Little Cooking Saint – 0058 – Squirrel Fish (e)

Chapter 58 Squirrel Fish (e)

Translated by Gumihou

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Shiyu was just plating a freshly fried Squirrel Fish when she heard Mo Yin’s screams. She quickly ladled on the sauce and headed out. Might as well seek gossip and send out a plate of fish at the same time.

When Feng Luo and Lin Fan finally recovered enough to react, they spotted Shiyu carrying another plate of steaming Squirrel Fish. They quickly stood up and rescued the fish saying, “It’s best to talk things out without fighting.”

“I’ll kill you!” Mo Yin raised her hand, ominous Spiritual Energy surrounded her palm, clearly intending to cause serious injury to the Girl in Red.

However, instead of being fearful, the girl laughed contemptuously, “So aggressive even though you’ve just broken through to Core Transformation Stage. As a very generous person, I shall educate you. There are many better and more talented people outside the well you live in.”

With that, she lightly swiped up her sleeves and casually slapped the Spiritual Energy imbued palm away. If Liu Yi had not caught the palm and dispersed the energy, Mo Yin would have been severely injured by the backlash.

“What’s the matter with you!? Just when did we offend you? How dare you just come out of nowhere and throw food on others and injure people!?” Fei Yue knew that she lacked the power to fight this girl head-on and resorted to complaining instead.

“If you are allowed to speak badly about people you disliked, am I not allowed to bully those I hate?” the Girl in Red folded her arms and said, “What’s wrong about being a cook? Has this cook bothered you in any way? [1] I know that multi-tasking is important, but slandering people’s Cultivation base while eating the food they have worked so hard to make is beyond disgusting. It offends my eyes.”

When Shiyu heard this, she more or less guessed what must have happened.

These bunch of kids, did they think that just because she did not show her temper here they could just casually step on her?

“Oh, so you don’t like me because of my low Cultivation base? Well, if I’m not wrong the End of Term Competition at the end of this month. If you’re confident, I am more than happy to accept your challenge.” Since these people could not seem to understand basic human communication, she’ll just have to beat their heads in.

When Mo Yin heard this, a sneering laugh escaped her lips, “You? Hah! Don’t expect me to let you go when you cry and beg for your life!”

“Empty cans make the most noise,” Shiyu smiled coldly at her. “Whether or not I have the ability to fight, you’ll find out for sure at the end of the month. Unlike you, I am not one to just blow my own horn for nothing.” At this, she turned away from Mo Yin to smile at the Girl in Red, “This is the second time I’ve caught you speaking on my behalf. Please have my thanks. You seem to like my cooking. Why don’t you eat for free from now on? Consider it my gratitude towards you.”

The Girl in Red waved her hand embarrassedly at Shiyu, “No need, no need, my family has money aplenty. If you wish to thank me, well, my birthday is in two weeks’ time. How about you make something interesting just for me?”

When it came to food, it looked like this girl really could not help but drool at the thought of culinary delights. Ever since the Soup Shop has ended their disastrous Radish Soup, she had been a frequent visitor there. If possible, she would rather spend all day eating and drinking all kinds of delicious food and drinks.

Shiyu considered the matter for a moment, before saying, “Alright! I won’t let you down!”

“That’s wonderful! For the sake of your food, if anyone dares to bully you, let me know. I’ll trash them up for you. If I can’t settle the matter, I’ll call father over to trash them up. If my father can’t handle it, there’s still my grandfather. In other words, don’t be shy about calling for my help.”

For a moment, Shiyu was rendered speechless by this bold girl. However, she has no problem with this kind of bold personalities and was really quite taken in by her. Just what kind of upbringing does this little Chilli Pepper has, ah?

As the two new BFF’s [2] chattered happily together, Feng Luo and Liu Yi have basically lost their appetites and made their excuses to leave.

The herd moved out of the cafeteria together. The moment they stepped out, Liu Yi allowed his face to sink into open disapproval. Even non-confrontive Feng Luo could not help but say, “I don’t know why you are always picking on Little Shi. Even when we were on the road to the Imperial Capital you kept suspecting her and making all these weird remarks. Just what kind of grudge do you have against her?”

“Feng Luo, I think you’re the one who’s obsessing over her. That is why you’re always helping that outsider. Did you not see how she bullied me then? And now this. Just why do you think we’re in this situation now?” Mo Yin screeched. “As my friend, if you have even the tiniest bit of conscience, you should have defended us. Looks like our two years’ worth of friendship is nothing considering how you’re bought over by a mere few plates of food.”

Fei Yue chimed up beside her, “Also, isn’t she the reason why you and Meng Li have distance from each other? Or, are you saying that you have a change of heart? Is that why you are so hesitant about getting back together with Meng Li?”

At first, Feng Luo wanted to get to the bottom of this misunderstanding and resolve the girls’ grudge against Shiyu. However, when they attacked his loyalty and stabbed him on this sore point, his complexion suddenly turned ugly.

“Matters between Meng Li and I will be resolved between ourselves. We don’t need outsiders to poke their noses in. I know perfectly well what Shiyu thinks of me. If you feel that I am a man with no loyalty, you are free to think as you please. Liu Yi, I have some other thing to attend to. I shall not be accompanying you anymore.” With that, he turned around and stormed away.

Liu Yi was also fuming. He had been looking for opportunities to build up a relationship with Shiyu, but this plan was actually disrupted by those girls. In the end, he ended up being lumped in with them and despised by Shiyu. How could he not be annoyed?

He breathed in deeply and tried to keep his temper. The normally lovable and cute looking Mo Yin suddenly appeared wilful and unruly in his eyes.

“Little Yin, there are some things that you must reflect over before you do or say. If this thing happens again, I’m afraid we must go our separate ways.”

With that, he too turned around and began to walk away.

In the end, the three girls were left gritting their teeth right in front of the cafeteria.


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Meanwhile, Shiyu had no idea what had happened to Mo Yin and Co. She and her new female friend were currently chattering quite happily together. Shiyu had always liked people who were brisk, efficient and knew what they wanted in life. Straightforward people like these were very comfortable to be around. You always know where you stand with them.

They only parted when it was time for Shiyu to leave for her afternoon classes.

That evening, after a very eventful day, Shiyu returned to the loft to find Lin Fan waiting for her.

“The End of Term Competition, you are sure about doing this?” he asked. “I don’t believe I’ve seen you train your martial arts. Would you be able to win against your opponent?”

“I still have another month, don’t I? I’ll train up my martial arts during this time.” Her challenge towards Mo Yin was a spur of the moment thing, but she also realised that being a high-level Cultivator without martial arts was also kind of embarrassing. But beyond that, not being able to make use of her own power would be like sitting on a mountain of gold, and not knowing what to do with it. Someone could just come and smash your nose in with a copper plate of all things.

By learning martial arts, she would be able to properly protect the people she wished to protect in the future.

Hearing her resolve, Lin Fan handed her a good number of scrolls. “You’re a Fire Attribute Cultivator. Just study these martial arts. I know you’re at the Core Transformation Stage now, just practice these moves and learn them over and over again until your body is familiar with it. When the time comes you will be able to react properly.”

Who would have thought that this Lin Fan would actually be so thorough and even brought her so many martial arts scrolls? Shiyu gratefully said, “Many thanks, brother! I shall work hard, but you must also work hard too. I heard that the Top 50 will be challenging you next. Even if you are beaten up black and blue, you must leave them bleeding as well.”

“Yes! Let’s work hard together.”

Shiyu had a feeling that the reason behind Lin Fan knowing about her true Cultivation Stage was probably because of a certain old man living within a jade token. When she thought about that old spirit, she suddenly said, “Lin Fan, may I borrow someone from you?”


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[1] Added Detail for Comedic Effect: I put in the multi-tasking joke


[2] Added Detail for Comedic Effect: I put in the BFF


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