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Tondemo Skill – 199 – Two-thirds & One-third

Chapter 199: Two-Thirds and One-Third


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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When we trooped into the Adventurer’s Guild with the [Shadow Warriors] party, Guild Master Yoran-san came out to greet us.

“Oh? You’re all done?”

“Yeah, the village has been destroyed, not that we did much work,” Alonzo laughed a little bitterly. “I’ll have to ask the Guild to purchase everything as usual, but the amount this time is quite a lot.”

The [Shadow Warriors] did not have an [Item Box]. So they prefer to sell everything and take the money. [1] I, of course, would prefer to get all the meat they could dismantle for me by tomorrow.

“I see, very well, let’s go to the warehouse,” Yoran-san led the way to the warehouse.


Horace seemed quite happy to see us, “Oh, what’s it going to be today?” he was as busy as usual and was just wiping his hands when we came in. [1]

“Alonzo-san, are we in agreement with what we have decided earlier?”

Before coming back to the city, I’ve discussed with the [Shadow Warriors] on the distribution of the loot as well as the mission request reward.

“Sure, I’m fine with the arrangement. You guys alright with it?” Alonzo said.

“Of course. We’re getting more than we should.”

“If we complain about what we got, we’d get hit by karma for sure.”

“That’s true.”

Was the answer from his three friends.

“Horace-san, how many Orcs could you dismantle by tomorrow morning?”

“Hum, if I work all night and don’t stop, about 15 of them I reckon,”

“Then, please dismantle 15 Orcs for me, please. Give me the meat from the Orcs, any materials you get from those Orcs will belong to the [Shadow Warriors], though I believe they’d prefer to exchange it for money. We’ve agreed about this before coming here,” I passed 15 Orcs from my [Item Box] to Horace-san, [2] who studied them thoughtfully.

“Hum, I guess you really wanted the meat, huh,” commented Horace-san.

Yes, Horace-san was right. As for the rest of the Orcs, at first, I thought of splitting it half with the [Shadow Warriors], but they rejected the idea immediately.

“We barely did anything, so we have no right to take that much,” the four of them insisted.

In the end, we agreed to split it into thirds. I get two-thirds, while they get one-third of the Orcs and mission reward. [3] Even then, they complained about receiving too big a cut. Thanks to Fer, I have more than enough money for my needs, so meat supply trumps money now.

Even so, the number of Orcs were such a lot that I specifically asked them to split the loot this way.

“Very well, just to confirm, the [Shadow Warrior] party wish to sell all of the Orc materials, including meat and so forth to the Guild?”

“Aah, we don’t have [Item Boxes] or even a Magic Bag with us, so this is the best we can do.”

Even with just a third of the loot, there was no way the [Shadow Warriors] could keep the goods with them. Which was why they elected to sell everything to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Speaking of which, Horace-san, I have quite a lot of Orcs in my [Item Box]. Where would you like me to put them?”

“Would you like to purchase the [Shadow Warrior’s] share of the meat too?”

“Aah, yes please.”

Horace-san led me to a clear space within the warehouse where I proceeded to take out the Orcs. [4] There were 6 Orc Generals, 18 Orc Leaders, 179 regular Orcs in total after destroying the settlement. A third of the Orcs, minus the 15 Orcs we plan to deal with now, meant that the [Shadow Warriors] gets 2 Orc Generals, 6 Orc Leaders and 54 regular Orcs. [4]

“Phew! Alonzo-san, did you manage to count out the ones that belong to you?”

“Yes, we did the counting when Mukouda-san is taking the Orcs out,” said Alonzo.


He said to Horace, “Since we plan on staying here for another four to five days, please prioritize the meat that Mukouda-san requested so that he will be able to leave as planned tomorrow morning?”

“I understand. So, I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, Mukouda-san. Please come and pick up your goods then,”

“Thank you very much,” I made a note to myself to stop by here before leaving town tomorrow.

As we came over to where Yoran-san was waiting, he looked up and said, “Oh, so you’re done with Horace? Shall we talk about the mission commission now?” He smiled, “Since Mukouda-san would be leaving us tomorrow, I’ve already prepared the mission reward. The total amounts to 180 gold. Would the [Shadow Warrior] party be alright with gold coins as payment?”

Ah, that’s right, since the money was to be split between different parties, gold coins were probably better. So I said, “That’s fine,” [5]

Mathias-san, however, looked confused, “Isn’t the payment usually done in gold coins?”

“Well, I normally request for payment in large gold coins since regular gold coins are rather heavy and cumbersome,” I told him.

The [Shadow Warriors] made a face similar to that of the kids from before. An ‘as expected of A Rankers’ face. [5]

Luckily, Yoran-san interrupted us by dropping a cloth bag before us. I quickly accepted it and counted out 60 gold coins and handed it over to Alonzo, “There we go, 60 gold coins for [Shadow Warrior] as agreed. Thank you for your hard work.”

Alonzo-san stared at the gold coins, there was a look of reluctance on his face, “I feel kind of bad taking this money. We actually did nothing much, but to get so much in return…”

“Not at all,” I reassured him quickly. “If you put it that way, aren’t I in the same boat? After all, I was practically useless. Fer and my other familiars are just way too strong,”

Speaking of which, Fer, Dora-chan and Sui were currently snoozing in a corner of the warehouse. Not at all interested in human negotiations. 

“Aah, that strength is just cheating. Just as expected from a Fenrir,” said Alonzo.

“It’s not just the Fenrir. That little dragon is quite strong too,” gushed Clement.

“What about the slime? I’ve never seen a strong slime, let alone such a strong slime in my life!” Mathias has that dopey look on his face that girls usually have when they encounter cute things…

While the three men argued, Earnest-san said, “The point remains, Mukouda-san’s strength is still Mukouda’s because your familiars chose to support you.”

[6] “How kind, well, it was true that my strength came from my three gluttons. Speaking of which, I should be thinking about preparing their dinner soon,” I mused.

“Gotcha, we’ll be challenging the Avering dungeon ahead of you,”

“Yes, let’s catch up when we happen to meet again,”

After that, we parted ways with the [Shadow Warriors] and left the Guild.


[Gumihou: Nice to see that there seemed to be more good people in this world than mean ones]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: A lot of repeated information in both dialogue and passive sentence. Streamlined the text.

[3] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[4] Structural Change & Additional Information Adjustment for a more interesting Text: The author seems to like repeating numbers and confirmation or numbers of things. Deleted some bits while switching others from passive sentence into dialogues.

[5] Some slightly confusing text: Fixed by referencing information further into the story.

[6] Structural Change: Switched passive sentence to dialogue.


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