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Little Cooking Saint – 0102 – Grilled Oyster with Garlic (e)

Chapter 102 Grilled Oyster with Garlic (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou                                


The original plan was to threaten these weak little Human Races and shake their timid hearts into striking a deal with her. Who would have thought that these humans would have such boldness in them? Could it be possible these little humans have some sort of hidden trump card up their sleeves?

The female Sea Beast puzzled over the matter for a while. However, circumstances have advanced to the point that she could only continue to stall the opponent. The most important thing to do now is to prevent the Divine Transformation Stage Masters from acting. In the past few days, she had studied these little humans and found that there were very few warriors they needed to guard against. Nevertheless, though her calculations may have strayed a bit, she was sure that it could not be too far. There was no need to overly worry about such insignificant creatures.

“How should we settle this?” she said, [1] opening the discussion between the five most powerful players in the field.

“How about we top players stay our hand and let those below us fight? [1] We’ll bet on our people and you bet on yours, winner takes all,” said her companion.

To put it bluntly, let the small fries fight it out. It’s better than having us Divine Transformation Stage Masters battle each other. The aftereffect of our battles would only result in the destruction of the coast and turning all of our followers into cannon fodders. If the land is destroyed, what’s the purpose of fighting over it, ah?

However, Grand Elder Feng disagreed, “You two sure know how to scheme!”

Of the people below them, the Human Race only as a dozen over [2] Core Condensation warriors. As for the enemy? Practically every member of the second wave monsters were all Core Condensation Stage monsters. If the elders stayed their hands and let the next generation fight, aren’t you just trying to force us to lose?

“I see that you two have the greed of beasts. Humph! If that’s the case, let’s fight!” Patriarch Liu declared as he stepped forward.

At this point, it was clear that all negotiations had fallen through. Well, if that’s the case there’s nothing for it but to fight. Perhaps, once they got rid of the human’s Divine Transformation Master, those measly little humans would acknowledge their defeat?

Patriarch Liu took the lead and the five most powerful masters fell into battle. Wordlessly, as though they had all agreed earlier, they all flew over to the sea to fight it out.

Now that the people above them have begun to battle each other, the blood of those below them burned with murderous passion, “Chaaarrge—!!!” Someone screamed and the battle commenced.

Because Supreme Indifferent was a dagger, it was more suitable for close combat fighting. However, the Sea Beasts have one special trait, their extremely slippery bodies and unpredictable movements. It was tricky for any of the human fighters to properly battle against creatures with unfamiliar anatomical traits. However, for Shiyu who often dealt with fish, shrimps and crabs, she quickly took these Sea Beasts apart with a few rapid cuts of her dagger.

Nevertheless, her most useful power was still the Blue-Azure Fire. The majority of these Sea Beasts were Water Attribute Cultivators and her Blue-Azure Fire happened to be their natural Kryptonite. Whenever Shiyu cast her fireballs at them, they would scatter into the four winds.

It made Shiyu very satisfied.

However, there were just too many Sea Beasts. For every Sea Beast that died, another one popped up behind it. As their corpses piled higher and higher, other Sea Beasts merely stepped onto the bodies of their companions and rushed at the hastily made Earth Wall. In this gruesome manner, the Sea Beasts were slowly and surely making their way up this vital defensive wall.

Lin Fan noticed this and rushed over to protect the seawall.

Though he was also a Core Transformation [2] Cultivator, his fighting spirit and battle instincts were unusually high. Not to mention, as the Male Lead, he has layers of luck and advantage not available to others. He actually managed to knock an entire tower of Sea Beasts sticking to the Earth Wall by himself.

“Excellent work!” Feng Luo shouted from a distance and led the charge against a different group of Sea Beasts.

Shiyu, however, noticed that Lin Fan’s performance this time was a little weak. No wonder, he had been fighting in the lead so long and turned the tides of so many battles that people started to look at him with different eyes. To these battle-worn warriors, Lin Fan was like a beacon of light to them. As long as he’s there to lead them, they would win. The psychological pressure of this knowledge had to be weighing him down.

Even the best fighter would tire out sooner or later. The Sea Beasts have been attacking non-stop for days now and the battle showed no sign of ceasing. Half of the people around Shiyu had disappeared. Some were swallowed by Sea Beasts, others sprawled on the ground never to speak again, even more suffered serious injuries and had to be carried out. Shiyu was one of the lucky ones. She had only suffered flesh wounds. The heaviest being some deep cuts on her arms and thighs that showed the bone. Considering there were some people around missing arms and legs, this was very lucky indeed.

“Lin Fan, drink this!” Shiyu reached into her space and withdrew a jade bottle of Spring of Life Water. There was no point in hiding her resources now. Lin Fan could well be the key to their success, or defeat.

Lin Fan was very weak. He was running on fumes and was forcing himself to stand so as his companions would not falter. When Shiyu threw something at him, his hand automatically caught the item. It was a jade bottle. Seeing as it was from Shiyu, he did not hesitate. Popping open the cork, he downed the contents of the bottle.

Whatever was in the jade bottle was fresh and clean with a sweet after taste. When it slipped down his throat, he suddenly felt as though pure vitality was flowing through his body. His exhaustion dissipated and his strength recovered. Within the jade pendant, Old Gu suddenly looked up in shock.

“Quick! Steady this flow of vitality and send it into the jade pendant. I can borrow this power and possess your body temporarily,” Old Gu said eagerly. As a soul without a body, if he were to carelessly possess Lin Fan’s body even once, his spirit would be lost afterwards. However, with this sudden shot of vitality, he would be able to safely possess Lin Fan’s body without losing his spirit.

Lin Fan did not argue. He sat down in a lotus position and closed his eyes. If Old Gu were to make use of his body to fight the Sea Beasts, they might have a chance to overturn their current bad situation.

Shiyu, who had been paying attention to Lin Fan’s body, felt the burst of vitality suddenly disappeared and realised what was going on. She immediately rallied the people around her to Lin Fan and protect him while she herself leapt over to the top of the sea wall.

From her vantage point, she could see a new wave of Sea Beasts rising with the waves. Directly below her, Lin Fan was sitting in a lotus position, [3] surrounded by exhausted warriors desperately fending off remaining Sea Beasts. Gritting her teeth, Shiyu summoned Cloud Beast.

As Cloud Beast flew towards the sea [3] to intercept the latest wave of Sea Beasts, Shiyu called upon all the remaining spiritual power within her body. Twin bursts of flames appeared on her hands. On her left hand burned Azure Spiritual Fire, on the right Blue Spiritual Fire. When Cloud Beast stopped in the middle area between the new wave of Sea Beasts and the coast, Shiyu began to slowly move her hands closer.

When the flames touched each other, tiny pops of explosion crackled. However, thanks to Shiyu’s mental control, the fires remained relatively stable. Time to fuse the fire together. The fires began to flow in a circle, like a pair of koi fish forming the shape of the Yin Yang sign.

The balance had been achieved, but it was still not enough.

Shiyu continued to let the fire spin slowly in her hands, compressing it. When Shiyu first took to the sky, a lot of people had been shocked. However, when she did nothing but hovered motionlessly over the sea, they could not help but feel a little disappointed. Was she going to run away? Or throw herself into some futile self-sacrifice?

All except for Wen Xian. His left eyelid twitched, “Is Little Shiyu Sis going to pull that trick again?” Mo Yin’s tragic ending was still vivid in his mind.

He looked over at Feng Luo and saw the dawning realisation on the other’s face as well. The two exchanged a look. Feng Luo suddenly felt a change in the air pressure and shouted, “Everyone, retreat! Retreat now!” He turned and ran away.

The others were puzzled by his actions but instinctively followed him.

By now, the Yin Yang fire had been compressed down to a fire bead. The bead looked solid as it rolled on her hand, but the temperature surrounding her was so high that the air around her wavered.

“Go now!” Shiyu commanded after throwing the bead towards the thickest group of Sea Beasts below. Her body was so weak that she could only collapse weakly onto Cloud Beast.

The Cloud Beast was not particularly intelligent, but it still has the instinct for self-preservation. Without waiting for a second command, it immediately began zooming back to the coast with Shiyu.

The moment it left, a loud roar thundered across the coast. From the seawall, everyone looking in the direction of the sea saw an image that burned like a Blue-Azure Yin Yang fireworks. However, unlike a harmless firework, the explosion was so strong that it created a hole in the middle of the sea, taking out countless Sea Beasts with it. The shockwave was enough to send Sea Beasts not within its blast range flying into the air. The impact under the sea must be even worse, creating countless casualties with just this one blast alone.


[Gumihou: … I wonder who’s going to be dumb enough to say that Shiyu is weak now…]


[1] Adjusted Information for Clarity: I had to read this a few times to properly understand that there are two people on the Sea Beast side talking Grand Elder Feng and the Old Liu Brothers.

[2] Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have to~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Binding Core/Core Condensation Stage 3
Spirit Shaping/Divine Transformation Stage amazing


[3] Added More Details for Dramatic Purpose: It’s an epic battle scene after all


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