderful curves on her body, giving her an alluring feel that was more seductive than charming. Moreover, because she did not have much experience doing up her hair, the simple, high ponytail tipped her looks beyond beautiful to devastatingly handsome.

That’s right, Xuan Yin cut a handsome, seductive and fascinating figure.

As for the others, aside from Feng Luo in his slightly more expensive moon-white robes with jade buttons, the rest merely wore their usual outfits for the event.

Once everyone readied themselves, it was time to set out for the palace.

The Imperial Palace was located on top of Feng Xian Mountain. The mountain itself was right in the middle of the Imperial Capital. That meant, no matter which part of the Imperial Capital you might be, the lofty palace on top of mist and clouds could be seen. When commoners raised their heads and saw the palace that appeared to be floating in the sky, they call it an Immortal’s Palace and looked upon the emperor as an immortal from the heavens.

At the foot of the palace was the Xue Residence. At this very moment, Xue Qingge was already dressed and made up in her wedding finery. The fiery red of her clothes transformed her image from a faint, out of reach snow fairy to a ravishing beauty. Like a being from the sky that had fallen onto the immortal world. Well, one could say that this was what had happened.

“Everyone, leave me.” The miscellaneous maids and servants left, leaving only her personal maid by her side.

As soon as the door closed behind the last servant, the maid approached and said, “Everyone has set out, even the youngest is taken out to attend the wedding banquet.”

“Is that so?” Xue Qingge looked out the window. Her long nails, painted bright red, scraped across the table making a harsh, screeching sound that echoed in the room. “If I remember correctly, Esteemed Gentleman Wang, Noble Child Zhao and a few others of their ilk enjoyed the charms of prepubescent females. Surely they’ll be interested in a 6th Level Condensation Stage 10-year-old?”

The maid immediately understood what was not said and bowed her head, “This one shall carry out her duties.”

Xue Qingge waved a hand at her, “Go.”

Behind the screen, Xue Qingruo pressed a hand tightly over her mouth, doing her best not to make a single sound. If possible, she would not have chosen to be here at this moment and eavesdrop on this conversation.

Why is my sister so frightening? She had been fine before, the epitome of womanhood and grace…

When she heard nothing from the room, Xue Qingruo made to tiptoe away. However, something made her turn around.

A figure in red was standing right behind her!

“Ahh–!!” her scream was pinched off when Xue Qingge seized her throat. Xue Qingruo could only make a faint gurgling sound as she trembled in her sister’s grasp.

“Was it fun to eavesdrop, my dear sister?” Xue Qingge was clearly smiling, but somehow Xue Qingruo could only feel dread churning in her stomach. Her back was slick with sweat and her heart thundered with fear.

Xue Qingge looked disdainfully at her sister’s pale face and pleading eyes, “Look at you,” she sneered. Then tossed the girl to the side like a rag doll. “If the matter just now happened to leak out, I shall hold you responsible. I don’t mind letting you marry Esteemed Gentleman Wang as a concubine. After all, I, Xue Qingge, am not short of stupid sisters.”

Xue Qingruo clutched her neck as she shivered on the floor, not daring to move…


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Shiyu and her party climbed up the 999 stairs until they reach the palace grounds where the wedding ceremony was to be conducted. There were a lot of people here and many were exchanging greetings or speaking to each other enthusiastically.

The moment their group appeared, all eyes were upon them. It cannot be helped. The eldest in their group was Qing Chen who was only in his 20s. in truth, there were plenty of young people attending the banquet, but their level of Cultivation was usually high for their age.

For regular Cultivators, to be able to reach the 5th Level Condensation Stage [2] by 15 was already considered not bad. Cultivators from noble household fared much better. By the time they’re 15, they would be on the verge of breaking through to the Core Condensation Stage. Those who reached 5th Level Core Transformation stage [2] would be deemed as exceptionally talented.

However, the majority of the teenage boys and girls in this party were already at 7th or 8th Level Core Transformation Stage.

Let’s not talk about that 6th Level Condensation Stage little girl. As for the sturdy-looking youth with zero level of Cultivation… considering his companions, isn’t it entirely possible that he’s just hiding his Cultivation?

“Which clan’s children are these? Their talent is too good!?” somebody whispered.

“What do you mean which clan? Those are Imperial College students. The boy in black in Lin Fan, he’s a first-class genius of the College. They expect him to breakthrough into Divine Transformation Stage before he’s 30.”

Disbelieving eyes surrounded him.

“Isn’t that a little… unlikely?” 30 years old. Most people still haven’t broken through Core Condensation Stage at age 30. Moreover, breaking through did not solely depend on effort either. Luck and fortuitous encounter play a large part. Which Divine Transformation Stage Cultivator were not already old and greying? A 30-year-old Divine Transformation Stage Cultivator was practically unheard of.

Seeing the disbelief in their eyes, the man scowled. “Just because you can’t do it, don’t assume others are incapable. How about a bet?”

“No problem, stake your terms.”

“If I win, you must give your daughter to me in marriage.”

“No way!”

“If not the daughter, your son is fine too, ah.”

“Get out of my sight!!!”

As soon as Shiyu’s group of young people arrived, they merged with Grand Elder Feng’s group of dignified seniors at the main hall. However, it was rather tiring to stand around looking at insincere smiles and listening to insincere flattery. How troublesome, ah. How annoying! The group of youngsters soon became bored.

“Feng Luo, is there anywhere we can freely explore?” asked Shiyu. “Preferably outside?”

Feng Luo thought for a while, “I believe we can look around the Royal Gardens.”

This suggestion met with positive looks and a servant was asked to lead them out of the Hall of Ceremonies towards the garden.

As befitted the title of the ‘Royal Gardens’, the plants and decorations here were naturally plentiful and gorgeous. In fact, the place was filled with youngsters like them, clearly escapees of boring political hobnobbing. Fortunately, the Gardens were large enough that they rarely encounter others as they strolled through the clean pathways and admired the extravagant flowers.

As a group, Shiyu’s party moved together towards the more desolated areas, exploring various flower beds and looking up fake mountains. As they rounded a corner, they saw a pavilion.

Within the pavilion were Liu Yi, Mo Yin and… Meng Li.


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[1] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: The details here being more flowery words.


[2] Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have to ~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4



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