Tondemo Skill – 193 – Cockatrice Honey Mustard Sandwhich

Chapter 193: Cockatrice Honey Mustard Sandwich


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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Author Eguchi Ren: Today’s chapter is a little short.


We entered the house and I led the kids up to our living room.

“Wh-what an incredible house…” Phillip said, gazing about the place.

“Ah, it’s just a rental, though. I only need it while I’m in the city.”

The talk degenerated to how awesome and amazing it must be to be an A Rank Adventurer yet again.

Well, I can’t speak for other A Rankers, but the reason why I earn so much money was because of Fer and the rest.

“Well then, I’m going to make something to eat now. Please have something to drink while you wait here, na.”

Leaving the kids to hang out at the living room with [1] some sweet orange juice served in mugs bought from Dovan’s workshop, I left for the kitchen and took out my new treasures. By the way, Fer and the others were also upstairs with deep dishes of fruit milk to occupy them. Ah, but I just used their regular cheap dishes though, sorry, sorry, [2] but I want to put their lunch in their new dishes. I’m sure I’ll be forgiven, right?

Alright, let’s get cooking!

After some thought, I settled on making Honey Mustard Sandwich. Specifically, Cockatrice Honey Mustard Sandwiches.

The kids can’t have been around much, so there’s no need to shock them with strange food like rice suddenly, so I decided to go with bread as the staple dish. I decided to use Cockatrice partly because it’s one of the less expensive meats I have in hand. I’m starting to get a sense of how shockingly expensive most of the cuts of meat I have and it’s better to be a little low-key [2].

Also, Cockatrice was basically a giant, high-quality chicken, and everyone loves chicken anyway, right?

Anyway, instead of serving it as a cutlet on its own, I want to make something a little bit fancier. Like something you’ll get from a nice café. It’s not like it’s hard to do anyway.

First, though, let’s do a little shopping.

I’m counting on you, [Net Super~]

Let’s see, soy sauce, bottled lemon juice, fancy mustard with the grains inside, some honey and of course, bread.

Alright, let’s get started.

Before cooking, poke holes through the skin side of the cockatrice cutlets. If the cockatrice meat is too thick, just pound it down with the back of the knife so that it’s more or less half an inch thick through. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and set aside to marinate. While that’s happening, let’s make the honey mustard sauce. [1]

For a foolproof sauce, [2] I like to mix the mustard, soy sauce, honey and lemon juice in a bowl until I reach the balance of sweetness, acidity and heat that I like. Next, it was time to brown the cutlet. I lightly oil a heavy skillet and wait until it was hot before placing the cutlets onto the pan, skin side down and letting fat sizzle out steadily before flipping it over. I used a paper towel to dab out excess oil from the bird as I tipped the pan around.

Once the meat has been browned, I poured in the honey mustard sauce I’d mixed just now, making sure not to let the mustard grains explode from the sudden temperature change. Luckily there was enough liquid to prevent the popping. After quickly coating the cutlets in the sauce I set the pan aside to let the flavours seep into the meat as I prepare the other elements. [2]

The bread was duly sliced and lightly toasted in the oven; lettuce was washed and torn apart by hand. [2] The trick to preventing a soggy sandwich was to properly dry the washed lettuce.

Time to assemble.

First, the bread, followed by a layer of lettuce, then a Honey Mustard Cockatrice Cutlet, then another piece of bread. Flatten down a little, cut in half and it’s done. [2] I like to cut my sandwiches into short little rectangles instead of triangles or a long rectangle. I think this shape offers the best bread to filling ratio that also minimizes the chances of the filling falling out.

I made lots of sandwiches and loaded them up onto the new dishes for Fer and the rest of my companions. For the kids, I used the beige plates I had gotten from Severi’s Workshop. Hoho, I look like a proper host now. Ah, but the number of sandwiches on my companions’ plates were several times more numerous, of course, especially the ones for Fer and Sui…

Anyway, I prepared more orange juice in a glass jug, speaking of which, I’ll have to buy a jug too. This one is borrowed from my rented kitchen. It was just sitting there, so I figured I might as well use it. This, and the food trolley too, how convenient. [2] [2] After placing the plates of food, jug of juice et cetera onto the cart, I happily wheeled everything to the living room.

“Sorry for the wait~” I called out.

I let the kids serve themselves from the cart while I handed out plates of food for my familiars. Can’t neglect my big earners, right? It was thanks to them that I have all these nice plates and dishes now~

Fer did not stand on ceremony either. In a couple of chomps, half the contents in his new dish were gone. Ahaha, I can imagine the refrain already.

“Drinks, anyone?”

“Yes, please!” came the chorus. Oh, looks like the orange juice is quite popular among the kids. I tipped the jug into the 5 mugs thrust in my direction.

For the moment, they seemed more absorbed in the orange juice and were ignoring the sandwiches. Huh.

Finally, Phillip took a bite of the Cockatrice Honey Mustard Sandwich and suddenly shivered, “D-d-delicious! What you made yesterday was really good, but this one is extra delicious! It’s super delicious!”

Ah, he’s really honest.

The other kids, spurred by his enthusiasm, reached for their sandwiches as well.

“This is really amazing! The slightly sweet sauce is incredible!” Anton said around his mouthful.

“Yes,” agreed Bridgette. “It’s sweet, but it’s somehow savoury too. This is the first time I have something like this.”

“It’s sweet, spicy and salty at the same time, yet everything’s very balanced. It is indeed a very pleasurable experience.” Paul nodded wisely. He was the calmest of the kids, savouring each bite like a connoisseur of sandwiches.

“This is awesome!” gulped, “seconds!” Livia held out her plate, a bit of sauce still around her lips.

Ah, you’re unexpectedly fast?

“Seconds, please!” came the thunderous call. Fer, Dora-chan and Sui were done with their plates.

“Yes, yes, please wait for a moment, na.”

I collected the plates and pushed the trolley back to the kitchen to make more food.


[Gumihou: Ahahaha, looks like this is another win!]


[1] Structural Changes: Rearranged some awkward sentences


[2] Add Details to Vary Sentence Texture: To avoid the story from becoming repetitive.


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