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Little Cooking Saint – 0103 – Grilled Oyster with Garlic (f)

Chapter 103 Grilled Oyster with Garlic (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou                                



Everyone was in shock.

The fierce and powerful Sea Beasts were suddenly blown to pieces before their eyes. However, the still falling bits of blood and gore told them that this was not an illusion.

“What martial skill is this? It’s so powerful!” was the question in most people’s mind.

Only a small group of Imperial College Students recognised this scene. They could not help but be reminded of the incident that happened right in front of their College less than two months ago. At first, they all thought she must have employed some one-time-use Spiritual Item of some sort. However, it looked like this technique was her actual martial skill.

“Surely not…” they glanced at each other, not daring to believe their conjecture. Isn’t she that person who’s famous for her good cooking? Looks like she could do more than just cook, ah. To think that she’s concealed her ability to such extent that no one realised just what a badass she is!

Feng Luo and Wen Xian stared at the explosion before them with odd expressions.

Their friend really knew how to conceal her strength, ah.

However, this incredible feat only managed to delay the Sea Beasts for a little while. Soon, they regrouped and continued to march over to the coastline. The humans shook themselves out of their shock and got ready to resist with all their might.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan, who had been seated at the beach all this while finally made a move. The power within his body kept rising until it reached Divine Transformation Stage before it stopped. His aura had completely changed. Lin Fan’s eyes appeared to be looking far away as he strode upon the air and passed the crowd of people who had been protecting him. With a wave of his hand, a deep void appeared on the shore and countless advancing Sea Beasts was swallowed into the void. Never to be seen again.

When Shiyu, who was currently lying flat on Cloud Beast’s back, saw that Lin Fan had gotten up from his meditation, sighed with relief. She finally allowed herself the luxury of fainting from exhaustion.

Thanks to Lin Fan’s sudden and aggressive attack. The Eastern Sea Turbulence fell in favour of the humans once again. No matter how unwilling, the Sea Beasts had to retreat. However, the battle had gone on for too long already. Once the Sea Beasts descended back to the sea after Lin Fan’s attack, Lin Fan began to fall from the sky. Though Old Gu’s spirit contained great amounts of Spiritual Energy, it was not limitless. His powers had long been overdrawn.

As Lin Fan fell from the sky, Feng Luo dashed forward to catch him.

The last of the Sea Beasts disappeared under the waves and the people could finally rest. Moreover, Grand Master Feng and the Elder Liu brothers had also returned. Though they had only suffered some small injuries, they still felt safer standing on the shore.

Shiyu and Lin Fan were both completely exhausted. Of the two, Lin Fan was in a much poorer condition.

“It’s because of your low Cultivation Stage,” Old Gu explained. “Your body is still too weak to bear my powers, that’s why you’re so exhausted. I, too, need my rest. Call me if you need anything.”

It’s been a while since Old Gu had hidden anything in front of Shiyu. Certain things need not be said to be understood.

Once Old Gu vanished, Shiyu turned to Lin Fan, “Are you alright?”

Lin Fan forced himself to sit up in the lotus position and began to run his Spiritual Powers through his Meridians. “I’ll be better after a few day’s rest.”

Shiyu wanted to drink the Spring of Life Water to speed up her recovery, but Fat Cat stopped her with ‘It would be best for your Cultivation if you recover naturally’. So she gave up the idea. Looking at Lin Fan, who was in much poorer condition than her but already gritting his teeth and pushing his Cultivation forward, well, perhaps she should do the same.

Thus, Shiyu also gritted her teeth and folded her legs up in the lotus position and began to Cultivate.

They sat like that the whole night.


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The following day dawn bright and clear.

The two of them opened their eyes at the same time and found that their condition today was miles better than yesterday. At the very least, they could now walk around without assistance.

Outside, the atmosphere was a little less tensed then before. Thus far, no Sea Beasts had appeared. Perhaps Lin Fan’s final attack had convinced them that trifling with humans was just not worth the effort?

Breakfast was as lively as before, with the usual crowd around the table. [1] Shiyu and Lin Fan were the last to arrive. As soon as Feng Luo saw Lin Fan, he immediately began to fuss, “If you can’t move properly, then please don’t force yourself, ah. Just look at your weak chicken body. If someone decides to assassinate you now, what would you do, ah… wuwu-”

Lin Fan stopped that annoying mouth with a Steamed Bun.

Shiyu, “… …” I saw nothing.

Xiao Qi stared at them with wide eyes.

Wen Xian focussed his attention on the congee before him.

As for Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu, both had a fried dough in one hand and steamed bun in the other.

As she watched the young men bicker, well, [2] as Feng Luo good-naturedly wailed and nagged at Lin Fan, she mused, “I wonder where I can find a Thunder Seed, ah.”

The Azure Flare had already been refined by her. She had better get hold of a Thunder Seed soon so that Lao Er could start his Cultivation as quickly as possible.

Unexpectedly, Grand Elder Feng was the one to answer her, “You mentioned that you’ve been looking for a Thunder Seed. Speaking of which, I know the location of one. It’s in the hands of Sect Master Yun of Leisurely Cloud Sect. Naturally, this kind of thing could only be bartered with something of similar value. I will write a letter of introduction for you. Once things have settled down here, you may go and pay a visit.”

Shiyu was overjoyed by this unexpected good news. She had been looking high and low for so long, to have a piece of sudden good news like this was like having someone shining a lamp in the dark, ah!

“Thank you, Grandpa Feng!” at least she has a location of her target. As for Leisurely Cloud Sect, she seemed to have heard about it from somewhere… but who cares! Let’s go there first and have a look at the place and talk to this Sect Master Yun.

Breakfast passed very quickly and soon everyone scattered to their individual tasks. After another night of Cultivation, Shiyu had finally recovered some of her Spiritual Power and followed the rest to the coast.

At the coast, most of the corpses from the battle had already been taken away and processed. At first glance, with the bright sun in the sky and calm blue seas, it was hard to imagine that they just had a life and death battle on these very shores not long ago. Thanks to the shifting tides and windblown sand, very little trace of the battle were left.

When soldiers by the temporary seawall saw Shiyu, there was respect in their eyes. Feng Luo smiled, “Your performance yesterday really blew everyone away. Right now, you and Lin Fan are heroes in everyone’s hearts. Speaking of which, what was that martial skill you used yesterday? I’ve never seen or heard anything like it before, it’s really frightening.” Even now, a chill ran down his back when he thought of the seemingly endless shower of blood and gore in the aftermath of the explosion.

“Er…” she really hadn’t named it yet. “It’s Tai Chi Yin Yang Fire, I guess.” Since it looked like the Yin Yang symbol for Tai Chi, surely that should be good enough?

At her uncertain voice, he smiled, “From your tone, I take it you either don’t know what it’s called. Or, as the creator, you haven’t thought of a good name for it yet.”

“Haha, I really don’t know what it’s called,” Shiyu decided to pretend the second half of his remark did not happen.

As she walked along the beach, Shiyu noticed that the stench in the air had yet to dissipate. She also found that her Spiritual Power was flowing a little faster than usual, but only minutely.

“Has the sea temperature stabilized?” Shiyu asked suddenly.

“It has stopped rising suddenly last night.”

“So, does it mean it’s all over?”

Feng Luo shook his head, “Not necessary. Something must be wrong in within the Eastern Seas.”

From all she had heard, the source of the problem appeared to be the sudden increase in water temperature in the Eastern Sea. If they could solve it…

“Could it be possible that there’s an underwater volcano eruption? But, considering the number of days the water stays hot, it’s a little too long, right?” Shiyu said. Then she poked San Pang, who was currently loitering on her shoulder, “Do you have any idea why?”

San Pang spread his hands, “Perhaps Fat Cat knows,”

Shiyu paused, that’s right, she has another source of information. [3] Once she returned to her room, she called Fat Cat out and asked expectantly, “Just what’s going on under the Eastern Seas? Do you know?”

Fat Cat answered slowly, “I know.”

“Do you have a way of solving it?”


“Surely it has something to do with a Fire Seed, right?!” Shiyu suddenly said.



[Gumihou: I know that Shiyu and Lin Fan are the main characters, but surely Feng Luo gets the award for being ‘best boi’?]


[1] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Who arrived at the table first?

[2] Added Details for Comedic Purpose: A naggy Feng Luo, who would have thought? Lol

[3] Added Details for Logic Purpose: Shiyu was walking with Feng Luo, when she suddenly ‘went to a corner and called Fat Cat out’… like… would no one find this strange? Wouldn’t your walking companion find it strange? You’re under the limelight as a heroine, you know? At the beach where ‘corners’ are scarce? At least go home first for goodness sake!



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