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Tondemo Skill – 202 – Arrived at Port City Verulean

Chapter 202: Arrived at Port City Verulean

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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The next morning, we had our final breakfast in the mansion that had been our shelter for the past week.

By the way, for breakfast, I prepared a Chicken Soboro Bowl [1] made with finely minced Cockatrice. [2] It’s actually a very simple dish. First, I run some skinless chicken meat through the mincer and then stirred the meat over low fire in a heavy skillet. For seasoning, I went with sugar, soy sauce, sake and a bit of salt. Sui wanted to help, so I let her continue stirring the soboro for me while I prepare the scrambled eggs.

[2] I had to crack a lot of eggs, but I’m kind of used to it now. The treatment for the eggs was similar to the meat. First, beat the eggs with a little water, salt and pepper, and then pour it into a heavy skillet and keep stirring until it curdles and starts clumping together. All the while making sure to scrape up everything from the bottom of the pan so that nothing burns. I like my egg nicely golden yellow, but still a little silky, so I turned off the fire while it was still a little wet and kept stirring until the temperature came down and the egg stopped cooking.

[2] By then, the minced Cockatrice was done too and it was time to serve. I served the Chicken Soboro over plenty of rice in bowls. Making sure to cover half the rice with the bright yellow egg and the other half with lovely savoury brown minced meat. Both Dora-chan and Sui proclaimed the result a success, but Fer complained that there was too little of it. Ahh, well, I just let him have as many ‘seconds’ as he liked until he’s satisfied.

[2]Hurrah for rice!

For a Japanese like me, a single bowl of Chicken Soboro Bowl hits the spot just right and prepared me for the day ahead.

Once we left the nice mansion, the first place we stopped by was the Merchant’s Guild to return the mansion keys to them. I was worried that we might be too early, but it turned out that the Merchant’s Guild opened very early in the morning [3] since merchants like to get an early start on their day too.

After that, it was off to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Yoran-san was already waiting for us when we stepped into the guild, “Your Orc meat is ready,” he said, and led us to the warehouse. [4]

Once I’ve put the meat away in my [Item Box], he said, “Ah, setting out for Verulean right away after this?”

“Yes, that’s our plan.”

“I see, well, thank you for all your help.”

“No, no, thank you for your care here.”

“Do come and stop by this city again sometime in the future.”

“Of course, I will be more than happy to.”

“I have already contacted Verulean’s Guild Master, so do send my regards to him.”


With that, our business at Neihoff was concluded, and we made our way towards the port city of Verulean.


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It has been six days since we left Neihoff and our trip was proceeding very smoothly. I’ve since gotten used to travelling via [5] Fer Express, I asked him to speed up a little. Since we now travel at a much faster clip, we would arrive at Verulean the very next day according to Fer.

“It’s kinda boring to just travel like this,” Fer suddenly commented.

“Indeed, naa,” somehow, the little dragon even managed to yawn while winging along with a high-speed Fer.

These two… thankfully, lovely Sui was currently napping within her leather bag as usual.

“What are you two saying? Isn’t it good when a trip goes smoothly?”

“I guess, but it’s no fun.”

“Yeah, I was hoping that some monster would attack us. But I guess I was too optimistic.”

Well, now that I think about it, thus far it had been us going after other monsters rather than the other way round. [6] In fact, I can only recall a single instance where a monster actually came after us, and that was the Orthrus. Technically the Griffon came to fight too, but he had been so respectful that I can’t see him at the same level as ordinary monsters…

I am very thankful for this monster-less trip, but it looked like Fer and friends were kind of dissatisfied…

Umu. It really didn’t look like there are any strong monsters around… hm?”

“What is it, Fer?”

“A Troll, I believe. There’s a Troll making its way towards the road ahead of us.”

A Troll? I’ve only ever seen Trolls in dungeons, but it looked like they do exist on the surface as well. Those monsters were huge.

“Trolls? Those are really stupid, naa. To think they’ll still attack even after sensing our presence. Well, it probably won’t provide much entertainment, but I guess I’ve no choice. Here I go!”

“Oi! How dare you?! I need the exercise too, you know! That’s my prey!”

“O-oi! Feeeeeerrrrr!”

Ignoring my shrieks, Fer tore down the road with me still clinging onto his back.

“Guoooo!” the Troll roared at us from the middle of the road.


Oh, he’s dead. Dora-chan had wrapped fire magic around his body and then sped right through the Troll’s belly. Leaving a little hole on its stomach.


And, down he goes.

“Dora, I’m the one who discovered that troll!!”

“I don’t care, first come first served!”


Fer and Dora-chan began arguing with each other as I got off of Fer to put the Troll into my [Item Box].

“Hey, hey, stop fighting you two. Don’t you want to get to Verulean before nighttime? If we get there on time we can take a request from the Guild right away and you can let it all out when the time comes.”

Nuu, very well. Dora, when the time comes I shall have the first strike.”

“Oh, is that so?” [Z1]

“Dora-chan, don’t say that,” I admonished.


Don’t you ‘tch’ me you little brat. [7] To think that these two would argue over who would get a chance to beat up monsters. How could my familiars be so warlike? Could it be a side effect of Vahagn’s blessings? Ah, but I’m pretty sure they were already this violent before…

Whatever, I better start thinking of a way to solve their lack of exercise. Cranky monsters are dangerous monsters after all.

Thankfully, there were no further incidents after that. [8] We arrived at Verulean around noon, and thanks to my shiny golden A Rank Guild Card, I was able to gain entrance to the Verulean City even with a very conspicuous looking Fer and Dora.

The scent of sea tickled my nose. Well, it looks like we have really reached the city by the sea.

Alright, let’s head over Verulean’s Adventurer’s Guild.


[Z1: Dora seems childish XD]


[Gumihou: I can’t wait to see what their adventure would be like here]


[1] Chicken Soboro Bowl – Minced meat, greens and scrambled egg on rice. Any meat is fine actually, but here’s a recipe if you want it~

[2] Additional Recipe Details: The original text doesn’t actually give a lot of details so I just supplement it.

[3] Additional Details: To add texture

[4] Structural Change: Combined 2 paragraphs and 1 dialogue.

[5] Fer Express: Okay, Gumihou was the one who gave ‘travel by Fer’ this nickname.

[6] Structural and Information Change: Combined 3 paragraphs, and changed some details to make a smoother information transfer with mentions of previous monsters fought by Fer.

[7] Structural Change: Combine 5 paragraphs

[8] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs


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