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Little Cooking Saint – 0114 – Matcha Ice-cream (a)

Chapter 114 Matcha Ice-cream (a)

Translated by Gumihou

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For the sweet soup to taste good, it’s better to cook it long and slow over a low fire. Therefore, while the soup was bubbling gently on the stove, Shiyu disappeared into her space to reorganise her precious herb garden with the various plants and herbs she had collected at Leisurely Cloud Sect.

After a set time, she popped out of her space and carried the bowl of soup over to Qing Chen.

[1] Qing Chen drank the sweet soup the same way he ate everything Shiyu put before him. Expressionlessly. Except, once the bowl of sweet soup was gone, sweat began to appear on Qing Chen’s forehead. His face was uncharacteristically flushed and he was blinking rapidly.

[1] Er, what’s going on?

[1] …

[1] Oh no.

[1] Could it be…?

[1] Sweating, uncharacteristic red face on someone who’s normally cold and expressionless… aren’t these the classic symptoms of the legendary Drug X? The Flower of Gaoling was now sprawled across the table, the empty bowl having dropped from his hand and roll away into a forgotten corner. Bright red cheeks, glassy eyes and panting through glistening moist lips…

Shiyu slowly backed away until her back plastered against the wall. She calculated the distance between herself and the door. She had to dash through the doorway before anything untoward could happen.

Whatever happened to this guy must be the result of the soup. [1] Though it had nothing to do with her, the fact that she personally handed the soup implicated her. Should she feel guilty? Maybe. If she had been more vigilant and look after the pot of sweet soup more carefully, this would not have happened, right?

One could say that she’s at fault and should make amends. But… though Qing Chen looked like he’s suffering a lot, there’s no way she’s going to just deliver her tender young self as his antidote, right?!

“Where are you going?” Qing Chen’s feverish eyes followed her, his voice slightly hoarse. His normally calm visage ruined by the veins popping up his forehead. This medicine appeared quite strong!

“Wh-why don’t I go get you some cold water…” said Shiyu as she edged closer to the door. There was an unsightly bulge at a certain unmentionable area. Shiyu felt sweat popping up her forehead, “Or, you know, you can just…” she made some vague repetitive gesture, “… beat it with your hands…”

*Crash, crash!*

[2] Books flew in Shiyu’s direction, nearly hitting her head. Qing Chen, the fiend who had thrown the books, had turned even redder.

[2] Shiyu fled.

She still had enough mind to close the door behind her and was sprinting down the lane towards the gate when she saw Xuan Yin coming up. My saviour! Shiyu thought. As expected of the Female Lead! She’s here to solve the Spring Medicine issue!

[2] Yay!

Clearly, these two were fated to be together!

[2] Or were they?

[2] Shiyu groaned. This was not a novel, ah! There was no way she could send her new friend in to be forcefully XX-ed by some guy. Ah, but, what about that guy suffering inside…?

The dilemma, ah! Dilemma! Shiyu wanted to cry. Why am I born with a conscience?! Should I stop her? Should I let her go in? What should I do, ah?! If I stop this, I’d be wrecking the first of Female Lead’s string of Male Slaves, ah! But if I let her go in, it’s basically rape, ah!

[2] Qing Chen bro, you are right. Troublesome things are troublesome! Speaking of which, you had better take care of your birdie on your own or we would all be in trouble, ah!


“Don’t move!” Shiyu yelled.

Xuan Yin paused and really did not move from her spot. Shiyu ran to the garden bed and pry up one of the decorative stones. [1] The stone was one of those smooth river stones that fitted nicely in her hands. Perfect. She ran indoors with the stone.

Still stuck in the middle of the courtyard, Xuan Yin pondered over Shiyu’s curious behaviour. [3] She was still staring at the empty space where the stone had been when Shiyu ran out again. This time, she was dusting her hands as she called for Xuan Yin, “Come here and help me.”

Xuan Yin obediently went into the house. [3] She stared at the floor. For some reason, Martial Brother Qing Chen was lying face down on the floor with a bump on the back of his head. The decorative stone was right next to him.

“Do you know where the nearest stream or body of water is? The icier the better,” said Shiyu.

Xuan Yin pondered over the question. “There’s a waterfall down the valley.”

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Shiyu flashed her eyes over Xuan Yin’s thin, emaciated form and sighed. She picked Qing Chen up by the waist like a pretty sack of potatoes and ran down the mountain. [5] Getting Xuan Yin to lead the way to the nearest waterfall.

Luckily, they reached the waterfall just as Qing Chen was waking up. Shiyu heartlessly threw the heartthrob of Leisurely Cloud Sect into the water.

[4] The valley below Qing Xia Peak was under the care of the 12th Martial Uncle. Sensing a disturbance in the valley, she came over to investigate. Just in time to see Shiyu tossing a Qing Chen into the waterfall.

[4] “What are you doing to Martial Nephew?” she shouted, striding over to fish the young man out before he could choke. However, when she saw the red face, glazed eyes and clutching hands, she dunked the young man back into the water again. Anger crossed her fair features, “Which low bastard dare do this to my Martial Nephew?”

Her fierce eyes softened when they fell on Shiyu, who was also red-faced but from carrying a burden all the way from the peak to the valley. “It’s useless to cool this fever down with water. I shall fetch the antidote.”

As a woman, she despised these kinds of schemes most. Privately, she made up her mind to have the Disciplinary Hall investigate the matter. 

Before she left, she instructed the girls to make sure Qing Chen doesn’t leave the pool. While the 12th Martial Uncle hurried back to her residence to pick up an antidote, the girls sat by the pool to be glared at by the disgruntled merman. Fortunately, nothing happened while she was away. After forcing the young man to swallow the medicine, the 12th Martial Uncle sighed with relief. Thankfully, these girls were quick-witted and no unfortunate ‘accidents’ happened.

Nevertheless, the girls still had to watch him all night. [5] It was a very miserable night for all three of them. The young man had to stay in the icy water. The girls had to hang around the poolside and prod the young man with long sticks to make sure he doesn’t climb out of the water or accidentally drown himself.

The only piece of good news was that the antidote will work the drug out of Qing Chen’s system by morning.

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If Shiyu had hoped that Qing Chen’s mood would return to normal the next morning, she would have been disappointed. The young man gritted his teeth and glared at her as he lifted himself out of the pool. His face was no longer red, but he was sopping wet and looked more like something the cat had drowned before dragging into the house than a beauty.

Shiyu’s non-existent balls hurt. She has nothing to do with the drugging, ah! She wanted to protest for her innocence, but, whatever, whatever! She’ll be leaving this mountain soon anyway and would not have to see that chilly face anymore! So troublesome…

However, before leaving, she decided to see Sect Master Yun one more time.

As the Head Disciple and Shiyu’s host, Qing Chen accompanied her to his master’s residence. As the other guest of Qing Chen’s, Xuan Yin was there as well.

While Shiyu entered the Sect Master’s house to see him, a grim Qing Chen and a stoic Xuan Yin were left outside. Xuan Yin studied Qing Chen’s glare for a long while before venturing to say, “Martial Brother, Shiyu is a good person.”

Qing Chen did not say anything.

“She helped you yesterday.”

Still nothing.

“Don’t be angry with her.”

When no answer came forth, Xuan Yin decided not to speak anymore. She was not the type who enjoyed pointless talking. For her to speak up and try to reconcile these two people were already a very rare and unusual occurrence.

As silence fell in the courtyard, a loud crash was heard from within. Both looked up as the Sect Master’s voice bellowed, “Is this true?!” However, rather than angry, he sounded more agitated and anxious.

Inside, Shiyu looked away and said, “I cannot be sure. I have seen people with similar symptoms healed, but I must say I’ve never seen someone suffer like this and still be alive… Right now, the expert should still be in the Eastern Empire. If we set out now, we might still be able to meet him and get his opinion at least.”

The Sect Master had been stressing over the health of his Junior Martial Brother for over 10 years now and was even more desperate with time running out. How could he not be excited when someone suddenly threw him a lifeline out of the blue?

In the courtyard, Qing Chen caught sight of his master striding out, alone. He frowned and approached the man, “Master, just what-”

“Not now, I’m going to speak with your 11th Martial Uncle,” and he was gone. Leaving two stoic people in the courtyard and one other person inside his house.

Qing Chen’s frown deepened. He marched into his master’s house and saw Shiyu slowly drinking tea at the guest table. He really did not want to speak with this girl, but he had no choice. “What did you say to Master?”

Shiyu’s eyes narrowed, “Nothing much.”

Only a fool would believe you!

[2] If it’s nothing much, why would master suddenly leave like that?!

[2] Qing Chen could only glare at her helplessly. He could only turn his face away petulantly when it was clear Shiyu was not going to say anything else.

About a quarter of an hour later, 12th Martial Uncle appeared with the Sect Master and hurried over to Shiyu. “Is what you say true? Is there truly someone in the Easter Empire who could heal my husband?”

Shiyu quickly stood and said hesitantly, “This junior dared not guarantee it. However, the person who was cure has similar symptoms to 11th Martial Uncle. Though it was not quite as severe, this junior thought I should mention it…”

When 12th Martial Uncle heard this, a thread of joy spread across her face. “Having hope is better than waiting for death. Sect Master, I shall go and pack 11th Martial Uncle’s things now and leave for the Eastern Empire immediately.”

Of course, after hearing this, how could Qing Chen not understand what was going on? However, when he thought of Shiyu’s secretive behaviour and reluctance to speak with him, his expression grew complicated [6].

When Shiyu caught sight of his half constipated expression, she thought that this guy must still be suspicious of herself. Who on earth liked to be seen as a suspect? Feeling wronged, Shiyu followed after 12th Martial Uncle to the little cottage and waited for her to get ready.

Later, when it was time to leave, she was shocked to find that in addition to 12th Martial Uncle. Two other people decided to join the expedition.

One was Xuan Yin and the other Qing Chen.

Shiyu stared at them.


The Male Lead with tens of wives (in the future) and the Female Lead with a large number of male concubines (in the future) are about to meet. Just what kind of scenario would it be, ah? Would they hate each other on sight? Would they fall in love?

My heavens, ah! I don’t dare to even imagine it! Would the world collapse the moment they meet?

However, there was nothing she could say to dissuade them without sounding too suspicious. Things have developed to this point, there was nothing Shiyu could do but go along with it. Shiyu crossed her fingers: please don’t let this world implode.

The Western Qin Empire was thousands of miles away from the Eastern Empire. Nevertheless, on a fast and steady flying mount, it would only take them six to seven days to reach the shores of the Eastern Empire. From then on, another two or three days from the Eastern Empire shores to the Imperial Capital.

The journey that took her nearly a month would be over in 10 days.

Shiyu stared as the ground below her changed from sea to land. The closer they were to the Imperial Capital, the more luxurious the houses. When she spotted the unmistakable flat ‘peak’ of the Enlightenment Tea Mountain, she knew that they would soon reach the Imperial College.

After nearly half a year of absence, she was back.

Would anyone miss her?

[Gumihou: Oh no, the ML and FL are about to meet! Can the world take it!?]

[1] Added More Details for Dramatic Purpose: It’s our first legendary Spring Medicine scene!

[2] Split Paragraphs for a more immediate and dramatic impact.

[3] Added Detail in support of Xuan Yin’s POV

[4] Added Details for Logistic Purpose + minor correction: 12th Martial Uncle just appeared for no good reason, so provided some possible explanation. Also, the original text said 11th Martial Uncle, but then it was followed by ‘she was a woman’ so…

[5] Additional Details for Logistic Purpose: It’s unclear whether Xuan Yin was with them, but it’s very unlikely that she would still hang out at Qing Chen’s house after Shiyu ran out with her burden. Adjusted details to fit this.

[6] No idea about this, he may or may not have imagined it.


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