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Little Cooking Saint – 0098 – Grilled Oyster with Garlic (a)

Chapter 98 Grilled Oyster with Garlic (a)

Translated by Gumihou

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The clouds floated lazily over the Feng City Sea.

Xiao Liu and Xiao Wu dragged Xiao Qi over to the beach to play with them. The three children waded and splashed about under the watchful eyes of the Feng Clan bodyguards. The sea may appear mild and friendly now, but its temperament could change any time.

“Ei? Brother Wu, do you get the feeling that the sea feels a bit hotter than yesterday?” Xiao Qi asked as she splashed her way to the shore.

When they had played in the water before, the sea felt very cool. However, today felt a bit warm. No matter how hot the day becomes, the water should be cool, right?

However, neither Xiao Wu nor Xiao Liu noticed. “No, ah. You’re just a bit too hot from the sun, ba!”

“Really?” Xiao Qi frowned, then looked up at the sun. Ouch! It certainly looks hot.

Maybe her brothers are right?

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Within her space, Shiyu was seated in a lotus position right next to the Spring of Life. Floating over her head was her original Blue Fire Seed. Cupped in her hands was the cheerfully burning Azure Flare.

“Don’t use the Spring Water if at all possible, even as a last resort. Although the process of swallowing and refining the fire in your body is very painful, it also serves to re-forge your body. Resisting with your own will power will surpass your limits even more,” advised Fat Cat.

“I understand,” Shiyu gritted her teeth as she stared at the Azure Flare.

Azure Flare felt warm and mild within her hands. Perhaps it’s because it was grateful to her for showing it favour? However, when Shiyu brought the Flare to her lips and opened her mouth to swallow it. The gently burning Fire Seed suddenly flared up.

No matter how grateful you are to someone, when that person threatens your life, wouldn’t you struggle with all your might? Azure Flare was a Spiritual Item that has existed long enough to develop some consciousness. Enough to know that its life was in danger and began to struggle in the most violent way possible.

The temperature erupting from Azure Flare looked hot enough to melt everything. Even some of the nearby medicinal herbs were affected and began to wilt.

Fortunately, Shiyu was able to suppress it with her mental strength after months of controlling her Blue Spiritual Fire. Once the heat was low enough, she quickly swallowed the Seed. Azure Flare immediately tried to drill its way out of her stomach. Flaring its fire as hard as it could until tongues of fire flared up around Shiyu’s body. Fat Cat had already disappeared by then.

This kind of fight must be carried out by yourself. You’re only a winner if you win this fight on your own!

As the fire continued to burn her from inside out, Shiyu gritted her teeth and tried her best to encourage herself.

At first, her skin grew sunburnt red, then it began to blister. The swollen blisters popped open and water seeped out and evaporated. Then, actual burns appeared, first degree, second degree, third degree, then her skin began to blacken and flake off. The burns started from her arms, spreading down her back before creeping up to her face. Still, she refused to give up, circulating her Spiritual powers over and over again to refine the Azure Flare.

For every rotation, the brightness of the Azure Flare dimmed.

One more rotation! Just once more! Again!

Like someone trekking up a tall mountain, Shiyu focussed only on the next step, the next circulation, the next move. Thinking about nothing but the next circulation, again and again.

Again and again, she circulated her Spiritual Powers. Just one more time. Just once more…

Who knows how many circulations she ended up doing, but finally the fire within Azure Flare had dimmed to the point that only the very middle part was still burning. This little flame was so small that it looked as though it would disappear if someone in the same room happened to sneeze.

[1] Now, thought Shiyu, I must drive it to my Dantian.

However, she discovered that she had used up all of her Spiritual Powers. Without Spiritual Powers, how was she going to drive the Azure Flare to her Dantian?

Was she going to just sit and wait for her powers to recover? What if the Azure Flare recover first?

No, she could not just sit here and wait for death. If she can’t use her Spiritual Power, she still has her mental powers!

Though her mental power was also depleted, there was still some left. Focusing everything on the Azure Flare, she forced the little flame into her Dantian. When it finally fell into her belly, the Azure Flare suddenly flared up again, but it was too late. Like a caged beast, there was nothing it could do beyond rattling the bars of its prison.

For a long while, it continued to rattle and flare up now and again within her Dantian. While waiting for it to calm down, Shiyu focused on recovering. Though both her mental and Spiritual Powers had been exhausted, she was able to recover since the Azure Flare was now locked up. The little guy’s thrashing about actually gave her more than enough power to slowly circulate energy through her meridians to aid her recovery. Her fleshed knitted together, blood vessels reconnected and new skin grew under burnt ones.

The feeling was very comfortable, as though her whole body was submerged in warm water. Shiyu began to relax. It felt very good to be in such a nice situation after the suffering earlier.

However, Shiyu found that she had relaxed too soon. Once her body has fully recovered and new pink skin covered her body, the Blue Fire slowly descended back into her body. It moved through her body and gradually entered her Dantian.

The first trial by fire was violent, the second even more explosive.

Now that she has two Fires fighting for dominance within her Dantian, Shiyu’s body has become a battlefield. She has already exhausted her mental and Spiritual Powers and could not protect herself from the aftershocks of the battle between these flames. Though both fires had been refined by her, neither could bear the presence of their own kind and sought to dominate the other. In the end, Shiyu could only endure miserably on the side as these two Fires fought violently within her tummy.

This time, her body was not burnt, but as these two forces flexed their flaming muscles and tried to beat the other into submission, Shiyu’s newly repaired body was being torn to pieces. It’s tough being the container for these two trouble makers, ah…

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Outside the space.

Shiyu had been gone for several days now.

However, since she had informed everyone that she was going away for some undetermined business, no one thought to panic. Well, Shiyu was not the source of their current panic anyway. While Shiyu was away, a curious phenomenon began to happen at the beach. Fish, shrimps, crabs, shellfish and other sea creatures began appearing at the once beautiful sandy beaches of Feng City. All dead. All boiled to death.

At first, it was just a scattered few. But the numbers had been increasing. Right now, the beaches were so covered with the rotting bodies of sea creatures that, coupled with the hot weather, a disgusting miasma of rot and decay blew into Feng City, causing great misery to the once nice and fragrant city.

At the same time, Spiritual Sea Beasts began emerging in small groups. When the city folks saw them, they quickly fought these small fries off with blades and fire. Soon, the smell of smoke joined the stench of rotting flesh along the coastline of Feng City.

 “The sea is becoming hotter,” Grand Elder Feng stood by the seashore. He dipped a hand in and his expression grew solemn.

Feng Luo and Lin Fan were by his side, both of them placed their hand into the water and flinched. It was as though they had been scalded by boiling water. Because they had not guard against it, their hands were now bright red from the heat.

Feng Luo’s expression grew grave, “The Eastern Sea Turbulence always happened after a sudden rise in sea temperature. This year is much hotter than ever before, I’m afraid some old, high ranking beast would surface from the bottom of the sea.”

It’s no secret that powerful Spiritual Sea Beasts lurks at the bottom of the Eastern Seas. Like the Beasts on land, there were weaklings and powerful Cultivator Beasts. Normally, these beasts would not come ashore as they were more adapted to life at sea. However, if the core temperature of the sea continued to rise like this, they have no choice but to come ashore and invade the land.

Lin Fan asked, “Couldn’t they just move to other waters?”

“Every sea has its own lord. If those rival sea monsters are easier to invade than humans, do you think they’d risk coming to land?”

Obviously not.

Only, are Spiritual Sea Beasts that much stronger than humans?

Lin Fan cast worried eyes over the featureless seas. The water was so hot that the air above it wavered from heat.

Grand Elder Feng frowned. If the Feng Clan could not hold the line, the people should be evacuated first.

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Meanwhile, at the Imperial Capital, Xue Qingge was currently speaking persuasively her father.

“… the Eastern Sea is at its hottest ever this time. The Feng Clan is sure to suffer severe damage. Father, time waits for no man. If you do not seize this opportunity, I’m afraid you will only be suppressed by the Feng Clan forever. There might never be such a good opportunity to turn our fortunes ever again!”


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[1] Structural Change: Passive to active.

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