Tondemo Skill – 188 – Level Up

Chapter 188: Level Up


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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“Ahhh, what a good bath.”

“Aaa, just as expected. Baths are great.”

“Baths are really great, right~”

Dora-chan, Sui and I came out from the bath to flop down on the bed, gazing into nothing as we enjoyed the aftermath of our bath.

Fer was already tucked into his futon. Suddenly, he raised his head and narrowed his eyes at us. “Nu, I think Sui has evolved.”

“Eh, really? Let me check…”

Since Fer said that Sui has evolved, I decided to check her status.


[Name] Sui

[Age] 3 months

[Race] Huge Slime

[Level] 1

[Health Points] 1582

[Magic Power] 1556

[Attack Power] 1548

[Defense] 1553

[Agility] 1581

[Skills] Acid Bullet | Regen Potion Creation | Multiplication | Water Magic | Smithing | Gigantify


Blessing of the Water Goddess Rusalka

Blessing of the God of Smith Hephaestus


Oh, just as Fer said, she has evolved.

She’s a ‘Huge Slime’ now and has a new skill called [Gigantify]. I used my [Appraisal] to focus on that skill. An explanation window popped up:

‘Gigantify – A skill unique to slimes that allows them to become gigantic’

Well, that was helpful. Not.

I wonder how big she could become through [Gigantify]?

We’ll have to test this out in the open field. Somewhere far away from any settlements or forests, or anything that could be destroyed.

Anyway, the plan was to report the success of our mission to subjugate the Cyclops tomorrow at the Adventurer’s Guild, so that means we’ll have some time to kill after that. I’ll get Fer to find us a suitable place for Sui to try out her new skill.

“Sui, it looks like you have a new skill after evolving, did you know?”

Nn? Please wait a bit… ah, ah yes. Sui knows this. It makes Sui grow really, really big!”

Just how big is ‘really, really big!’?

“Is that so? After we visit the Adventurer’s Guild, let’s go and check out this new skill of yours, alright? I’d like to see how big you can get.”


Anyway, Sui is a Huge Slime now, but what exactly is a Huge Slime?

Sui has been levelling up steadily all this while, but has she reached the final stage of evolution?

Would she keep on evolving?

Is there a final form?

“Hey, Fer. Sui is a Huge Slime now, do you know what comes after that?”

“I dare say,” Fer harrumphed, “the final form for slimes is called Emperor Slime. I’ve only encountered one in all my years. They were quite strong.”

E-emperor Slime? Even the name sounded strong.

“Emperor Slimes have very high resistance. So regular magic does nothing to them. On top of that, if even a little bit of their body remains, they can fully recover to their original form. It was quite problematic even for me. I did defeat them in the end though. With a massive lightning spell.”

A tough enemy even for Fer? Amazing.

I mean, in the end, Fer won anyways.

I wonder what Fer means by ‘massive lightning spell’…

… Ugh, just imagining it gives me the chills.

“If Sui evolved into a Huge Slime, then it means that the next evolution will probably be Emperor Slime right? I’ve seen a few Huge Slimes in the past but I’ve only encountered that one Emperor Slime. Most slimes are killed off before they managed to even reach the first evolution stage. The ones that do make it to the final stages are extremely rare.”


Slimes are quite the weaklings at first.

But according to Fer, this means that Sui is just one step away from reaching her last form in just 3 months right?

Incredible…. just how-

Suddenly, it occurred to me. The other world trash!

That’s right, trash from [Net Super] had been accumulating, and I got Sui to regularly clear it away for me. So, I guess that’s one reason why she was evolving so fast.

Not only that, she had been defeating a lot of monsters too!

Well, nothing wrong with becoming strong.

“However, since she has already reached Huge Slime stage, going up to the next level would be even harder for her now.”

“Eh, is that so?”

Umu. I told you this before. The higher your level, the harder it is to reach the next level. It’s the same for creatures with evolution stages. Every evolution stage is harder to reach than the previous one.”

I see, I see, makes sense.

Wait, do we have evolution stages?

“No, humans don’t evolve. Neither do I nor Dora.”

According to Fer, only certain low-ranking species have evolutionary stages. Humans, Fenrirs and Dragon-kinds of all types don’t go through any kind of evolution because they were considered high ranking creatures. In other words, we are all born in their finale evolution stage.

Low ranking monsters developed the evolutionary stages that allow them to become significantly stronger each time they breakthrough the necessary levels to evolve. As a slime, Sui started out as a very low ranking ‘Baby Slime’ that even humans could kill by stepping on her. As she continues to evolve, her final form would be the ‘Emperor Slime’.

It’s the same for Orcs. Their evolutionary stages looked like this:

Orc > Orc Leader > Orc General > Orc King

The environment also seemed to play a very important part in the evolution/level up process.

“I see, I see. Oh, by the way. Normally at what level does a monster need to reach to evolve?”

“Level 100. Once the evolving type monster reaches Level 100, they would immediately evolve and return to Level 1 as a new monster.”

Oh, is that so.

Then in Fer’s case who has lived for more than 1000 years and is level 900, who’s also said to be the strongest monster, the max level should probably be 999.

“So in that case, for me, you and Dora-chan, our maximum would be 999, right?”

Umu, that’s the theory. However…”

Eh? I somehow felt uneasy about Fer’s hesitation to answer my question.

“What is it?”

“Nothing much. It’s just… we Fenrirs have a legend among us. One of us managed to reach above Level 1,000. It was a Fenrir who had lived for over 10,000 years. That Fenrir was so old and powerful that he got tired of this world and went travelling in search of a new world.”

Eh? In search of a new world? A new world like Christopher Columbus? I suppose it’s not impossible to imagine there are worlds aside from this one land mass [1].

“Wait, if you cross the sea, could you reach a different landmass?”

“According to the legend, yes. However, no one has ever seen it. People could just die from sea monster attacks. What idiot would do that?”

Ah, I see. There are monsters everywhere in this world after all.

It’s not as easy as I thought.

“Well, humans have found some small islands when they ventured across the sea though.”

Just some small islands… trust humans to be the ones who were crazy and reckless enough to even reach that far.

I guess going out in search of new continents through a monster-infested sea would be reckless. That’s it, if there isn’t a safe and established way to travel, there’s no way people would even think about reaching other continents.

Fer was speaking again, “I still haven’t reached Level 999, but I did level up. That’s the reason why I checked everyone’s Status.”

I see, so that’s how he found out that Sui had evolved.


[Name] Fer

[Age] 1014

[Race] Fenrir

[Level] 922

[Health Points] 10019

[Magic Power] 9652

[Attack Power] 9308

[Defense Power] 10020

[Agility] 9841


[Skills] Wind Magic | Fire Magic | Water Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Lightning Magic | Holy Magic | Barrier Magic | Slash Attack | Body Strengthen | Physical Damage Resistance | Magical Damage Resistance | Reduced Magic Cost | Appraisal | Battle Strengthen


Blessing of the Wind Goddess Ninrir

Blessing of the War God Vahagn


As usual, Fer’s Status has amazing stats.

Fer was already powerful from the start, so it’s hard to tell the difference from a single level up.

“We already had some experience accumulated from the dungeon. After defeating those Evil Plants and that Cyclops, I managed to level up. In the end, the best way to level up is through dungeon challenges. Umu, I wonder whether there are dungeons in other big cities? After visiting the sea, let’s go to a dungeon again.”

No, no, please don’t just decide things like that.

I’ve had enough of dungeons.

I don’t want to ever go into a dungeon ever again.

Ma- maa, why don’t we get to the sea first and see what’s there, alright?” I must do my best to distract them from anything dungeon related.

If I’m not careful, I’d be forced to go into a dungeon after our visit to Verulean.

“Anyway, if you and Sui levelled up, then Dora-chan must have levelled up as well, right?”

Umu, that is possible.”

“Ah, but he’s asleep now. Sui too.” While Fer and I were having our little discussion, our two smallest companions have fallen asleep.

“Haha, Dora-chan’s sleeping posture is too funny. Do Dragons really sleep this way?” our dragon companion was currently lying on his back, belly exposed as he breathed deeply fusuu, fusuu

Ah, he’s scratching himself now.

Hoho, how cute.

“Of course not. Dora-chan is probably the only one who sleeps this way. Pixie Dragons are quite rare. Dora is an even rarer individual. In the first place, Pixie Dragons don’t expose themselves before humans. People only manage to catch glimpses of them by accident. However, Dora intentionally reveals himself to you. He’s quite an oddball for a Pixie Dragon.”

Ahaha, Dora-chan, you’re a weirdo, hehe.

Maa, that’s fine with me. He’s been helping me out a lot. With Fer, Dora-chan and Sui in our group, we have no blind spot.

Anyway, let’s check on Dora-chan’s Status.


[Name] Dora-chan

[Age] 116

[Race] Pixie Dragon

[Level] 164

[Health Points] 1120

[Magic Power] 3262

[Attack Power] 3153

[Defense Power] 1081

[Agility] 3938

[Skills] Wind Magic | Fire Magic | Water Magic | Earth Magic | Ice Magic | Lightning Magic | Regenerative Magic | Bombardment | Battle Strengthen


Blessing of the War God Vahagn


Oh, it went up a little. As expected, we got a lot of experience points from the Evil Plant extermination. That was quite amazing, really. Even ordinary me who normally don’t stand a chance against monsters could fight them.

Oh, speaking of which, what is my status like now?

Well, it most likely won’t go up easily, but it must have gone up a little, right?

Right, let’s have a look.


[Name] Mukouda (Tsuyoshi Mukouda)

[Age] 27

[Race] Guy Caught up in a Summoning Spell

[Level] 30

[Health Points] 324

[Magic Power] 316

[Attack Power] 294

[Defense Power] 291

[Agility] 270

[Skills] Appraisal | Fire Magic | Earth Magic | Item Box | Familiar | Absolute Defence | Experience Booster

[Unique Skills] Net Super

Tenant – Fujiya


Blessing of the War God Vahagn (small) |

Blessing of the Fire Goddess Agni (small) |

Blessing of the Earth Goddess Kishar (small)


Woah, for some reason I’ve levelled up a lot. Do Evil Plants give out a lot of experience points?

Wait a minute, what’s this Skill?

What’s this Experience Booster?

When did I get this?

“Hey Fer, can you check my Status for me?”

“Whatever… umu, I’m looking now.”

“Did you see the Skill called Experience Booster?”

“Where… umu, I’m seeing it. Is that a new skill?”

“Yeah it is, but I have no idea of how or when I got it. I’m just wondering how I got it. Surely Skills don’t just fall out of the sky, right?”

“As your experience increase, your Skills will too. Could it be that you acquired it from a monster?”

Is that so?

But I don’t think I did anything to acquire this skill…

I switched my vision over to the ‘Experience Booster’ letters.


[Experience Booster….. The earned experience is doubled. Upon earning this skill, levelling becomes easier.]


Looks like the description fits the name, but just how did I get this Skill?

The ones who would want me to level up quickly would be…


Those damn worthless Gods!

They all knew that I could unlock a new tenant shop at Level 40. One of them must have secretly given it to me.

Maybe all of them were in on it.

“I know how I got it now. It was the Gods and Goddesses who gave me this skill. Look, this Unique Skill that allowed me to bring stuff from another world, it levelled up before, right?”

“Aa, yes, you mentioned this before. That’s where you bring in stuff to make food even tastier, right?”

“That’s right. They must want me to reach Level 40 quickly to gain another Tenant shop. The Gods kept telling me to level up quickly and sneaked that Skill in. Those greedy Gods, I wish they would stop doing things like this!”

“What are you saying! If that is the gods will then you have to oblige!”

Ehh, I’m the one getting scolded now?

“Also, that Experience Booster skill, is not even a bad thing. You should be grateful that you are able to increase your levelling up pace. A Skill to level up faster is something everyone desperately wants. You should give thanks to the Gods who grants you such a boon.”

Ugh, I guess Fer has a point.

I mean if I think about it, the skill itself doesn’t do me any harm. By levelling up faster, the people around me could only benefit.


It’s just hard to swallow this when it’s forced on me without my knowing.

Alright, come next offering time, I shall tell them off!


[Gumihou: I don’t know why people kept thinking that Mukouda-san is a wimp. I mean, he’s telling Gods and Goddesses off, and even by the second day, he sent Fer off to hunt meat for the group. Horrifying the Will of Iron party…lol!]


[1] Blah, blah, it’s getting kind of repetitive, so I gave Mukouda some common sense and move up the Columbus remark and deleted the thing below

Eh, even if you were to cross the ocean… Is there even any continent in this world apart from this one?

“Wait a second, is there any land beyond this one?”


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  1. sly

    Like the lightness of the story but the main character is woke and kinda idiotic.

    He asked for small blessings in exchange for demanding offerings for the gods and goddesses. Considering he also has to pay for those offerings, he hasn’t reached that realization yet that he incurred losses, if his familiars were erased from the equation.

    Being an offworlder from Japan, the woke culture seems to embody him, making him weak.

    His familiars are even smarter than him.

    Yes, his goodness gives him huge rewards. He is interesting for a main character. His familiars make up for the extreme flaws the author gives him in character attributes. But I understand that he seems to embody this character that tries to omit toxic masculinity; hence, the wokeness. LOL

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    I would really understand the flaws if the main character is a female. That’s why I am expecting for character development.

    I am also expecting the episodes where he gets to meet again those offworlders who were him during the summoning.

    I hope that he gets stronger. I think he is in that path.

    I will continue reading though. I am liking it a lot while trying to understand the idiotic msin character. Lol

    1. Gumihou

      He is exactly what Japanese society made him, which is why I like Mukouda. There are not special sudden super powered awakening yada yada and he fully personified the saying ‘Mountains can be moved but characteristics are forever’. I like him for his consistency.

      There were moments when he reverted too much too AAAHHHHHH but I consider those anomalies because he should have time to deal with these things and be the ‘this is fine’ person while the world went up in flames.

  2. Azzimiru

    I guess the author got a bit of mistake? Mukouda should have blessings from Godesses of Wind, Earth and Fire only, right? And if ever, the God of War should have been just an additional blessing. 😅

    Anyways, I really appreciate the translations. I promise to give my supports once I’m able 😁😁… Thanks!!!

    1. Gumihou

      He doesn’t want more blessing, thank you very much

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          The blessings were given for weekly continuous offerings.

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