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Okonomiyaki Chain Store – 45 – Osakan Auntie Battles with the Swallow Demon King

Part 10: Osaka’s Auntie Battles with the Swallow Demon King

Chapter 45: Osakan Auntie Battles with the Swallow Demon King


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Onionpi


With the Helmet Guy as a guide, Haruna and Natalia made their way to the Demon King’s castle. The fateful encounter of two titans happened at the castle hall.

The Demon King did not look much older than Haruna’s physical age. His hair was jet black and so were the wings sprouting from his back, indicating the species of his demon line. Well, to be fair, though the wings were as black as his hair, they looked more like bird’s feathery wings than the expected bat wings. Lessening the demon-ish impression that Haruna had been anticipating.

“Greetings. Allow me to introduce myself as this is our very first official meeting. I am the 36th Demon King. I am called Su Wallow of the Black Swallow Clan.”

“I see, na. So I’ll be fighting a swallow. It’s always nice when things are straightforward and easy to understand.”

“We are currently working on switching from an Intuition-Based Governance to a more reliable Data Format System.”

“So it’s kind of like the Baseball ID system, is it? That’s great, ya na.”

Natalia had given up on commenting on the random little bits of incomprehensible stuff that came out of Haruna’s mouth.

“As agreed, we shall have a pure one-to-one fight here to decide on the winner of this bout.”

Around them, robed figures suddenly appeared. Though Haruna could not see their faces, from the design of their clothes and the number of tails and limbs visible, one could tell that these people were some kind of demon priests.

“As promised, at the end of the battle, all injuries would be healed. In the event you ended up dying, magic will be used to revive your body. You will be an undead in the strictest sense of the word, but the condition specified that your body must be revived to the point of animation no matter what.”

“That’s right, na. Otherwise, the Imperial Capital will miss me, wa.”

In fact, what the Imperial Kingdom wanted was Haruna’s strength on their side. Therefore, they were only willing to permit the bout only if Haruna’s body was properly revived if she happened to lose her life.

“If that is all, then shall we begin? I am very privileged to have the opportunity to fight with you. Let’s have a good battle.”

“That’s right! Fair play is important!”

The first to attack was the Demon King. With incredible speed, he rushed at Haruna! He struck out with his weapon, a closed jet black umbrella, Haruna barely managed to raise her arm and block the attack! [1]

“Woah! The attack power from this umbrella beats every other weapon I’ve ever seen!” Haruna tried to counterattack with her sword, but Su Wallow flashed away and struck her again with his umbrella. “Fast too.”

“A-are you alright?!” Natalia cried. Haruna had always dispatched her enemies so easily before this, she had never seen her boss beaten up like this. It was unnerving.

“Ugh, it got me by surprise, but I don’t think I took in much damage,” Haruna had to step back from the attack.

“To take a hit from me and still be standing…” the Demon King was also surprised. He had expected Haruna to fall after a single strike, but it turned out he had not done much damage.

Maa, that’s fine. I’ll just keep striking until you fall to pieces!” The Demon King rushed forward again, his umbrella flashed and this time Haruna managed to deflect the attack with her sword, mostly. With a Bashin! her arm was struck again.

“Tch… As expected, this speed… it’s just like fighting a flock of birds, wa. Take that! Grr, I have to find a way to counter this, na…”

“Why the heck do you act as though you’ve just knocked into a corner of a dresser every time I strike you!?”

“Haa? Do you know how much it hurts to stub your toe on a corner of a dresser?!” said Haruna with a perfectly straight face.

In contrast, the Demon King looked more and more agitated, “Stop with your jokes already!”

Somehow, the Demon King’s already phenomenal speed increased again. Looks like he was preparing for a serious attack. Indeed, he was. With a sudden flash, he dashed forward and battered Haruna with numerous attacks with his umbrella.

“What the heck, why aren’t you using any magical attacks?”

“It will be way faster to take you down if I use physical blows! I expect my enemies to know all my most powerful spells already!”

The Demon King said a line that sounded suspiciously like something out of an old RPG game. A variation of the ‘If you train your sword skills for long enough, it will be way more effective than any magic’.

Caught up in the spirit of ‘fair play’, Haruna said, “I see, I understand. I could also cast some fire magic, but I just don’t feel like it today, na.”

Somehow, it was decided that she would defeat the Demon King without her more offensive magic. After all, she was a knight, a proud swordswoman! That said, she still had to think of a way to get around the issue of a super-high-speed enemy.

“Well, of my non-attack type magic, there’s only the Red Pickled Ginger, but I really don’t think now’s the time… There’s also the hot spring water, but healing water doesn’t seem appropriate now… I guess I’m left with only that.”

Her strategy decided, Haruna set about making things happen.

Meanwhile, the Demon King’s umbrella flashed in a series of complicated moves, “Time for me to land a Critical Hit!” before Demon King himself dashed forward head-on.

However, Haruna already had her counterattack in place. “I’ll crush you with everything I got!” she narrowed her eyes. When the time was right, she raised both hands to the air. “Take this! Wind Magic: Rokko Oroshi!”

A powerful wind roared towards the Demon King. It was no exaggeration to say this was probably the most powerful Wind Magic spell in the world, made even more powerful in the hands of Wind Magic expert, Haruna.

“Uwaaah! What the hell is this?!” the Demon King’s speed decreased dramatically under the ruthless onslaught.

Yosh! It’s a slow ball! Time to strike!” Haruna held her sword up like a baseball bat in a two-handed grip. Instead of rushing forward to meet the Demon Lord, she waited in place like a batter. When the Demon Lord finally reached striking range she swung her sword.

“Come on, you!” Without thinking, Natalia put up her hands around her mouth and shouted, “Knock it out! Knock him out of the park, Haruna!”

Haruna gave a mighty swing. The sword came down and the flat side of it struck the Demon King sending him flying into the air!

“Just meet [2]!!” she howled.

The Demon King flew head over heels and slammed right into the wall… before slowly sliding down to the floor. Somehow, he was able to muster up enough energy to put up a shaky hand and declared-

“I, I give up…”

And that was how the battle between the Osakan Auntie and the Boy Toy Demon King ended.


[Gumihou: Woah, that was exciting, lol]


[1] Changed Details for Dramatic Effect: Erm, the fight scenes were… very lame. I’m fixing it so that it at least makes sense.


[2] Just Meet – apparently this is a baseball term. Meaning the batter struck the ball right in the middle of the bat


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