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Little Cooking Saint – 0083 – Radish & Pork Bone Soup (i)

Chapter 83 Radish & Pork Bone Soup (i)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Wen Xian came out with them too, trailing behind the group of excited children making their way to the kitchen. In the end, neither he nor Shiyu had anything to carry as the children determinedly set everything up for their seniors.

“They are all very friendly. They want to know all about my time at the College,” said Wen Xian with a flushed face. This was the first time he felt what it was like to be surrounded by friendly, inquisitive people wanting to know all about him. It felt very nice to be treated so nicely by others.

Shiyu finally understood why not a single little radish was there to bother her while she was busy cooking. It turned out that Wen Xian, this stranger, had attracted their attention.

“Those kids are always like that, you’ll get used to it,”

Wen Xian looked doubtful, but he nodded anyway as they stepped into Grandpa’s room. [1] As the most senior member of their family, they had assigned the second largest room in the courtyard for Grandpa. The largest room went to Lin Fan, of course. The room not only has a bed, but also an attached dining room large enough for all of them to gather together comfortably. All the former beggars like to converge here to eat and talk about their day before leaving for their individual rooms. If they had gone with seniority in terms of Cultivation, Xiao Qi should have gotten this room instead, with Lao Er sharing a room with the old man and the other two shunted off into servant’s quarters. However, thanks to Lin Fan’s instruction to ‘properly care’ for this family. The family was able to make use of the courtyard as they like and no one in the Lin Clan interfere with how they allocated the rooms and resources of the courtyard.

Today, the children ate in silence, tears flowing down their faces as they savoured their elder sister’s cooking. Wen Xian too was silent, though he was not quite in tears… Meanwhile, Shiyu took it to herself to feed Grandpa a small bowl of the Pork Bone Soup to nourish his body.

After dinner, everyone clattered about, helping Shiyu and San Pang clean up and basically getting in everyone’s way as they chatted up a storm, catching Shiyu up with all the gossips that happened during the half a year that she had been away. As they talked, the sunlight slanted across the boards turned from bright yellow to a mellow gold and eventually disappearing into the shade.


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Meanwhile, at the Imperial College thousands of miles away, the End of Term Competition was coming to its conclusion. Lin Fan, the dark horse entry for the year, defeated Xue Qingge and became the new First Place Winner for their grade.

At the competition site, Feng Luo was found sitting at the spectator’s stand. His eyes wide with amazement as he observed Lin Fan’s performance. Though his Cultivation base was higher than Lin Fan, in terms of fighting skill and tenacity, he doubted he could properly win against the younger man.

Next to Feng Luo was a thin old man. Far from being a typical frail old fogey, this old man looked very energetic. He was dressed in long Chinese robes embroidered with many blessings. At first glance, he looked like some rich old merchant. One of the many that could be found roaming about the Imperial Capital.

“So that is Lin Fan?” the old man nodded. “As expected of a child born under a heroic star. By the way, where is this young lady who rendered such great service to our family? Why haven’t I seen her yet?”

Feng Luo said, “Little Shi had to go home because one of her family was very ill. I plan to visit Qing Shan City in a few days with Lin Fan to have a look.”

The old man nodded, “Is that so. Well, were it not for her, our Feng Clan might have been reduced to a pile of ruins by now. We should express every goodwill can to her.” Suddenly, he began to laugh and lowered his voice, “If I had not known that your heart is already occupied, I would be tempted to gift you to her as a show of my gratefulness. Speaking of which, you are our Feng Clan’s most promising heir. This gift of this magnitude would not be light.”

Feng Luo blushed, “This grandson has no one in his heart.” Then, he frowned. He had a feeling that he might have conveyed the wrong message to his grandfather. “That is to say, Little Shi and I are merely friends, beseech grandfather to not misunderstand,”

The old man smiled as he stroked his beard. He said nothing.

Feng Luo was currently one of the focal points of the Imperial College. Seeing him behaving so respectfully towards an unknown elder, people began speculating on the identity of the old man. However, none of them dared to be sure about their conclusion.


“I heard Young Master Feng address him as ‘grandfather’, he must be the one!” someone whispered excitedly.

“It really is him!”

The eyes of the people around them began to burn with passion.

This person before their very eyes was the great and powerful master who had broken through to the Divine Transformation Stage. How many of them would spend their lives chasing after this goal? Ah, perhaps if they look at this venerable elder a few more times, some of his luck might rub off on them.

Beyond the people crowding respectfully around the young man and venerable elder was Meng Li. She has a complicated look in her eyes. Pretty much everyone knew what great luck she had missed out on. If she had not been tempted by Liu Yi’s offer in the beginning, would her current situation be different now?

At the spectator’s stand, Feng Luo was still speaking with his Grandfather.

“When you go to Qing Shan City, try not to stay too long. You must return to Feng City by the Seventh Month,” the old man said suddenly.

Feng Luo was startled, “Is the Eastern Sea is getting violent again?”

Ever since he could remember, the Eastern Seas would act up all of a sudden every now and then. Every time it happened, Spiritual Sea Beasts within the Eastern Sea will surge towards land in a frenzied manner. Each time it happened, there will be countless deaths. Therefore, the entire Feng Clan would be mobilized to fight these Sea Beasts when the time comes.

To be fair, the Feng Clan did not enter into the suppression of the Eastern Sea Turbulence out of pure altruism alone. The Turbulence also provided opportunities for the Feng Clan to harvest Sea Spirit Beast Stones as well as deep-sea medicinal herbs which would be washed to the shallow waters during The Turbulence. Not to mention, children of the Feng Clan could gain great experience and level up their Cultivation through braving the trials of the sea.

“That’s right, we have noticed some movements in the sea as early as the Third Month. Otherwise, I would not have chosen last month to let it be known that I was attempting to break through to the Divine Transformation Level.” If hostile families chose to attack the Feng Clan during The Turbulence, there was no telling how much the Feng Clan would suffer.

“Excellent!” Feng Luo stated. “I shall definitely be back by the Seventh Month.”

Though Feng Luo was a child born from the main family, the clan did not interfere much with his growth. The Clan favoured an off-hand way of guiding their next generations, preferring to let the children make their own little developmental mistakes instead of shielding them from everything. So long as no major trouble is made, Feng Luo could pretty much decide on his own future.

Somehow, news that Feng Luo and Lin Fan will be travelling to Qing Shan City spread like lighting among the student bodies. Soon, everyone knew all about it. The day before they set out, Xue Qingge turned up at the Villa and announced that she will be making her way to the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range on the same day. [2] Since they would be travelling on the same route almost all the way, perhaps they could travel together?

Oh, and she might pay a visit to Qing Shan City too, who knows?

Lin Fan saw no reason to refuse this request. After securing his agreement, Xue Qingge smilingly withdraw. The next day, when he saw Xue Qingruo on a Flying Griffin beside her sister, his expression stiffened.

Xue Qingruo’s wilful and savage character was legendary, but neither Feng Luo nor Lin Fan could hold a candle to Xue Qingge when it came to firm, polite insistence. In the end, the two young men tolerated the younger sister’s presence for the sake of the elder.

Griffins were tame Flying Beasts whose speed was about the same as Cloud Beasts. However, while Griffins could be captured young and domesticated as docile mounts, it was much more difficult to do the same with Cloud Beasts. Furthermore, Cloud Beasts were even more difficult to capture.

It took them four days of continuous flying to reach Qing Shan City.

Qing Shan City was not large, but it was very lively. With no war on the horizon, the people lived and worked in peace, popping in and out of the tall black city walls as they please.

A little mountain ‘city’ was completely different from the bustling port city of the Fengs or even the Imperial Capital. Therefore Feng Luo was very interested in this new place. The appearance of four very good looking and luxuriously dressed young people was very eye-catching. Anyone looking at them could tell that they were more than just another set of excessively privileged rich kids.

“This is where you grow up?” Xue Qingge looked about the small town curiously. [3] Compared to the Imperial Capital, Qing Shan ‘City’ could only be considered a ‘town’.

“En,’ was Lin Fan’s answer. As they walked, Lin Fan introduced various sights to his guests.

Soon, they arrived at the Lin Family Estate. Lin Fan had not written to inform the Lin Family when they would be arriving. Therefore, when he appeared at the gates, the entire household was turned upside down at the arrival of their most promising heir.

Right then, Xue Qingruo, who had been the picture of goodness till then, winked at her sister, “We shall soon meet with the future-in-laws. Sister, are you nervous?”

Xue Qingge clapped her smartly on the shoulder, “Don’t talk nonsense! This is other people’s home, you had better curb your attitude a little.”

“Yes, yes, so you’ve said a hundred times already. Aren’t you tired by now?” Xue Qingruo rolled her eyes. She knew who her sister was targeting, so how could she carelessly offend the Lin Family?


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[1] Additional Information for Logistical Purpose: Like, what is Grandpa’s room like?

[2] Structural Change: Show don’t tell

[3] Additional Information for Introspection Purposes


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