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Tondemo Skill – 201 – Obligations Before Departure 

Chapter 201: Obligations Before Departure 

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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“I have something to do first. Dora-chan and Sui, you can go ahead and sleep first if you want,” [1] after leaving the bath, I sent my two little familiars away and settled down in a different bedroom.

It’s been a week, and since we’re about to go travelling tomorrow, it’s time to fulfil a certain weekly obligation of mine.

“Everyone, are you there?” I called out.

Answering calls of ‘We’ve been waiting’ answered me.

“I’ll be heading out to Verulean tomorrow, and thought I’d hear your requests today,” [1] since it would be a hassle to do it while I’m on the road later.

Nuu, how dare you consider our requests troublesome? Is that what you think of the sacred act of offering up sacrifices to the Gods?!”

Ara, have they read my thoughts? Deplorable Goddess Ninril-sama seemed rather angry.

Also, sacred?

More like pleading or asking for alms to me.

“Pleading… gununu. I cannot deny it…”

… it’s good that you know it.

Well, I kind of have this undesirable but inseparable relationship with the Gods, but I guess I’m fine with it being that way. [1] Whatever, let’s get this over with so that I can go to bed as soon as possible.

Muu, I have a lot more to say but we don’t have the time for it. Humph, well, this Great Goddess shall have the Fujiya Cakes!”

She really liked her sweets, doesn’t she?

As usual, I opened up the Fujiya Cakes section of my [Net Super].

“Let’s see, under the [2] sliced cake menu we still have one cake you haven’t tried yet… also, there’s this set of three different types of Cheese Cakes. Looks like they’re trying out a new line of cheesecakes. Hmm… you still have enough funds for one whole cake. It’s a little large, is that alright?”

“… …”



Where’s your reaction? Don’t you always make a big fuss whenever a new cake is introduced?

“…. w-w-w what IS THIS? Is this a dream?! Am I dreaming?! How could such a thing exist?!”

Ah, there’s the reaction I’ve been expecting. Clearly, the sight of a whole cake had sent her into a frenzy. [1]

“You only have enough funds for the smallest whole cake. The 14.5cm diameter cake… about this size,” I said, showing it to her with my hands. [3] “Though it’s the smallest in diameter, it’s bigger than a single sliced cake. Is that alright?”

“Yes! YES! Hurry, hurry, send me the Big Cake!”

“Ahem, I can do that, but first, please choose what kind of cake you’d like.” [4]

Umu, there’s a list? Just give it to me from the top.”

Oh, that’s surprisingly practical of you, Deplorable-sama. [5] Well then, how about this one. A fruit sandwich cake! Similar to a Strawberry Shortcake but with mixed seasonal fruits.

Mufufu~Mufufu~” Deplorable goddess Ninril-sama was now laughing in a really weird voice. I have never seen this goddess’ face before, but I imagined that her face was probably all droopy and silly with happiness.

Never mind, let’s ignore this goddess and move on to the next customer.

“It is I, Kishar’s turn… by the way, what did you do to make her laugh in that disgusting way? And her face…”

“I have no idea. I am not responsible for her face. Let’s hope her face will return to normal when I send the items over.” [5] Ninril-sama will probably be overjoyed when the offerings of cakes appeared.

“I guess… well, never mind her. As for what I want… there’s really nothing at the moment. Hey, recommend something that promotes beauty to me, won’t you?”

Something that promotes beauty… My older sister used to harp on and on about the importance of beauty lotions and whatnot. She insisted that facial cleanser, face wash, toners, lotions, night cream, day cream, serums etc are all very important products that would improve the condition of one’s skin.

I opened up [Net Super] and looked through the list. Hmm, I guess it’s better to recommend products based on what they’re supposed to do rather than their brands to a goddess. My sister also used to read magazines on various types of beauty products. Apparently, the ingredients used within the products might clash with each other…

“How about getting a beauty essence? You can apply it after you’ve done your beauty regiment. You can even choose what kind of effect you want the essence to do.” [6]

“Oooh, you have something like that? Quick! Tell me what kind of effects they have!”

“Moisturising, for dry skin; dark spots… this one is to get rid of freckles. They also have anti-ageing… hmm, it says will get rid of wrinkles. The whitening essence seems like a big seller too.”


[7] “… …” Kishar-sama, are you worried about wrinkles? From their voices, I imagined these goddesses as young ladies, but… could Kishar-sama be more like the auntie-type?

“Who’s an auntie?! I’m bursting with youth, you know!”

Just then, other gods and goddesses chimed in, “If you’re bursting with youth, then everyone else is exploding from excessive youth!”

“Grrr, s-shut up, all of you. Other-Worlder-kun, do you have anything that firms up the skin? I want to be so beautiful that these other guys here will swallow their words!”

Ahh, so Kishar-sama is at that age where she worries about the firmness of her skin.

“For firm skin, please let me recommend this product. At 5 silver coins, it’s a little expensive but it’s a top of the line anti-ageing beauty product made with quality ingredients. [8] Great for getting rid of wrinkles and firming up the skin!”

“I’ll take it!”

“What would you like to do with the remaining 1 silver coin? You may carry it forward to next week if you wish,”

“Good idea, I’ll do that.”

I mentally note this down and looked up as Goddess Agni said, “Next up is me! I want the same type of beer you gave me last time. Both normal and black. Those are damn delicious when cold!”

Nice, always good to have an easy to please customer. [9] Next was Ruka-sama, who could be a bit of a wild card.

“…same as Ninril-sama. Big cake.”

… then again, there’s nothing wrong with being predictable. Looks like sweets lovers really have no resistance against desserts. I must say that I personally can’t eat a whole cake, not even a small one.

“Desserts goes into a different stomach, so it’s fine.”

Ruka-sama, that’s an unexpectedly long sentence from you. Also, it looks like the gods and goddesses were reading my mind again. At any rate, your order is the same as Ninril-sama, got it. Finally, it’s-

“Ou! It’s us,”

“Best whiskey in the world, each. No compromise on that.”

Yes, yes, thank you for choosing Japan’s Company S whiskey. Even though it’s the lowest grade-

“Hold it, you’re telling me there are better whiskeys than that one!”

“Oi, oi! Is this true!?”

Er, oops? Ahem, “Unfortunately, that whiskey is not available at the standard [Net Super]. Speciality items like that are only available at speciality stores…”

“What do you mean by speciality stores? Is that the same as a tenant store?”

Maa, I suppose so. If the tenant store happens to be a liquor store,” the gods began whisper-argue with each other. [11] Just as suddenly, they stopped. I shrank back a little, feeling the intense gaze from both gods. Er, what’s going to happen now?

Into the silence came Haphaestus-sama’s voice, “By the way, how is your level?”

He tried to sound casual, which made me suspicious, “Incidentally, are you two the ones who gave me the [Double Experience Points] Skill?”

“Wh-wh-what are you talking about?”

“I-I-I don’t know anything about that!”

In the background, feminine voices were chattering to each other:

“…did something stupid again…”

“…never learn…”

“…stupid tricks…”

These two really seemed willing to do anything to get their hands on alcohol. Well, it’s not like it’s a bad thing for me, so I’m not particularly upset or anything, but-

“Look, this time nothing bad happened to me, but please stop giving out skills without my knowing. At least inform me if you want to grant any kind of skills.”

Mu, I understand,”

“Yeah, yeah,”

I really do hope understanding meant a stop on these things. “Alright, enough about that. What do you want aside from the best whiskey?”

“Something I’ve never had before, what do you think, War God?”

“Aa, I agree,”

Something they haven’t tried before… well, only things left are the expensive stuff. I pointed out a whiskey from that same Company S that came in a black bottle and said, “Your combined amount of money can only get this one whiskey. Is that fine?”

“Well, our only stipulation is for something we haven’t tried before, so I’m good. God of Smithing?”

“Sure, why not,”


I checked out the items for these Gods and Goddesses and placed them on their individual box altars and prayed, “Then, please receive my humble offerings.”

As usual, the offerings ended with the cheers of various Gods and Goddesses.


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That night, as I was about to drop off to sleep in my room, determined to enjoy the last night of sleeping in a real bed, the voice of Hephaestus-sama echoed in my head. “By the way, what Level are you at now?”

“What level? I haven’t checked since the Orc Village mission, let me have a look.”


[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda)

[Age] 27

[Job] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell

[Level] 32

[Health Points] 335

[Magic Power] 326

[Attack Power] 303

[Defense Power] 300

[Agility] 281

[Skills] Appraisal | Item Box | Fire Magic | Earth Magic | Familiars | Absolute Defence | Double experience Booster

[Contracted Familiars] Fenrir | Pixie Dragon | Big Slime

[Unique Skills] Net Super (+1)

[Blessings] Blessing of the Wind Goddess Ninrir (small) |

Blessing of the Fire Goddess Agni (small) |

Blessing of the Earth Goddess Kishar (small)


Oh, it did go up by a little, even though all I did was defeat two Orcs. I might have some accumulated points from the Evil Plants than ran over to make the two level jump from Level 30.

“Level 32? That’s not a lot, keep working hard!” this voice… Vahagn-sama could be quite blunt… “Oh, but you’ll be going to the Verulean dungeon, right? I’m expecting great results from you!”

“Me too, so work hard!”

…just because you tell me all that doesn’t mean that I’m going to level up quickly, nor can I guarantee the next tenant shop will be a liquor shop.

“Yeah, yeah,”

“We know, we know,”

There they go with the mind-reading again, but at least they left me alone afterwards. What a bunch of children.



[Conversation between the God of Blacksmiths and the God of War]


“Looks like the other worlder guy isn’t really mad after all.”

“Aa, as expected, na.”

“He had levelled up, but it’s still a long way to Level 40. Still, there’s the dungeon to look forward to.”

“That’s right, your level will increase despite your best effort if you’re inside a dungeon, haha.”

“You’re right, haha.”

“Once that happens…”

“We’ll have our tenant.”

“Our Liquor Store.”






[Gumihou: Ahahahaha!]


[1] Structural Change: Combined 2 paragraphs

[2] Sliced Cake? Shortcake? I think the author might have made a mistake here and wrote shortcake instead of sliced cake. Because Ninril-sama has one sliced Fujiya standard sliced cake that she hasn’t tried yet.

[3] Structural Change: Combine 2 dialogues and 1 paragraph.

[4] Deleted Repetitive Information: Don’t need to see what you’ve just said.

[5] Changed Information: From something dull and repetitive to something more interesting. Gumihou used her judgement.

[6] Deleted Repetitive Dialogue: Like, they have the same dialogue twice in slightly different words.

[7] Added the ‘… …” and tailor the dialogue to fit the atmosphere.

[8] Added More Details: Turned Mukouda into a salesman on dialogue.

[9] Deleted Repetitive information: It’s basically the same as what was given back in Chapter 182, so…

[10] Structural Change: Combined 2 paragraphs, deleted 1 because repetitive. I think it’s meant to be funny, but, no.

[11] Added More Information: Combine dialogue and paragraph, add more details on the Gods’ special attention towards Mukouda. Also, deleted a lot of pointless information from the following dialogues as well as other adjustments to suit the pacing of the text.


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