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Tondemo Skill – 213 – I Just Happened to Have These…

Chapter 213: I Just Happened to Have These…

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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Fer and Sui ate and ate through most of the stalls. They finally stopped around noon.

Umu, that was good.”

“It’s all very yummy~ Sui’s tummy is full.”

You two really ate a lot!

Even Dora-chan was shaking his head at these two. The little dragon also ate a lot, but his efforts were nothing compared to Fer and Sui. That’s probably because he was limited by his little body. [6] Sui might look little, but she’s a really big eater.

[4] “I guess nobody needs me to make lunch, eh?” [7] I said teasingly.

“Aah, I can’t fly. Too heavy…” Dora-chan moaned as he flapped sluggishly in the air, his bloated stomach very obvious. Finally, he landed on the back of my head.


“I can’t fly after all that food. As the master, you must look after your familiars!”

What kind of reasoning is that…

Dora-chan clung to the back of my head, the claws of his back feet clutching my shoulders. It looked like I was giving him a piggyback ride.

“Haa~ I guess it can’t be helped.”

“Hey, where are we going next?” [7] asked Fer.

“The Adventurer’s Guild. I need to collect money from the valuable materials taken from the Kraken, Sea Serpent and Aspidochelone.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?”

“Alright, alright… Wait, where’s Sui?”

Sui had been bouncing around my feet all this time but now she’s nowhere to be seen. [1] While I turned round and round like a worried chicken looking for my Slime, Fer said, “Sui’s already in your bag.”

Ah, so she is. [5]

Now that everyone’s accounted for, let’s go to the Guild. [5]


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When I entered the Adventurer’s Guild, all eyes were on me. Well, no wonder since I still have Dora-chan perched on my shoulder. [6] It would have been more impressive if Dora-chan didn’t have an obvious bloated stomach…

The receptionist greeted me politely enough, but I could see her cheek jerking from trying not to laugh. [2] Please go ahead and laugh if you wish to laugh. By the way, I’m starting to wonder if Dora-chan was really too full to fly or was just too lazy…

Anyway, I was ushered to the Guild Master’s second-floor room soon enough.

“Oh, you’re here…” Marks-san raised his head and the smile on his face stiffened. “What’s that on your shoulder?”

“Well, maa, just think of it as my familiar playing a little joke on me.”

“I-is that so?”

“Yes,” [7] please don’t ask anymore.

“I’ll be with you once I’m done with these documents, please wait for a while.”

“Yes,” [3] I sat down on the chair and sent a telepathic message to Dora-chan. “Hey, get off my shoulder and sit next to me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” [3] I can feel Dora-chan sulking a little as he leapt off my shoulder. [1] I resisted the urge to massage my shoulder. Despite his tiny form, Dora-chan was rather heavy.

I sipped at the tea brought over by the staff. It resembled the Genmaicha from my previous life. [1] There was nothing for me to do but enjoy tea and watch as Marks-san deal with his paperwork.

I guess that before he became a Guild Master, Marks-san must be the active ass-kicking type Adventurer. Having to deal with all the paperwork that came with a Guild Master’s authority must be hard on him.

Marks-san struggled for another 10 minutes before he was done. [3] “Sorry to keep you waiting. Ever since I became the Guild Master, I’ve had to deal with all kinds of documents. Since I’m not particularly good at it, it takes me a lot longer.” [5]

He waved his hand and continued, “Alright, now that’s over and done with. Let’s get down to the business of the payment for materials collected from yesterday. [5] I’ll start with the Kraken. Valuable materials include eyes, beak, tentacles and a magic stone. All amount to 628 gold coins.”

Woah, as expected of S Class products. [5]

“Next up, the Sea Serpent. Valuable materials are skin, bones, fangs and a magic stone, all of which add up to 659 gold coins. [4] We have a bid from a local weaponsmith for the skin and fangs. I have no idea which workshop bought it, but since it’s been 13 years since the last Sea Serpent showed itself on our shores, the prices for these goods have inflated.”

“Finally, we have the Aspidochelone. Valuable materials include scales, bones and one magic stone. 452 gold coins. [5] That totalled up to 1,739 coins. We also have the reward for defeating the Kraken, which amounts to 400 gold coins. Therefore, the final total is 2,139 gold coins.”

Woah, our finances just increased again! Thank you, Fer, Sui and Dora-chan~

“Old Man Yoran said I should pay you in large gold coins, is that right?”

“Yes, I’d appreciate it.” [5]

“Very well, here’s 213 large coins and 9 regular gold coins. Please examine it.”

I had gotten very used to calculating coins quickly, “Yes, everything’s in order.”

“Alright, now that the business about the monster materials is over,” [7] Marks-san cleared his throat. “Shall we talk about the dungeon products…” [5]

“Ah, yes. Here’s a list of the things I have,” I quickly fetched the list from my [Item Box] and handed it to Marks-san.

[6] Marks-san’s eyebrows raised at the long list, “You still have plenty of stuff, I see. As expected from the party that had cleared a full dungeon. Hold on, don’t tell me these are the things leftover after you’ve traded with Doran’s guild?”

“Yes, they mostly bought the skins and magic stones. But there are lots of other things left.”

“Hmm, if I have limited resources, that’s what I’d go for as well.” [6] He sounded a little regretful. At my inquiring look, he said, [4] “There’s a serious shortage of material for leather armour right now. That’s why skins are in demand at the moment.”

“Erm, I do still have Vaski, Maticore and Gustava skins…”

The look he gave me was part amusement and part pained, “You do realise that if I buy any one of those, I will have no money for anything else, right?”

Tcheh, looks like I can’t sell off Drops from the lower level dungeon here either… Speaking of unsold materials, I still have the Earth Dragon blood, eyes and various other stuff. [5]

“Excuse me, I have materials other than the ones on the list. Would you like to have a look?”

“Oh? Please do,” Marks-san was clearly interested. Well, this was a fairly large guild, after all, I do hope that they can take some of the items off my hands.

I took out the Earth Dragon materials. [5]

“What’s this?” [6] Marks-san picked up the vial of blood and held it to the light.

“Earth Dragon blood, this other vial contains Earth Dragon eyeballs,” I said helpfully.

“B-fff–!” [6] the vial of blood nearly fell out of his hands and he had to scramble to catch it.

“Y-y- y- you actually managed to kill something like that?!”

[4] “Erm, actually it’s all Fer’s doing, but if you’re asking if it’s my party, then… yes.”

Haah, an Earth Dragon… [5] the blood of an Earth Dragon has many uses and is highly valuable. As for the other items on the list… would you mind letting me think it over? I can give you an answer tomorrow.”

“No problem,” [3] in fact, I really don’t want to have these things cluttering up my [Item Box] any longer. [4] “I would be very grateful if you can take some of these off my hands.” I told Marks-san sincerely.

Finally, we said our good-byes and my party left the Adventurer’s Guild.



Note from Eguchi Ren-san: Mukouda-san’s total gold up to date: 39,800 gold coins

[Gumihou: Ahahaha, so much money~]


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  1. Jii

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    1. Spangles

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      I’m just happy he’s buying stuff like pottery and the seafood to return some of his horde of treasure to circulation at least

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