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Little Cooking Saint – 0078 – Radish & Pork Bone Soup (d)

Chapter 78 Radish & Pork Bone Soup (d)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu gave her a look. She was not going to waste time with this annoying female.

Unfortunately, Mo Yin was not about to let her go.

“Just where are you rushing off to?” Mo Yin jerked her chin up aggressively. Her eyes spotted Wen Xian with a little carrier bag on his shoulder and laughed, “Don’t tell me you two are planning to elope!”

“Get out of my way!” Shiyu commanded impatiently.

“Who do you think you are?! Weren’t you the one mouthing off at me before this? You’re the one who wants to compete with me, well? Here’s your chance. No time like the present. Let’s throw down now! [1] How dare a slut like you slander Brother Liu?! I will let you taste death today!” Mo Yin screamed. Her heart throbbing with the heat of shame and pain at being scolded by Brother Liu for listening to random rumours and accusing him of infidelity.

Unable to bear the anger in her chest, she called up a few close friends as backup to come over to teach this slut a lesson. Unless she had beaten this bitch black and clue, the fire in her chest would not recede.

However, Shiyu was not at all interested in wasting time entertaining her little tantrum. She just wants to rush home to Qing Shan City as soon as possible and see Grandpa. Ignoring Mo Yin’s taunting and screaming, she pushed past this group of people, intending to fly off on Cloud Beast as soon as the area was clear.

However, how could Mo Yin allow herself to be ignored? Her sword flashed out from her waist and she charged forward.

“Danger!” Wen Xian cried. He had been pulled along the sleeve by a determined Shiyu, [2] but he had been keeping a wary eye on Mo Yin and therefore saw the exact moment she lowered her shoulder and charged forward.

[2] He tried to put up a block but was thrown to the side by Shiyu. “You keep out of the way first.” If this person refuses to let me go, let’s beat her up quickly.

All the knife work she had learnt these past months, both martial and cooking flashed through her mind. Instead of waiting for Mo Yin to reach her, Shiyu lowered her stance and charged towards her opponent. [3] Her hands flashed up as she ducked around Mo Yin’s sword, her instinct for dodging against blades having been honed by San Pang coming to use now. With her bare hands, Shiyu grabbed Mo Yin by the shirt and threw the girl over her shoulder.

A dagger appeared in Shiyu’s hand. It was the one that Lin Fan had gifted to her before she left Qing Shan City. It had been her main kitchen knife, but after getting Supreme Indifferent, this knife had been demoted to killing people.

Having stunned Mo Yin by throwing her to the ground, Shiyu swiped for her throat with the dagger, but Mo Yin was quick to roll out of her reach.

The fight took place right in front of the College and it was quickly drawing the attention of the public. With girls down one side of the road and boys on the other side, everyone stopped to watch with varying degree of interest at the fight between these two girls. Xue Qingge and Xue Qingruo were looking over the same scene from the second floor of a restaurant. They happened to be meeting a friend here and had not expected to be treated to a scene like this.

Xue Qingruo [4] leaned over the railing and smirked, “[5] A Dog Bites a Dog, Bites a Mouthful of Fur,”

“You keep your own mouth shut!” Xue Qingge snapped under her breath, her eyes fixed upon the two people in below.

She knew that Mo Yin had already reached the Core Transformation Stage [6] and should easily overwhelm Condensation Stage Cultivators. Except, the girls have exchanged over a dozen moves now, but Shiyu was still standing. In fact, she was showing no signs of defeat?

From her jerky movements and too wide stance, one could easily tell that Shiyu was very inexperienced with the use of the dagger. What she lacked now was battle experience. However, despite her inexperience, she showed no sign of going down easy.

Was she really just a Condensation Stage Cultivator? Or, was she hiding her true Cultivation base?

Xue Qingge believed that the latter was more likely.

If this Shiyu girl had really reached the Core Transformation Stage… considering her age… she had heard that the girl was the same age as Lin Fan. Though her performance was not quite as incredible as Lin Fan, the fact that they share the same teacher meant that there must be something extraordinary about her.

Xue Qingge pondered over the Shiyu mystery. Despite the fact that she had looked down on this girl before, she was now seeing her under a different light.

Though the struggle below was not very fierce, Shiyu had suffered some large and small injuries on her person. Mo Yin, being the more experienced fighter, soon saw through most of her attacks and was waiting for her to make a mistake.

Above them, Xue Qingge concluded, “Shiyu is about to lose.” There was a thread of pity in her tone.

Beside her, Xue Qingruo tsked with reluctant admiration, “Tch… for her to reach this point is not bad already. After all, she’s only a Condensation Stage Cultivator.”

“Do you still believe that she’s a Condensation Stage Cultivator even now?”

“Of course? What are you saying? Has she really entered the Core Transformation Stage?” Xue Qingruo couldn’t believe it. “How could this be?”

“Nothing is impossible,” Xue Qingge believe in her own senses and judgement.

Meanwhile, Shiyu was starting to falter. Her ability with the dagger was only mediocre and she had never been particularly athletic in the first place. She could only react and keep up the best she could against a more experienced fighter.

Was she about to lose? Maybe, in truth, she did not care about winning or losing. Mo Yin can win this stupid bout and crow about it to her friends. Anything’s fine as long as she could leave this place now!

She was just thinking about throwing the fight when the energy converging around Mo Yin began to flare with malicious intent.

She intends to kill me!

The thought slipped into Shiyu’s mind unconsciously. She had no idea what made her think so, but there was an unshakable ring of truth to it. However, chasing after this disturbing feeling in her gut was another realisation. Aside from her dagger, did she not have her fire? What if she weaponised her fire ability? How should she turn her cooking fire into a weapon?

When Mo Yin got into position to strike, everyone was surprised to see Shiyu standing her ground. Not only that, but she had closed her eyes.

“Is she waiting for death?”

“What an idiot?! Now is the time to run, ah!”

“Surely that Mo Yin won’t really strike to kill? The College doesn’t condone this kind of practice,”


Back at the College, both Lin Fan and Feng Luo were already racing for the College gate. However, they were just a step too late. Mo Yin had completed her preparation and was coming in for the kill. [3] Mo Yin’s eyes were fierce as her sword glowed with power. Shiyu’s eyes suddenly snapped open. Lin Fan and Feng Luo sped up, but they were too late. Mo Yin had struck. The ground where Shiyu had stood shook from Mo Yin’s strike. The students hanging around the fringes had to steady themselves as they stared grimly at the smoking centre.

“Lil’ Shi!” Lin Fan and Feng Luo practically threw themselves into the centre, but as the dust slowly swirled and settled, Shiyu was nowhere to be seen.

Mo Yin’s eyes contracted, the move she had pulled was taken from a very special martial arts scroll her grandfather had bought for a high price. There was no way that cheap little slut could escape it. The crater from the sword strike was still there, but Shiyu was nowhere to be seen!

“Cough, cough,” suddenly, all eyes focused on the crater. [3]

A dusty hand thrust itself shakily up from the hole and patted the edges.

“Still alive?” this shocked the people around more than anything else.

[7] A head appeared with the hand, also covered in dusty streaks. The person pulled themselves out of the hole and straightened up slowly. It was Shiyu, of course. She wiped her arm across her face and began hurrying away. The crowds parted for her, still half in awe but mostly because they didn’t want to touch this dusty person…

“Stop right there!” Mo Yin thought Shiyu was running away in fear and quickly ran forward to capture her.

Shiyu turned to look bemusedly at Mo Yin, before stopping to toss a blue bead between them. “Boom,” she said, before quickly moving away.

Mo Yin was having none of it, of course, she sped up and reached the area where the blue bead had rolled to. Suddenly, there was a thunderous roar and the whole floor under Mo Yin exploded in flames. The heat was so strong that even the onlookers had to back away from it. Some lower-level Cultivators were even suffering from internal bleeding. As the person in the caught in the middle of the explosion, Mo Yin was the most miserable.

Not only were her legs were badly mangled by the explosion. Her entire body was engulfed in blue spiritual fire, turning her into a human torch. If not for some benevolent Elder Martial Sisters, who could not bear to see someone so young killed, and came to her aid. Her life might have been even more miserable. The blue fire was dispelled, but her legs were already damaged, emergency aid had to be administered.

However, in the end, the most surprising thing was Shiyu’s performance.

Just how did a person who was clearly at a disadvantage pull out such a powerful killing move?


[Gumihou: Okay, who’s sorry for Mo Yin? Okay, I’m a little bit sorry…]



[1] Added a lot of ‘!’, because it’s Mo Yin. Why is there a lack of ‘!’ and ‘!?’?

[2] Added Detail for Transition Purpose: Shiyu was pushing ahead > Mo Yin attacked > Wen Xian wanted to block, but was pulled aside by Shiyu? Wait, Wen Xian was next to- whatever, let’s patch this.

[3] Adjust Detail: Author did not seem very good at describing fight scenes. I have to ask, where is Mo Yin’s sword in this fight scene? And how far had Shiyu had stormed off for them to charge at each other effectively like this? Can’t she have just escaped on Cloud Beast?

That’s fine, Gumihou is a pro at this, ho ho ho ho. Here’s the original for comparison.

Shi Yu suddenly sped up and rushed at Mo Yin, and when she ran to her, before she had time to escape, she grabbed her shoulder and threw her fiercely over the shoulder to the ground, and at the same time a dagger appeared in her hand.’

Never mind, Gumihou will smooth this out and give everyone an exciting fight scene.

[4] Detail Adjustment: Switch the railing scene one paragraph down.

[5] A Dog Bites a Dog, Bites a Mouthful of Fur – When you do evil unto others, you will injure yourself too

[6] Core Transformation Stage – Second Stage, where most of the named College students are at

Condensation Stage – First Stage, where most think Shiyu was still at

[7] Added More Detail: Re Shiyu’s rise from the dead


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