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Little Cooking Saint – 0111 – Coconut Osmanthus Cake (b)

Chapter 111 Coconut Osmanthus Cake (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

After leaving the master’s estate, Shiyu paused to stare at the clouds floating past Qing Xia Peak. The other six peaks loomed just beyond the clouds, looking a little hazy and magical in the mists. It felt as though she was in the middle of a Chinese fairy tale.

Qing Chen walked up beside her. “So, you’re here to request for the Thunder Seed.” He, too, knew of the Thunder Seed in his master’s hand. “You’ve been travelling a lot, it’s best to get a few days’ rests.”

“Yes, thank you for your concern,” said Shiyu.

“Since I brought you here, you may stay in my guest room,” Qing Chen continued.

“Alright,” Shiyu did not decline.

Qing Chen must have noticed her frustration but said nothing. He led the way to his estate and both went to rest.

After travelling continuously for over 10 days, Shiyu was really tired. It was not yet noon, but Shiyu was too tired to even Cultivate. The moment her head touched the pillow, she fell into a deep sleep.

By the time she woke up, it was dusk. The sky had darkened a lot and the world was silent. Though there was a slightly dim light beyond the window, she felt terribly alone. As though she was the only person in the world.

The familiar noise and chatter of her friends and siblings were not there. It was as though she had been abandoned. She hated this feeling most.

Suddenly, a knock at the door shook her out of her reverie. In an instant, the feeling of endless loneliness ceased. Shiyu got up to open the door and saw Qing Shen standing just beyond. The dim light behind casting his features in a shadow.

“Just woken up?” he frowned. “Not hungry?”

At the sight of him, she suddenly had the feeling of meeting someone of her own kind after a long absence.

“I’m fine,” she breathed in deeply and cast her eyes over his shoulders to look at the sky. There was still a little light in the sky. “Have you called me for dinner?”

“En, it’s a bit of a walk, so we had better start early.”

“That’s fine with me, I really like the scenery at Leisurely Cloud Sect.” To her, anywhere would be fine as long as there’s someone she could talk to.

Qing Chen’s little estate was relatively remote. One has to walk through a forest of swaying bamboo to reach it. At every 10 steps, the scenery changes. To be able to practice Cultivation in such a peaceful and beautiful scene was truly amazing.

As they travelled to the food hall, they encountered many other disciples of Leisurely Cloud Sect. After a respectful greeting to the Head Disciple, curious eyes would slide over to stare at Shiyu. They probably wanted to know just what sort of girl could convince their Eldest Martial Brother to personally bring her into the Sect.

Shiyu’s only response to them was a smile. Her face had almost cramped up from excessive smiling.

“Hey, how about we take a more remote path?” Shiyu whispered. “My face ached from all this smiling. I can’t bear it anymore, [1] it’s too troublesome.”

[1] Qing Chen’s mouth turned up at the last remark. Shiyu had just randomly suggested it, but who would have thought Qing Chen would actually lead her down a small wooded path?

The climate on the mountain was especially cold. Plum blossoms were already blooming. There were red blossoms, yellow blossoms and many other types she could not recognise, but were all very beautiful.

They met very few people on this new path, which made walking very refreshing. Idly, Shiyu began to ask Qing Chen for little details about Leisurely Cloud Sect.

It turned out that as the largest sect in the Western Qin Empire, Leisurely Cloud Sect has about 10,000 disciples. However, most of them were merely disciples in name who only learn the skills of the Sect and was not under any masters, or outer disciples who may have been taught by masters, but was not directly under any masters of the sect.

The number of true, inner disciples accounts for less than a tenth of this number.

The Sect Leader was surnamed Yun and took over the leadership of this Sec when he broke through to the Divine Transformation Stage nearly eight years ago. If someone capable of rising to the position of the Sect Master appeared, he will step down from his position and ascend to the Eighth Realm.

Shiyu got all this information from Qing Chen. In fact, he also had more intelligence about the Thunder Seed.

“The seed has to stay here to preserve someone’s life. 11th Martial Uncle had been badly poisoned and relied on the Thunder Seed to stay alive.”

“So, if someone could disperse the poison in your martial uncle’s body, would the Sect be willing to part with the Thunder Seed?” Shiyu asked hopefully.

“Of course. However, our Sect has scoured the world for an antidote for over 10 years and found nothing. Even now, 11th Martial Uncle is…” Qing Chen suddenly trailed off, turning his face towards an even narrower lane that branched off their already narrow footpath.

Shiyu cocked her ears. Trying to hear what he was listening to so intently. The woods here were as dense as the sea, but that did not prevent sounds from travelling.

“Little vixen, you’re just an outer disciple. Just because your Cultivation has improved recently, you want to act all arrogant? Well, let us teach you the rules of the Sect today. As inner disciples, it is our duty to enlighten outsiders.”

“Hand over your Magic Pill!”

“From now on, you must hand over all your monthly pill ration. Otherwise, you can just wait to be driven out of the Sect!” 

The voices were female and rather vicious. Pushing aside the thick plum blossom branches, Shiyu and Qing Chen made their way to a small clearing. They saw three girls standing over a very thin girl on the ground. There was blood leaking from the girl’s lips. The three girls standing over her were wearing the same uniform.

“What are you doing?” Qing Chen frowned.

The three girls turned around. When they saw it was Qing Chen, they paled and quickly said, “Sh-she stole our Magic Pill. We’re just asking her to give it back.”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s what happened.” The other two echoed.

Shiyu looked at the injured girl. The girl gritted her teeth and was slowly climbing to her feet. The three above were clearly slandering her, but all she did was hissed and winced when her injuries were pulled.

Suddenly, Shiyu had a very ominous premonition.

Surely, the world can’t be that coincidental, ba…

She was still stuck with this weird thought when Qing Chen continued his interrogation, “You’re the disciples of which martial uncle?”

The three girls’ face turned white. Realising that Martial Brother Qing Chen did not believe their flimsy fabrication, they resorted to pleading instead. “Martial brother, please let us off. We know we’re in the wrong and won’t dare do it again.”

“Go to the Hall of Discipline and receive your punishment.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we’re going now.” All three fairly flew over the grass in their haste to leave.

Once the three left, the fourth person also turned to leave.

Shiyu stared at the stiff back, wondering if it could possibly be Xuan Yin [2] when a shadow fell over her. Qing Chen did not look at her as he nudged her with a jade bottle.

[3] What? Want her to give this to the girl?

Why don’t you give it to her yourself?

Oh, wait, too troublesome, ah!!!

Well, to be fair, since she was now this person’s guest and had benefited under his shelter numerous times… also, Shiyu was curious about this girl’s identity. Therefore, without further quibbling, she accepted the bottle of medicine and ran after the girl.

“Hey, hey, wait a minute.” Shiyu caught up with the girl and held out the jade bottle. “You’re injured, right? Here, it’s good for wounds, and er…” she wanted to say ‘and it’s from Qing Chen’ to lend credibility, but the guy was giving her a very wintery gaze that reminded her of another pair of very wintry eyes…

“Er… it’s something I’ve always used. Ahem. What’s your name again?”

The corner of the girl’s eye had turned slightly green-ish black, but it did not detract the beauty of her brows. Instead of looking pitiful, she has a very cool and resolute aura about her. It really caused people to take a second glance at her proud and dignified face.

“Xuan Yin,” she stared at Shiyu for a long moment. She must have concluded that Shiyu was one of those harmless, warm-hearted busybodies and accepted the bottle with a soft, “Thank you.”

Now that Shiyu has her answer, she was speechless.

The first time Shiyu met the Male Lead, he was being bullied [4]. The first time Shiyu met the Female Lead, she was being bullied. What is this coincidence, ah, ah, ah!!?

Just then, another thought crossed her mind.

The unlucky Sect that was destroyed by Wen Heng [5] in the future is the Leisurely Cloud Sect?

Tsk, tsk.

Could this be considered fate?


[Gumihou: … more like a curse?]


[1] Additional Information to Prevent OOCness: Like, why would Qing Chen agree to walk on a path with fewer people just because Shiyu wants to? Build a little camaraderie over ‘troublesome’

[2] Xuan Yin – First appeared in Chapter 92. An unknown transmigrated person took over her body

[3] Changed passive form to active

[4] Shiyu’s first encounter with Lin Fan happened way back in Chapter 7

[5] That’s right. That Weng Heng. Wen Xian’s mysterious older brother Wen Heng. First mentioned in Chapter 93


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