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Tondemo Skill – 195 – Head Towards the Dungeon After the Sea

Chapter 195: Head Towards the Dungeon After the Sea


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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Yesterday I spent a very nice time shopping for pottery, as for today…

After breakfast, I stared into space for a moment, wondering what I should do… [1] shop some more? Or-

“Alright, let’s go to the dungeons,” announced Fer as he stood up, [1] looking very heroic and… wait-

“Hah? What are you saying all of a sudden?” Was this a result of yesterday’s conversation? [2]

“Your talk with those new Adventurers yesterday, it takes only 10 days to reach the dungeon if we walk. I bet I can get us there in less than 10 days if we go right away [3].”

No, no, no, we’re not ‘going right away’.

I know that Anton mentioned there’s a dungeon south of Neihoff in a city called Avering, but-

“[4] This and that has nothing to do with each other! Moreover, wasn’t Fer the one who said they wanted to go to the sea? Let’s go to Verulean, the City by the Sea. Don’t you want to eat the delicious Kraken and Sea Serpents?”

“Of course, but between the sea and the dungeon, I much prefer dungeon challenges.”

Ehhh… what are you sayinggg…?

First, you want to go to the sea, and now you want to go to the dungeon. [5] What about me? I have plans too!

“No, no, no absolutely not. Fer is the one who brought up the sea trip first, so that’s where we are going. I want to buy seafood from Verulean. Just think of all the ingredients from the sea we could buy there. [6] Think of Seafood Barbecue!”

Nu, seafood… when you put it that way, it’s kind of hard to give it up, na.

That’s right, that’s right, just keep your mind on all those delicious seafood.

“Very well, then it’s decided. We shall go to the sea first and save the dungeon for later.”

No, no, that’s not what I meant. [7]

“I don’t want to go to the dungeon! Didn’t we just go to a dungeon at Doran? We even cleared the whole thing, isn’t that more than enough?”

“What are you talking about? Dungeons are the best places to level up. Moreover, it’s good for exercise. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

“What’s this about killing two birds with- anyway, I refuse to go.”

“Humph, you’re the only one who doesn’t want to go. Oi, Dora, Sui, wanna go to the dungeons?”

Eeh? Why are you bringing those two in?


“Dungeon? Of course!”

“Sui wants to go to the dungeon~”

Umu, excellent, excellent. Heheh, oi, Dora and Sui are with me on this.”

Grrr… what’s with that triumphant look on your face… This is cheating, you know? Cheating!

“No, no, I refuse,”

“Eehh, come on, come on, let’s go to the dungeon. Didn’t we have fun at the last dungeon? I want to go again, you know?”

I guess… the dungeon was a fun place for Dora-chan. Don’t you know that Adventurers literally risk their lives challenging those places?

“Sui wants to visit the dungeons too~ Sui wants to pew pew lots of enemies~” Sui bounced excitedly in place.

Grrr, this Fer really knew how to turn both Dora-chan and Sui against me.

“Master~ please~ Sui really wants to go to the dungeon again ~”


I have lost…

There is no way I can refuse when you ask me that way~ [8]

“Haaa… I understand, we’ll go to the dungeon later,” I just can’t win against Sui-tan.

“Fuhahahah, excellent decision.”

“Ooohhh, dungeon! We’ll be going to the dungeon! Yes!”

“The dungeon! The dungeon! Yaay~”

Well, as expected, the terrible trio were super excited.

“A new city meant new people and new dungeons, I’m really looking forward to it!”

“Aah, I wonder what kind of monsters we’ll be facing? Maa, I’m sure they won’t be a match for us, but it’ll still be fun!”

“Sui is excited too~ Sui wants to pew pew lots of enemies!”

Well, it looked like everyone else was really looking forward to exploring a new dungeon.

“Aah, everyone. Please be reminded that we won’t be going to the dungeon right away [9], alright? We’re going to the Verulean first.”

At this, Fer said, “In that case, let’s head over to the sea now.”

This suggestion was shot down immediately. “Hey listened, we rented this place for a whole week. I refuse to leave after just spending half the time here. We’ll go the day after tomorrow.”

I’m not going to waste the paid-up rent for this place. I’ve compromised enough with you guys. It’s not easy to get to live in a place like this, and I want to enjoy the bath here for as long as I can.

Now that we’ve settled on our plans, today’s schedule has been decided. A long journey meant being on the road often. That means I should take advantage of this mansion’s lovely kitchen and make some pre-cooked dishes for the trip. [10]

A day after we agreed to visit the dungeon, I had already made some of the standard favourites: Fried Pork Cutlet, Fried Chicken Cutlet, Karaage, Salisbury Steaks, Sliced Meat Marinated in Miso, Minced Pork Soboro, various stir-fried vegetables as well as other dishes that go well on rice. I pre-cooked lots of rice and kept them in different pots for convenience sake. Hmm, maybe I should get more pots? [11]

Despite being plagued by Fer and the rest for food at random intervals, I managed to get everything done in one day. However, the cooking spree meant that my raw meat supply had gone down by a lot.

The Bloody Horn Bull and Wyvern stock had gone down to about a quarter of the original amount. It would probably last us till Verulean, but I’d have to restock large quantities of meat and seafood when we get there.


[Gumihou: Ahahaha, Mukouda-san, you won’t escape the dungeon ~]


[1] Added Details for a more Textured Paragraph

[2] Deleted Repetitive Information: ‘was this the result of yesterday’s conversation? But we can’t just suddenly go just because of it

[3] Adjusted Inconsistent Information: ‘Your talk with those new Adventurers yesterday, it takes only 10 days to reach the dungeon if we walk. I can travel 10 days, let’s go right away’ Er, Fer would most likely take less than 10 days, so adjusted.

[4] Structural Change: Attached three short paragraphs together and turned it into a dialogue, deleted related information already mentioned in the dialogue sentence.

[5] Structural Change: Attached two short paragraphs together

[6] Structural Change: ‘Think of Seafood Barbecue’ was originally a thought by Mukouda, but I thought it would be more impactful in the dialogue so moved it up.

[7] Deleted Repetitive Information: The no, no, no to dungeon appeared in both thoughts and dialogues repeatedly, deleted some of them.

[8] Zzonkedd: Ahhh, Sui-tan must be so cute here~

[9] Deleted Repetitive Information: They know we’re not going to the dungeons right away, right? “We’ll go to the dungeons later” Implied information also deleted.

[10] Structural Adjustment: Combined 3 paragraphs to 1

[11] Added More Details: Re food and some introspection of shopping for more pots for rice.


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