Little Cooking Saint – 0059 – Squirrel Fish (f)

Chapter 59 Squirrel Fish (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Elder Liu, the Gatekeeper of the Treasure Pavilion was currently in a good mood. He had received word that Shiyu’s teacher was about to visit the Imperial Capital. Though there was no specific date as yet, he has hopes that he could meet with this mysterious and powerful master very soon.

He had secretly hinted for Liu Yi to spend more time forging a good relationship with Shiyu. It would be best if this grandson of his could inform him immediately the moment this girl’s master arrived.

Naturally, there was no reason for Liu Yi to refuse this request. The problem was, every time he made an overture of friendliness, it would be met by Shiyu’s cold face. However, he refused to give up.

His mysterious behaviour upset Mo Yin, of course, and she would take every opportunity to nag him about it every single time. It came to the point where Liu Yi ended up avoiding her out of annoyance.

“Why is he like this!?” Mo Yin was so angry that she was literally crying with anger as she clenched her fists, tears of frustration rolling down her cheeks. “When he needed medicinal herbs and pills for his Cultivation, I never begrudged him any and brought whatever I can from home. I never asked for anything in return and this is how he treats me!? Just what good thing did that slut Shiyu give him to make him stick to her like this?”

Meng Li could not bear to see her so upset said, “How about this, since he refuses to see you, why don’t I speak to him on your behalf? We can’t just keep going on like this.”

When Mo Yin heard this, she hesitated for a moment before saying “Is… that alright?”

“We’ve been friends for so long, I can’t bear to see you bullied like this every day, ah. There must be a reason for everything that happens. Once we unravel the reason behind it, then it would cease to be a problem,” said Meng Li. “I will go now, please wait for my news tonight!”


When Meng Li finally tracked down Liu Yi, he was just preparing to go look for Shiyu. Feng Luo was not around.

“May I speak with you for a moment?” asked Meng Li. Her voice was gentle and warm, making it difficult for Liu Yi to deny her.

“Is this about Little Yin?”

“Aside from her, is there anything else?” Meng Li countered.

In the end, the two of them stopped by the lakeside. There was no one around at this time, making it the perfect place for a private conversation.

“Must you and Little Yin quarrel like this? Little Yin loves you very much. She has loved you for a long time now. Even if you claim to not like Shiyu, she still worries that you’ll grow to dislike her one day,” said Meng Li.

Liu Yi sneered, “So, she distrusts me so much? If I really did have a change of heart, why would I chose to be with her now?”

“Then, why do you keep looking for Shiyu?” Meng Li persisted.

Liu Yi sighed and said, “Do you think I want to? If it’s not a direct order from my great-grandfather, I would never have complied. Little Yin refused to listen to my explanation and scream at me every time we meet. How could I be happy?”

When Meng Li heard this, she grew even more puzzled. She wanted to ask why Elder Liu would take an interest in a nobody like Shiyu when she tripped over a branch and her whole body tipped forward.

Liu Yi reacted quickly and caught her by the back of her clothes. However, the fragile cloth tore and Meng Li’s upper chest and shoulders were exposed. She screamed again, still falling. This time, Liu Yi grabbed her by the waist.

“Ugh!” Meng Li grabbed her torn clothes. Embarrassment made her back away from Liu Yi, but she stumbled again, this time bringing Liu Yi down with her. They both ended up on the ground with Liu Yi on top.

At the fresh scent of a young girl, Liu Yi’s heart suddenly started thumping. Meng Li gasped and pushed him away. She turned around and tried to fix her clothes. “Y-you saw nothing!” she said.

“Yes, yes, I saw nothing,” Liu Yi said. However, the scent of the girl and the smooth softness of her skin flashed quickly across his mind as he rubbed his fingers together.

Meng Li managed to tidy up herself, and even brought out an extra jacket to cover herself from her space ring [1]. Her face was very cold as she said, “This is an accident, you be sure to stay away from me.”

Naturally, Liu Yi was not at all happy to hear this, “What is the meaning of this? You talk as though I deliberately pressed you down. You and Feng Luo are not back together yet and therefore did not commit the crime of coveting a friend’s wife. Moreover, are you trying to say that I am a worse candidate as a partner than Feng Luo?”

“Compared to him, you are unworthy,” said Meng Li through gritted teeth.

“Is that why you chose him? Doesn’t the glory of the Feng Clan hinges upon one old elder who was on the verge of breaking through to the Divine Transformation Stage [2]? Who knows if that old fart could even make it through safely? You might not know this but a lot of people have already sneaked into Feng City just to stop that elder from breaking through. Once that old Feng patriarch fall, what do you think would become of Feng Luo?” Liu Yi snapped.

Meng Li already knew that the Feng Clan has great prestige and strength, but she had not realised just how many calamities that strength had attracted. She was incredulous, “Are you telling the truth?”

“Of course, without Elder Feng’s protection, the Feng Clan is nothing but a pile of fatty meat for people to bite off. Who knows, Feng City might even have to be renamed. Do you think you can still become Third Lady Feng under such circumstances?” Liu Yi had overheard this matter the last time he went home. In truth, he had no real clue as to what was really happening, but-

-rumour has it that there were six Great Perfection Level, Core Condensation warriors out to assassinate the old Feng Patriarch. Nothing good would come out of it. He had merely spoken up ahead of schedule, that’s all.

After hearing this, Meng Li turned and was about to leave when Liu Yu grabbed her arm. “Where are you going? Do you intend to inform Feng Luo? Hah! What do you think would happen if you tell him? What could he do? That guy is merely an 8th Level Core Transformation Cultivator. It would be like sending a mantis to stop a chariot. He’ll just add to the body count.

Let me tell you this first. There is no way I would ever marry Mo Yin. I need a clever schemer on my side to take control of the Liu Family. Would you rather be the Third Lady of a broken down Feng Clan or the future Main Wife of a Liu Family Head?” he leaned in closer to her ear. “You have no idea how long I’ve liked you…”


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That evening, when Mo Yin saw Meng Li, she immediately asked, “Well? What did he say?”

A light flashed in Meng Li’s eyes and she lowered her lashes before saying, “He said that it was his great-grandfather who bade him to get closer to Shiyu. However, since you avoided him, he felt awkward about showing his face to you. He plans to wait until the situation has settled before coming to see you.”

When she heard this, a smile broke across Mo Yin’s face, “Hah! I knew it. He wouldn’t abandon me so easily.”

A smile played about the corners of Meng Li’s lips. “That’s right. You should be at ease and take care of yourself. Don’t cry anymore.”

“En, en, I will!” said Mo Yin energetically. She felt especially thankful to Meng Li. “Thank you, if not for you, I wouldn’t know what is in his heart.”

“This is something I should do as a friend,” Meng Li smiled. “However, even as you rejoice in your good news, I, well, I heard that the Feng Clan’s elder is…”

“So you knew about it too?” Mo Yin’s eyes widened and a look of annoyance crossed her face. “It’s not that I want to deceive you or anything. It’s to be expected after all. The news is all over the place. In fact, I had planned to let Feng Luo know, but then his attitude annoyed me so I said nothing. Well, it’s not like us saying anything would make a difference either. Once the Feng Patriarch falls, Feng Luo is basically nothing. We can’t be friends with low-status people, it’s just isn’t done. In fact, I’d say it’s probably best that you’re no longer together. With your looks, ability and lineage, you could obviously find a better man.”

“Is the Feng Patriarch’s end a certainty?” Meng Li asked.

“Even if it’s not a hundred percent, we can be 99 percent sure.”


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[1] Added Detail for Logistic Purposes: Her clothes were torn, and she manages to tidy herself up with a… special jutsu? Anyway, girls should have space ring with some clothes in it, right?

[2] Stages of things. Gumihou keeps tracks so you don’t have to ~


Chapter 39.3 Gumihou’s Ref English
凝氣 First Condensation Stage
化丹 Second Core Transformation
結丹/ 凝丹(46) Third Binding Core/Core Condensation
成嬰 Fourth Nascent Formation
形神/化神(52) Fifth Spirit Shaping/Divine Transformation
合體 Sixth Unification Stage
返墟 Seventh Return to Ruins
歸真 Eight Return to Nature
成仙 Ninth Becoming Immortal
  • It’s been confirmed, an entire Cultivation Stage has disappeared.


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