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Tondemo Skill – 194 – D Ranks & Dungeons

Chapter 194: D Ranks and Dungeons


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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“Fuuuhhh~ I’m full.”

“That was really delicious, wasn’t it?”

“Un, very delicious.”

“So delicious,

“I’m so full~”

After lunch, we all settled down to relax our stomachs. I had some iced coffee while my guests enjoyed more orange juice [1]. Well, it looks like everyone enjoyed the food. Fer and my other companions had stuffed themselves until they couldn’t move anymore. Fufufu, it’s a win for me this time.

Right now my companions had pretty much fallen asleep where they had stopped. I got to eat while my hands were busy making seconds for everyone, so that was fine. I don’t mind the extra work since I was the one who invited them in the first place. Since they all said it was ‘delicious’, that was payment enough for me. [1] [2]

Speaking of which, “Do you plan on going for a mission tomorrow?”

“Yes, we plan to go to the guild early tomorrow and get one. We’ve talked about it and decided that we’ll keep on doing missions. Although unexpected things happened, as long as we stay cool and keep our heads, it will be fine,” said Anton. [2]

Despite the disastrous mission yesterday, you guys are already going for another mission after just one day’s rest?

F Rankers sure worked hard, ne.

“For people like us, we have to keep taking requests to increase our ranking,” complained Philip. [3]

“Yes, no matter how small the mission, we’ll have to take on everything to reach D Rank as quickly as we can,” said Bridgette. [3]

“Oh? What happens at D Rank?”

“Only Adventurers at D Rank and above could have access to the dungeons,” said Paul.

Eh, dungeon? What does making it to D Rank has to do with going into dungeons? [3]

“That’s right, ne~ I wish we could go to the dungeon soon~”

Even Livia was saying the same thing. Okay, I have to ask. “Ah, excuse me. But what does D Rank have to do with entering the dungeons?” [2] [3]

“Eh? Mukouda-san doesn’t know? According to the Adventurer’s Guild Guidelines, only Adventurers above E Rank could challenge a dungeon,” explained Anton.

Eh? I never heard of such a rule before. Well, to be fair I entered the dungeons of Doran at C Rank. Since my situation was rather unusual, I never got around to asking about things like this either.

“Well, it’s a Guild Guideline and not a rule, so we’re not exactly forbidden from entering a dungeon now, but it’s dangerous. I’m also thinking of signing our party up for the special Pre-Dungeon Course too.” [3]

Apparently, the Guild sought to maximise their new Adventurers’ survival by providing special courses and how-to packets for their newbie members.

This is the first time I’m hearing about this. Is this a special Neihoff City thing?

Do they have this at Doran?

I wish I could have taken the Dungeon Guide for Newbie [4]. That useless Elland-san never said anything about this to me. What a useless dragon-otaku elf.[2]

“Speaking of dungeons, there’s a rumour going around that an A Ranker who cleared the whole Doran Dungeon would be coming to Neihoff soon!” Paul exclaimed, looking directly at me for some reason.

In fact, everyone was staring at me very intensely. [1]

“… …”

“Is… this true?” Anton ventured to ask.

“Eh- well- I guess?”

The kids degenerated into incoherent shouts. I could barely make out words such as ‘Amazing!’, ‘Incredible!’ and ‘So awesome!’ bursting from them.

It was really scratching against my conscience, so I decided to come clean. “The only reason why I was able to do that is because of Fer, Dora-chan and Sui. I’m actually very weak, you know? I only managed to get through because of my companions.” [3]

“Well. You’re a Tamer type, aren’t you? So your strength depends on the type of monsters you contract with. Having powerful beings as contract monsters means you’re a powerful Tamer. Mukouda-san, you have my respect!” Anton cried. [3]

Everyone nodded in agreement.

I-is that so? Really? For real?

Now that they have confirmed my identity as the A Ranker who had cleared Doran’s Dungeon, the questions came piling in.

“What is a dungeon like?”

“What kind of enemies did you encounter?”

“What kind of drops are there?”

“What kind of traps did you encounter?”

“What kind of treasures did you find in treasure chests?”

I did my best to answer their rapid-fire questions, still feeling a little like a fraud, but like they said. As a Tamer type Adventurer, it’s fine for me to depend on my familiars, right? Right? [1]




“Woah, look at the time, it’s already this late,” time flies by so quickly when people are having fun, or busy answering rapid-fire questions. It was already dark by now. [1]

“Would you like to stay the night?” there are plenty of unused bedrooms here after all since I stay with all my familiars in one room. [1]

“No, we need to be out early tomorrow, so it’s better to go back now. Right everyone?” said Anton. [3]

“Just as Anton says, we need to go back home now,” said Philip. “After hearing Mukouda-san’s story, I’m all fired up now.” [3]

Bridgette nodded, “Me too. Suddenly, I really want to know what a dungeon looks like from the inside.”

“Paul, Paul, let’s do our best and help everyone reach D Rank!” Livia was bouncing right beside Paul. [3]

Well, everyone seemed really motivated, I do hope they will be careful though, “I see, well. Be careful on your way home.”

“Alright, Mukouda-san, thank you for everything today.”

“Not at all, not at all, I should thank everyone for your excellent guidance today.”

I waved the five of them off. These kids seemed all fired up about going into the dungeon, plus, I also learned quite a few things from them. All Adventurers, so they claimed, dreamed about striking it rich through dungeon challenge. Nevertheless, it was a risky business and not one that should be undertaken lightly.

I also got to hear about random information on various famous dungeons, including the one in Doran. Though most of the information for that dungeon was probably outdated…

While I got ready for bed, I noticed Fer lying on his side on the living room rug. His eyes were opened and he was staring right at me.

I think, someone would be bugging me about going to the dungeons again soon.



[Gumihou: Hohoho, but of course.]


[1] Added More Details: For a more textured narrative.

[2] Structural Change: Combined two or more floating paragraphs into one.

[3] Structural Change: Dialogue tags and information are a bit scattered. Streamlined the information and reduce repetitive information.

[4] Additional Details: I’m randomly naming the courses, lol


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