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Little Cooking Saint – 0099 – Grilled Oyster with Garlic (b)

Chapter 99 Grilled Oyster with Garlic (b)

Translated by Gumihou

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“The Feng Clan still has their Divine Transformation Master… it’s best to take a wait and see approach first,” said the Patriarch of the Xue Clan.

Seeing her father’s hesitation, a trace of bitter hatred flashed through Xue Qingge’s eyes. If not for her timid and cowardly father, would she need to take things into her own hands? Fortune favours the bold. How would the Xue Clan expand their powers otherwise?

“Father!” she stood up regally and stared down at Patriarch Xue with wintry frostiness. “The Spiritual Sea Beasts lived mostly at the bottom of the sea. There are thousands, if not tens of thousands, heading towards Feng City right now. With such numbers, the entire Feng City would most be crushed by this wave. What’s the strongest existence in Feng City now? Isn’t it just that one Divine Transformation Stage Master? Without that Grand Elder to shelter them, Feng Clan is nothing before our Xue Clan.

So long as you have the support of other powerful Clans, you can strike a secret blow against that Grand Elder Feng. The Eastern Empire has no need for Divine Transformation Stage masters. This is the only way to ensure that Xue Clan does not fall! Father, there is no longer time. This daughter implores you to act quickly.”


Imperial Capital, Liu Clan.

Elder Liu cast a look at his brother, “That eldest Xue girl has probably gone crazy. To think she’s actually urging Patriarch Xue to rally other clans to destroy the Feng Clan during a time when they’re being attacked by Spiritual Sea Beasts. Brother, this matter…”

Patriarch Liu frowned, “The Great Turbulence this time might be even worse than before. It’s possible some old monsters would make an appearance. I’m afraid the Feng Clan would have more crisis than fortune this time.”

“Do we help or not?” Elder Liu asked a little impatiently. He wanted to know what his brother thinks.

However, Patriarch Liu still appeared hesitant. “How many people has the Xue Clan contacted now?”

“The Zhang Clan and Li Clan have agreed. About 11 clans have joined hands,” said Elder Liu. The Zheng and Li clans were both old family sects of the Imperial Capital City.

Patriarch Liu’s brows creased even further, “How troublesome, that Xue girl plans to take advantage of this crisis to force the Feng Clan into a bad situation. Too cruel.”

“Elder brother… then, we should…” Elder Liu was nearly vibrating from the tension.

“Go and call the family and disciples together. Leave only a few masters here. The rest of use shall go to Feng City immediately.” Patriarch Liu declared as he stood up.

Elder Liu also stood up, elation thrumming through his veins. By saying this, Patriarch Liu has clearly stated his position to stand on the side of the Feng Clan. Privately, Elder Liu was inclined to side with the Feng Clan because they tended to stand on the side of righteousness.

As the Liu Clan made preparations to leave, the Imperial College suddenly issued an Order calling all College Students to assist in the suppression of the Eastern Sea Turbulence at Feng City. The Imperial Family also openly sent people to Feng City…

In a short while, major Cultivators from all over the Eastern Empire gathered at Feng City to combat the coming wave of Spiritual Sea Beasts.

At first, most people thought that this Turbulence would be the same as others that came before it. Risky, but with minimal casualties. However, when more and more high-level Cultivators hurry over to the area, people began to understand that this time, things might not be as simple.

Soon, all eyes were on Feng City once more.

There had already been a minor skirmish at Feng City. The ocean temperature had not fallen at all since the first day. Instead, it had gotten even hotter until the Sea Beasts could no longer stand the heat and began heading to the shores. Just as humans would eat fish and shrimps without a thought. These beasts thought nothing of feasting on human flesh. Cultivators, in particular, were a special delicacy for them.

The moment they spotted a human, the Sea Beasts would attack and take a bite out of their bodies. Powerful teeth and claws would rip the bodies apart until steaming intestines spilt onto the floor. At times, a Sea Beast would just bite off the head before dropping the twitching corpse to be consumed by other Sea Beasts. The sight was so terrible that Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu fainted with shock. Xiao Qi fared slightly better, her little face paled with fright, but she was still conscious.

Feng Luo ordered the bodyguards to take them all back, but Xiao Qi protested, “Brother Feng Luo, I am a Cultivator too. Let me stay!”

Feng Luo and Lin Fan consulted briefly but ultimately decided to let Xiao Qi follow them. Wen Xian stayed as well.

The wave of Sea Beasts this time far exceeded the number of those that had appeared in the past. Normally, the Sea Turbulence would end within half a month. However, a week after the first Sea Beast walked on land the numbers kept increasing. Though the monsters they had been seeing were all low-level Sea Beasts, this does not mean that high-level beasts would not appear. Everyone instinctively understood that this was the calm before the storm and tension continued to soar within Feng City.

To be fair, the majority of the regular guards were only Condensation Stage Cultivators [1], very few broke through the Core Transformation Stage. Core Condensation Stage Cultivators numbered only a few dozen. Every single able-bodied member of the Feng Clan, excluding women and some children who could not Cultivate, had come to the coast.

Every fighter adds to their strength. As for the ordinary folk of the port city, the Feng Clan had already made arrangements for them to flee to other cities first. If the Feng Clan are alive at the end of the Turbulence, they could count themselves blessed to live under the protection of a powerful clan. If the Feng Clan is destroyed, they could only rely on themselves for their future.

No matter how tragic the thought may be, matters had come to the point where things could no longer be reversed. The Feng Clan cannot leave the coast entrusted to their care. If they flee, tens of millions of people inland would be devoured by Sea Beasts.

Humans are plagued by greed, Sea Beasts are the same. After tasting the sweetness of human flesh, there was no way they could ever return to the sea until their bellies are bloated with food.

Therefore, the Feng Clan could not leave this spot!

Earth Attribute Cultivators had put up seawalls all around the coast, keeping the Sea Beasts outside, while protecting the humans within. Feng Luo and Lin Fan had been in this area since the beginning of the Turbulence. They had been fighting on and off for days now. Though Cultivators could heal themselves and replenish their strength through meditation without food or drink, it was still very exhausting.

They were currently snatching a few moments’ rests between waves and Feng Luo could not help but sighed, “I wonder where Little Shi is. I could really use a bowl of fragrant Mushroom Soup now, maybe a few Crispy Grilled Chicken Wings too. Speaking of which, where is Little Shi? It’s been almost 10 days now, why haven’t we seen her?”

Lin Fan’s face still has traces of fresh blood on it. His expression was especially resolute as he said, “She must have some challenges of her own. I’m sure we’ll see her soon.”


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Within her space, Shiyu had no notion of the passing of time outside. She had collapsed to the floor, her body wracked with wounds and so much blood seeped into the soil that it had been churned into mud. Who knows how long the flames had struggled within her, but in the end, Blue Fire was no match for Azure Flame. It gradually lost power and gave in to the more powerful flame. Eventually, the two flames merged and Shiyu’s body began to repair itself.

Two fires entwined, and the Azure Flame began to take on a turquoise colour. Tongues of blue-green fire flowed over Shiyu’s body, repairing it bit by bit. Occasionally, grey bits of impurities would be teased out of her body and burnt to ashes before vanishing into the air.

The flames burned for a long time, but eventually, even this fire gradually disappeared. Finally, Shiyu opened her eyes. She felt as though her five senses had sharpened. She could see, hear and feel her surroundings more acutely. Even the sensation of a leaf unfolding from the far corner of her space did not escape her.

She checked her Dantian.

The Spiritual Powers that had been exhausted earlier had all been replenished. The first water droplet was now pure gold.

She had reached the 1st Level of Core Transformation Stage.


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[1] Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have to~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Binding Core/Core Condensation Stage 3
Spirit Shaping/Divine Transformation Stage amazing


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