Little Cooking Saint – 0081 – Radish & Pork Bone Soup (g)

Chapter 81 Radish & Pork Bone Soup (g)

Translated by Gumihou

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After calming Xiao Liu down, Shiyu could finally ask after how the other three were doing.

Unfortunately, the moment Shiyu asked him this, Xiao Liu began to tear up again, “Second Brother and Xiao Qi had gone Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. They heard that something called Immortal Jade Petal Lotus could save Grandpa and set out to try their luck. Fifth Brother is at the restaurant. I stayed back to look after Grandpa.”

“They went to the mountain range?” Shiyu’s heart constricted. One was only 14 and the other 10, going to the Beast Mountain was like going to their deaths, ah. “When did they go? How long ago was this?”

“It’s been three days.”

Shiyu immediately stood up. She was about to run out when a Lin family steward came in. At the sight of Shiyu, he quickly bowed and greeted her respectfully, “Miss Shi, are you intending to go to the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range after your brother and sister? Please do not worry, the Clan Leader had already dispatched someone to follow them secretly when he found out about it. There will be someone protecting them along the way. If it looked like they were about to enter the mountains, they will be brought back immediately.”

After all, even young people have their own pride. When Grandpa grew sick, though the Lin Clan gave every assistance they could, the little ones knew that they could never earn enough silver to pay for all the medicines given to them. The Clan Leader also realised that unless they have reached the point of having no other choice, they would not accept help willingly. To make them not lose face by simply dragging them back to the Lin Estate by the scruff od their neck, the Clan Leader had someone tail them in secret instead.

For an important Clan Leader to take the trouble to look after the face of some former beggar children not related to him, Shiyu could not help but be grateful for his thoughtfulness. More importantly, just knowing that her brother and sister were safe was a great relief to her.

“Please convey my gratefulness to the Clan Leader,” she said. The Clan Leader was also Lin Fan’s father. “Once I have handled my affairs here, I shall personally give my thanks to the Leader.”

“Oh no, no, we just did what we’re supposed to do,” the steward said hurriedly. The last time the young master wrote to them, [1] he specifically notified that the family living within this courtyard must be treated well. As the young master was destined to become a great figure in the future, the steward devoted everything into fulfilling his master’s wishes.

As they were speaking, the sounds of scuffling and yelling came from outside. They all tipped their heads out to have a look, and there, striding across the yard was a strongman with a child under each arm. [2] Shiyu recognise the kids first, they were the missing Lao Er and Xiao Qi! As for the strong man, he must be the person sent to secretly tail these two rascals. Shiyu narrowed her eyes at him, trying to place his face. She felt like she had seen him before. Was he one of the Lin family trainers?

“You two little rabbits, even this teacher of yours dare not go into Spiritual Beast Mountain Range on my own. To think you two would have more guts to go looking for death?” the Trainer’s voice was very loud and left an echoing sound in ordinary people’s ears.

All the while, Lao Er and Xiao Qi kicked and struggled in his hold but to no avail. They were barely half-grown children and could not escape this giant’s hands. When Shiyu saw their pitiful state, she had the urge to laugh and cry at the same time. If not for the people here, who knows what would have happened to these little brats? If she has to track them down herself who would take care of Grandpa?

She stepped forward and thanked the Trainer gratefully, “Please accept my sincerest gratitude in looking after my little brother and sister. I would have been really troubled trying to find them on my own.”

When the Trainer saw her, he said, “I remember you. The things you make are really delicious! It’s good that you’re back, I’ve been wondering how I should keep these little brats from sneaking away again. I thought I’d have to get some students to sit on them. Now that you’re back, it’ll save me some trouble. If you really want to thank me, make me a big pot of your spicy crayfish. I’ve missed the authentic thing made by you.”

Though there were quite a few restaurants peddling crayfish at Qing Shan City, in his humble opinion, the ones made by Miss Shiyu back then was still the best.

“No problem,” Shiyu agreed easily.

[2] “Good,” then, he dropped the two children to the floor. While they lay there, still stunned by the sight of Shiyu, he left. Shiyu looked down at the two children she had left behind. They looked like they still couldn’t believe their eyes as they stared up at their eldest sister.

“Come on, let’s go in. Xiao Liu, you go call Brother Wu over. Tell him I’m back.” There should be more than just Xiao Wu looking after the shop. Uncle Lin was a good person, she was sure that he must have someone overseeing the restaurant business now that Grandpa was out of commission.

Xiao Liu ran off.

Once they entered the house, Shiyu discovered that the second child in their family was now taller than her. His skin was much darker than before and he looked very strong. Despite the lack of Spiritual fluctuation within his body, one could not fault the physical build-up of his body. Looks like he had worked really hard.

As for Xiao Qi, this little girl looked like a pink and white little doll with her plump cheeks and cute little face.

“You’ve reached 5th Level of Condensation Stage?” Shiyu was a little shocked, the child was just 10 years old after all.

Xiao Qi wrapped her arms around herself and stood very straight. She was clearly proud of her achievement, but, “I still can’t save Grandpa…” she drooped a little.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa will be fine,” out of habit, she rubbed little Xiao Qi’s head. Then she introduced Wen Xian to them. “From now on, he’ll be your Brother Wen Xian. He’s very strong you know, he can beat both of you at once.”

“Truly?” Xiao Qi stared up at Wen Xian with large eyes. “What about Brother Lin Fan? Can he beat Brother Lin Fan?”

It’s over. Who could beat that insurmountable peak, ah?!

If all the men in her life were to be compared with Lin Fan, how many people will cry, ah?

So, Shiyu decided to tell a technical truth. No one could fault her for telling a technical truth, right?

“He’s much stronger than the Brother Lin Fan you last met,”

The innocent Xiao Qi has much to learn when it comes to the ways of the world, where truth could be twisted into lies as she happily accepted her elder sister’s word at face value, and welcomed this much stronger brother into the fold.

When Xiao Wu arrived, their little group was finally completed.


“Xiao Wu, what have you been eating lately? Why are you as fat as a ball?!” Shiyu stared at the meat dumpling in front of her with some horror.

“I have to try the dishes, ah…” Xiao Wu rubbed the flabby bits of flesh on his tummy, a miserable expression on his face. “Sister, you must help me! I don’t want to be a fatty anymore. I think if someone dropped me from a high place, I’ll bounce.”

Shiyu didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry.

“Yes, yes, yes, I understand. Anyway, this is Brother Wen Xian. Please look after him well. I’m going to make something to eat now.”

When she said this, San Pang protested, “Why only look after him and not me, ah?”

The moment San Pang made his presence known, all four children surrounded this palm-sized little guy and began to wonder over him curiously. San Pang was seized by the children and they began to prod his little body curiously, trying to determine if he was real or not. San Pang was so horrified that he started shrieking, “Stop touching! I’m ticklish! Ah! Stop that! Let go of my little bro!”

“Pu~” Wen Xian couldn’t help laughing at San Pang’s misery.

Shiyu left them to their antics and went to the kitchen. It was a little messier than she would have liked, but otherwise not too bad. Fat Cat had said that Grandpa would need warm and watered down medicinal herbs to restore his body. Well, how about some medicinal cuisine?

She poked around her space ring and took out some ingredients. Then she slipped into her space to look through the herbs for something with mild potency. However, most of the plants here were growing at a super accelerated rate. It was easier to find potent, aged medicine here than mild ones. She wondered whether she should get herself a few medicinal herb books and properly familiarize herself with the herbs in her garden.

“That’s right, could the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus really save Grandpa?” Shiyu asked Fat Cat, who was nosing about the stove.

“It’s just a story, but you may pick out some other aquatic herbs. As a rule, aquatic herbs are milder than normal medicinal herbs.”

“Do we have any in here?” asked Shiyu.



Fine, she clearly has to go out and buy some. She had no idea whether it’s because Qing Shan City was situated in a mountainous area or not, but aquatic medicinal herbs turned out to be very scarce and therefore hugely expensive here.

Finally, after getting the plants she wanted, she threw half of them into her space and the other half into the pot.

[Gumihou: You should totally get yourself an herb book]

[1] Additional Information for Clarification: It just stated, ‘the young master wrote to them’ I’m going to assume it’s to the steward who’s directly in charge of his personal courtyard

[2] Additional Information for Proper Description: Like, let us have a bit more detail, please.


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