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Okonomiyaki Chain Store – 46 (Fin) – Osakan Auntie Became a Hero

Part 10: Osaka’s Auntie Battles with the Swallow Demon King

Chapter 46: Osakan Auntie Became a Hero


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi


The demon priests immediately converged around the Demon King and healed him.

“Yosh! Maa, that’s how these things go! Even if you strike out three times in a row, as long as you hit a home run in the fourth, you win!”

Haruna said smugly over her folded her arms. She often gets carried away while doing something, but since she was so over powered, she could get away with all kinds of things. Natalia was too relieved that they had won the fight to reproach her.

“Th- then… as we had agreed. I shall proceed with the negotiation for world peace with the human kingdom,” Demon King, Su Wallow, looked like he was going to uphold his end of the bargain.

“Aah, that’s right. As for my end. I shall teach you the proper techniques for Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, wa.”

“Yes, it is a pleasure to work wi- what?!” The Demon King looked up in shock. The rest of the demons and monsters also stared. No wonder too, since logic dictates that by losing the bout, the Demon King had gained nothing from this agreement.

“Wait! Haruna! What do you mean by that!?” Natalia ran up to Haruna.

“Well, it’s better to teach them properly than forcing them to come disguised as customers and end up stealing our recipes in the end! I prefer to teach them the authentic taste of Osaka rather than leaving it to chance.”

“No, I mean I know what you’re saying but, the agreement…”

“It’s fine, I’m just teaching him out of goodwill. I want to spread the taste of okonomiyaki to the entire world, that’s the original promise I made when I came here. I rather stay true to that first agreement. Not to mention, isn’t the Demon Kingdom part of this world too?” Haruna has a big smile on her face, there was no sign of hesitation or doubt at all.

Natalia then took a deep breath and gave up. “That’s right, after all, it’s not like anyone in this world could stop you.”

Then, Haruna approached the Demon King. “Do you have a kitchen? I can teach you guys right away. Do you at least have cabbage and wheat flour?”


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After that, Haruna got into some trouble for teaching demon folk how to make the Okonomiyaki, but since she was the one who initiated the peace talks in the first place, most of the grumblings were swept away under appreciation for future peace.

A month after the treaty was signed, Haruna was called to the Royal Capital to officiate the ceremony. “This kind of thing still doesn’t make me comfortable, naa,” Haruna peeked around the curtain that had been put up between herself and the stage.

“I thought it would be nice if Haruna-han is seen as a protagonist and be made to look extra important, wa,” Karen said while hugging Haruna’s arm.

Natalia looked on at them with a rather complex expression, “Please don’t cling to her too much, she’s not your fiancée.”

“I could say the same thing to you, wa.”

“Th-that has nothing to do with me!”

“You two need to stop fighting!”

It was finally time for the unveiling ceremony. Haruna as the representative pulled the string attached to the cloth. A large bronze statue of Haruna then was revealed. On the plaque were the words ‘The mother of this world’. Perhaps she had been given this moniker due to all the dishes that she had spread in this world in the name of nutrition.

Haruna didn’t want to stand out like that. It was not her goal to become the symbol of power. However, after all her achievements up until now she couldn’t exactly refuse it.

“Congratulations, Haruna,” Natalia often ended up very fed-up with Haruna’s often unexplainable behaviour, but today, she congratulated Haruna with all her heart.

“You did really well, Haruna-han!” Karen was really happy for Haruna, she kept clapping and bouncing in place.

There were also monks, adventurers and even demons present, even Su Wallow himself was present today. Today was officially the day that peace had been achieved. Okonomiyaki and ball-yaki were distributed free of charge along the road. The entire Royal Capital was happy, almost as if they were holding a festival.

“Well then, we managed to spread the word of Okonomiyaki in both the kingdom and the demon lands, I wonder if we can go further beyond this,” Haruna was already thinking about the next step.

“Let’s go to the beach and look for something. I want to add the Osaka version of ikayaki (grilled squid) in our menu.”


The word ikayaki refers to two different dishes, in this case, she was referring to the dish similar to okonomiyaki, not the grilled squids that are sold on stalls.


“Oh, yeah. With the kingdom backing us up, we can get our hands on plenty of ingredients. We can also search for fugu. Ahh, I really want to go and search for more ingredients. Oh, that’s it!”

“Haruna, why are you grinning?”

“I just came up with a great idea. I want to go to the government office that has jurisdiction over marine products.”

“There are still a lot of ceremonies scheduled so we can’t!”

The [Haru-chan] stores would continue growing at an insane speed. After a while, they would also be exported to other continents.

It won’t be long before this world is dominated by cheap and delicious food!


The end~ (^▽^)/


[Gumihou: Yay! Our first Japanese novel is completely translated. Banzai!]

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