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Little Cooking Saint – 0095 – Crab Meat Lion Head (c)

Chapter 95 Crab Meat Lion Head (c)

Translated by Gumihou

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The idea of visiting Feng City was very exciting for all the little radishes.

Children were an adventurous lot and very curious about the outside world. Especially since they had never ventured beyond their little city. Shiyu thought of Elder Feng and believed that Feng City would be one of the safer parts of the world for her brother and sisters to explore.

However, they could not all leave. Although Grandpa had gotten a lot better, he was still very weak. Shiyu could not bear the idea of leaving him alone in this house. In the end, she decided to speak with her siblings about it. All four little brothers and sisters were silent for a moment, finally, one after another said they were willing to stay back and let the others go.

[1] Shiyu felt very gratified by such wonderful little siblings, but this still doesn’t solve the issue, ah.

“Alright, enough now. I will stay behind. No, don’t argue with me,” Lao Er said firmly. The child was going through puberty and his voice was cracking up. He sounded a little harsh as he said, “It would be difficult for Xiao Wu and Xiao Liu to travel like this in the future. For myself, I’ll be taking the path of a Cultivator, therefore would have more opportunity to travel in the future. I will take good care of Grandpa, so everyone please be at ease. Go have fun on my behalf.”

He was already 14 years old, older than the rest and already much more mature than ordinary children his age. Shiyu would feel more at ease with him taking care of Grandpa.

“We’ll trouble you this time,” she said, silently vowing again to get hold of a Thunder Seed for this child.

“Second Brother, we will bring lots of delicious things for you and Grandpa.”

“We’ll bring Feng City souvenirs too.”

Everyone chattered happily, satisfied with how the matter has settled. 

On the day of departure, everyone got on horse-drawn carriages to a place that hired out Flying Griffins to fly them to Feng City. Shiyu would have preferred to take Cloud Beast all the way, but it turned out that the huge beast was actually still immature and the child could not bear the weight of so many people on its back.

They reached the Griffin station without incident and proceeded to get on the backs of the animals in this order: Shiyu and Xiao Qi, Lin Fan and Xiao Wu, Feng Luo, Wen Xian and Xiao Liu. It took them three days of continuous flying before Feng City came to sight.

As a port city, the architectural style of the buildings here was different from Qing Shan City and the Imperial Capital. From above the sky, they could see the vast blue ocean that edged around a great city.

The houses were built in the ancient style, but where others favoured red and green roof tiles. The buildings here tended towards white walls and dark blue roofs. The houses were mostly two or three storeys tall with balconies filled with pots of flowering plants. On some houses, even the roofs had been taken over by flowers. Lush green trees grew in every courtyard and lined the streets. The whole city was a brilliant green background for a riot of gorgeous colours.

From the air, it was like looking down at a field of flowers growing next to the sea.

“Why so many flowers?” asked Shiyu.

With some pride, Feng Luo said, “This is one of the characteristics of Feng City. The climate here is quite unique, warmer than most with light rain whole year-round. Therefore flowers bloom every season. Moreover, these are medicinal flowers that could be made into medicinal pills or paste or whatever one could think of. Because of this, every household would plant a lot. Every few days, someone will come and collect the flowers. Each household could earn a little money by selling these flowers to them.”

Though the money collected was not a lot, it was available all year round and was a great help to any household expenses. 

Of course, the reason why this could be done was down to the local rulers. Otherwise, this kind of special arrangement would not last.

After getting off the Griffins, they wobbled about nervously on solid land for a while, unused to having firm ground under them after three days of flying. Looks like they could not claim themselves to be people of the sky yet.

“Come on, let’s take a look around,” Feng Luo had not notified his family when he was coming back, so the group took their time exploring the streets of Feng City. Even though they could no longer see the deep blue sea, they could taste its presence in the salty breeze that blew across the city.

However, an even stronger scent permeated the air. The medicinal fragrance of herbal plants and flowers could be at every streets and alleyway.

“It would be tough to get sick with this kind of atmosphere,” Shiyu sighed.

“Feng City was not like this in the past,” Feng Luo said. His voice was quiet and a little emotional, “Before I was born majority of the Feng members are Water Attribute Cultivators, so living close by the sea serves us well. However, when it was found out that my Attribute was wood my grandfather did not wish to send me away to a forest or mountain city. Instead, he encouraged every family within Feng City to plant all kinds of vegetation. There were even some hot country plants growing on the sandy beaches. By the time I was old enough to Cultivate, the whole of Feng City was a lush green paradise that would not lose to any forest cities.”

“Your grandpa is so nice,” said Xiao Qi. “Just like our Grandpa. When we had nothing to eat before, whenever Grandpa found any food, he will always let us eat first.”

It could be seen that the loving hearts of the elderly for the young appeared to be quite universal.

The Feng Estate was situated right in the middle of Feng City. Like the rest of the city, this place was bursting with vegetation everywhere. The only difference was that the plants here have more restraint and elegant feel to it. The City Lord of Feng City was Feng Luo’s father. The clan has absolute control over the whole city. However, the family members were not particularly ambitious about expanding their territory and mostly spent their energy suppressing The Turbulence from the Eastern Seas. Because of this, the Imperial family of the Eastern Empire looked favourably upon them.

The moment he returned home, Feng Luo was immediately surrounded by beaming faces. It could be seen that the Third Young Master Feng was quite popular back at home. So much so that even his guests were welcomed with enthusiasm.

“No need to trouble yourself too much, just arranged for my guests to stay at my courtyard.” He had enjoyed the liveliness of staying with everyone and would like to keep doing so as long as possible.

Servants quickly rushed off to make the arrangements.

Meanwhile, Shiyu met with the other members of the Feng family and, of course, found herself face to face with the famous Grand Elder of the Feng Clan. When this venerable old ancestor clapped eyes on her, Shiyu was invited to meet at a secret room accompanied by Feng Luo.

This Grand Elder was nothing like what Shiyu had imagined an old man with bones of immortality was like. Instead of being mysterious and imposing, he appeared more like some ordinary rich middle-aged man dressed in fine silks and satin, with an amiable expression on his face.

When Shiyu stood before him, he smiled, “Thanks to the timely help of a little friend, our Feng Clan was able to avoid great catastrophe.”

“Er…” Shiyu flashed a look at Feng Luo who only looked helplessly back.

He had no idea how his grandfather know, alright?

Seeing the two young people sweating before him, he gave a little chuckle, “My nose is very sensitive. I had the privilege of seeing the Jade Petal Immortal Lotus at the Liu Clan. They both have the same smell.”

“… …” alright, “I respectfully ask Grandfather Feng to keep this a secret for me.”

“I understand, I shall keep this secret for you,” Old Feng appeared to be an upright person and Shiyu felt she could trust him. Then, he added, “How about I hand my grandson over to you as collateral? In return, if I did not keep this secret, this favourite grandson of mine will belong to you? What do you think?”

Feng Luo burst out, “Grandfather! How could you sell your grandson like this!?”

“It would be my loss, ah!” Shiyu turned her face away with a [2] little dramatic ‘pui!’ “Your Feng Luo sure knows how to eat. If I keep him, he’d probably eat me into poverty. This is a very bad deal for me.”

Feng Luo was even more unhappy by this remark, “This young master has his own money! Also, exactly how much food do you think I eat? Every time you make food, it’s not even enough to stick between my teeth.”

“Brother, you still think a whole bucket of rice is not enough? Well, what can I say?!”

Grand Elder Feng smiled as the two bickered amicably between themselves. Finally, when the silly argument did not seem to die down after a while, he brought up The Eastern Sea Turbulence.

[Gumihou: I think Shiyu and Feng Luo has a more bro kind of relationship]

[1] Added Details for Character Development

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose


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