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Little Cooking Saint – 0054 – Squirrel Fish (a)

Chapter 54 Squirrel Fish (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


A flash of awkwardness went through Shiyu. It was kind of difficult to argue over this kind of accusation, especially since it might be true…

Lin Fan also frowned.

“What are you saying!” Xue Qingge immediately scolded the girl, “apologise now!”

The girl had not expected her sister to scold her immediately in front of so many people. Her cheeks flushed with shame and she said petulantly, “I’m not wrong. She does smell like fish!”

“Be humble and don’t criticise others, how many times have I taught you this?” Xue Qingge’s beautiful brows creased in displeasure. “Apologise to Miss Shi now.”

The girl’s eyes reddened. She was the precious daughter of an important family, why should she apologise to a lowly outsider?!

“No!” She shrieked and ran away.

Xue Qingge’s displeasure at her sister’s attitude was evident on her face, but her sister had already run off crying. She could only turn to Shiyu and said, “My sister is arrogant and wilful, please do not take those unfortunate words to heart.” 

By now, Shiyu felt like she had been roasted over an open fire. From the moment she arrived, she had caused her host’s sister to cry, who then ran away and caused her host displeasure. There was no way any of those people seated in the pavilion was going to think kindly of her now.

In the end, she elected to smile and say nothing.

If I say I refuse to forgive, then I’m a petty person. If I say forgive, then I’m an idiot who’s too generous. It’s better to just say nothing. 

Fortunately, Shiyu’s existence was too small to disturb Xue Qingge’s mood.

Under Xue Qingge’s masterful direction, the people around her seemed to forget the previous embarrassing moment even happened. They began to laugh and chatter with each other again. However, while no words were exchanged, every one of them ever so subtly snubbed Shiyu.

For her part, Shiyu was not at all bothered by this upper-class style discrimination. She had never lived to please others and did not intend to start now.

Only, since she was already here, she might as well have a look around and people watch for a while. Maybe she could leave after having eaten something from the banquet. She found an out of the corner to settle down and observe her surroundings.

Lin Fan sat beside her and said apologetically, “I really had not expected something like this. I would not have come if I knew this was going to happen.”

“If Xue Qingge hears you, she’ll be hurt,” Shiyu teased. Everyone was aware that the invitation was mainly for Lin Fan, her presence here was incidental.


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When Xue Qingge saw that the atmosphere around her was lively again, she used the excuse that she needed to change her clothes to leave the pavilion.

The moment she stepped away from her guests, her expression grew sombre and asked one of the maids, “Where’s second young miss?”

“Back at her estate,” the servant answered.

Xue Qingge came over to Xue Qingruo’s residential area and found the girl crying in a corner. Her sister’s eyes were red and swollen. Knowing her sister’s character, Xue Qingge’s expression softened. She said, “Do you know where you’ve gone wrong today?”

Xue Qingruo’s mouth twisted, “No,”

“That person came as a guest today. Regardless if they are princes and princesses or beggars, as hostess we must treat them all with the same courtesy. Just look at your every phrase and action, where is your dignity as a young miss of a large house? No matter how much you hate the other person, you must not let them know it.”

“The reason why she’s even on the Xue Family’s home is because she sticks herself to Lin Fan. Why should I show courtesy to her? I am the second young miss of the Xue Family. She’s just a cook. Why should I lower my voice or play nice with her?”

“If you are truly a young miss of the Xue Family, why are you picking fights with a cook? Isn’t such an insignificant person beneath you? Aren’t you ashamed?”

Xue Qingruo could not refute her sister’s words.

“‘Be Cautious in Words and Deeds’, make this your way of life.” Xue Qingge eyed her coldly. “Surely you don’t need me to keep reminding you of this?”

After a long time, Xue Qingruo finally said in a very grieved tone, “Then, must I really apologize to her?”

“I do believe that this Shiyu won’t insist on an apology. However, you are not allowed to behave like this for the second time,” Xue Qingge paused, before continuing. “However, it would be best for you to send some gifts to her. Best to do use Lin Fan as a go-between. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate our sincerity as well.”

“Oh,” Xue Qingruo agreed without further arguments.


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As Shiyu continued to chat with Lin Fan, she noticed that this kid just kept looking guiltier and guiltier. As the adult in this relationship, she had no choice but to comfort him.

She must have made good progress with her comforting. Because, when Xue Qingge came over to invite Lin Fan to her pretty little pavilion, citing that there were friends over there who wanted to get to know him, he went off readily enough after she gave him a little push.

To be honest, she was getting rather parched in the throat from trying to ease his guilt of having his friends victimising her.

Once Lin Fan left her side, she studied the group of high-spirited young men and women. The people in the middle were beautiful, well-dressed, talented and their future brighter than brocade. These were the favoured sons and daughters of heaven who would become the centre of attention no matter where they go. The people standing around them could only be foils. There only to make the people in the centre shine brighter.

Suddenly, Shiyu understood why Xue Qingge invited her.

‘The Glow of Seed Pearls Could Not be compared to Heaven’s Light’. She, Shiyu, was the seed pearl, and Lin Fan ‘Heaven’s Light’ or the sun and moon. One in the sky, and one from a dirty oyster in the mud. The message was clear, she should not hope to stick her tiny rice size self to a sun like Lin Fan.

Shiyu took a little sip of wine as she told herself not to bother what a bunch of teenagers thought of her but… she was really unhappy, ah. Angry even! Humph, whatever, this auntie is an adult and she will be the bigger person here.

Setting the cup of wine down, Shiyu got ready to leave. She was just making her way out when she overheard people talking about her and slowed her steps.

“I heard that cook who came with Lin Fan made Second Young Miss Xue cry with anger.”

“No wonder, and here I was wondering where Second Young Miss Xue has gone. I feel nauseous just thinking about that smug little low life’s face.”

At this, Shiyu’s mouth twitched.

Luckily they haven’t encounter Feng Luo, otherwise, these guys would have been verbally torn to bits. Somehow, thinking about this buoyed her mood again.

“So what if she’s a cook? Is being a cook something bad? Just how many plates of Sashimi have you eaten by that same cook? I don’t see you turning green when you saw her face then, did I? As for that arrogant and bratty Xue Qingruo, do you really think anyone could bully that brat and make her cry? Don’t make me laugh. Don’t think that the Xue Family will show you favour just because you bad mouth others in their courtyard!”

Shiyu mentally applauded the person who said all the things she couldn’t.

Wondering just who this heroine was, she took a peek and saw a young girl dressed in red and glowering fiercely at two young men who were alternatively flushed with shame or turning white with fear. They glanced furtively around, clearly wanting to be anywhere but here.

“Tch! What a bunch of sissies!” the girl in red sneered at them before flouncing away.

Shiyu stared after the girl’s disappearing back and can’t help but think of red chilli peppers. This girl certainly was spicy enough. Having someone speak up for her eased the discomfort in her heart and put her in a good mood again.

However, that still did not stop her from wanting to leave this glittering trash pit. Not wasting any more time on diversions, Shiyu left the Xue house.

Once she stepped out of the Xue Mansion, she saw that the street lights had been put up and there were streets were very bright. The sound of a lively night market with hawkers calling for customers and the tshhh [2] of woks and the clang of cooking implements could be heard. Not to mention the smell of smoke from various cook fires mingling with the scent of food. It drew Shiyu like a moth to the flame.

People pursue a long life so that they could enjoy more of their life. However, what’s the point of dedicating one’s life to Cultivation for long life alone? What’s the point of that? As her feet propelled her forward, she found there were many shops selling Sashimi.

Curious, she stopped before one of the stalls and the stall keeper began his spiel, “This Sashimi is one of the food often eaten by those immortal Cultivators. It is said that eating it will promote long life and good health. Dear customer, won’t you try some? No need to pursue long life, we can pursue the good taste of immortals!’



[Gumihou: Dear readers, I have to say this. Although I have ranted and disparaged the author’s writing style and dubious facts, they have a real skill for character design and a flair for complex plots. I can only blame a lack of time and editing for the want of proper details and inconsistency. This chapter reminded me why I will keep translating this story.]



[1] The Glow of Seed Pearls Could Not be compared to Heaven’s Light – The difference between heaven and earth, people from two different world basically. Very poetic.


[2] Add Just a Little Bit Details: For a livelier marketplace


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