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Little Cooking Saint – 0039.3 – Sashimi (c)

Chapter 39.3 Sashimi (c)

Translated by Ultra

Edited by Gumihou


Changed by the author… =.=

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Chapter 38/39.3 Chapter X Translate
凝氣 ning qi Condensation Stage – Basic Level
化丹 初阶 Core Transformation – Elementary level
結丹 Zhong ji Core Condensation – Medium Level
成嬰 高阶 Nascent Transformation – High Level
形神 Wang Ji Divine Transformation – King
合體 Zong Ji Unification Stage – Master
返墟 Zun Zhe Return to Ruins – Grandmaster
歸真 Zheng zhe Return to Nature  – Divine
成仙 Di ji Becoming Immortal – Emperor




Mo Yin found herself flung to the side from the impact of the strike. If not for Liu Yi catching her, she would have found herself sprawling on the ground.

“Do you know what you’ve done? Do you know that because of your wilfulness we’ve lost at least 10 million taels in this auction!? That’s not counting the reputation of our Trading House!” The Great Elder grimaced as he said this. That special medicinal treasure has a reserve price of 15 million taels. Who would have thought that it would be sold off at a mere 2 million silver?

Mo Yin ignored her grandfather’s distress and stubbornly said, “There’s no way that cheap slut would be able to come up with that kind of silver. Grandfather, granddaughter just didn’t want her to ruin the auction.”

The Great Elder gave her a baleful look, “You don’t want her to ruin it, so you generously did it for her? It’s fine if she can’t come up with the silver, but what if she could?”

“There’s no way!” Mo Yin’s voice grew high pitched.

“Humph!” the Great Elder brushed some imaginary dust off his sleeves and left. However, he too believed that 13 million taels was not something that ordinary people could get hold of easily. Just as his granddaughter said, what if this person deliberately came here to mess with their auction?

If that was the case…

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through the Great Elder’s eyes. If that was the case, he would definitely make her pay.


Shiyu trailed after the maid to a specific location where the exchange was to be made. While they were waiting for the people in charge to arrive, Lin Fan touched the space ring on his finger and took out three rare medicinal plants.

“I have a 700-year-old Ice Lingzhi, a 400-year-old Orchid Jade Grass and a 500-year-old Chicken Blood Grass with me. The Ice Lingzhi has already reached Yellow Grade – High Tier [1], while the other two are at Middle Tier. The value of these items should be enough to pay for the dagger.”

Shiyu was a little dumbfounded by the sight of so these three valuable herbs before her.

However, she had no intention of getting Lin Fan to pay. Moreover, weren’t these medicinal herbs meant to help him break breakthrough to the Core Condensation Stage [2]?

“I have the silver,” Shiyu said as she put the treasures away for him. “Anyway, if it turns out I have to pay with goods, I can make use of that final treasure I got for cheap at the auction and put it up as collateral. Don’t worry about it, I’ve already called in a favour to have someone bring me the money. I won’t let them sweep us out of this place like so much rubbish.”

Since she insisted, he decided not to press the matter anymore. However, from this incident, he had the impression that it would be convenient to have more silver on his person. Yes, he must make sure to have more silver on his person in the future.

Just then, Mo Yin’s party was making their way to the exchange of goods room. The group of young people were all trailing behind the Great Elder when they rounded a corner and nearly bumped into Feng Luo.

Mo Yin and her party stared at this unexpected person with wide eyes.

Surely not… how could that woman be so shameless!

Feng Luo looked a little taken aback by their appearance. However, he still managed to keep his cool and nodded a greeting at them.

“Feng Luo, why are you here?” Mo Yin’s nerves simply could not take any more of these unexpected surprises anymore.

“Are you here for that woman? Have you really became a fool with more money than sense?! Did you know what she did? She just threw 11 million down for a dagger, a dagger that is worth only less than half of that, you know?! And here we thought she had somehow strike it rich, but to think she had just bagged herself a fool to spend money on her. Feng Luo, she’s just using you, ah!” Fei Yue shrieked passionately, obligingly playing her role as the party foghorn.

When Feng Luo remained silent, glee filled Fei Yue’s heart and she softened her tone, “Do you know just how much Meng Li has suffered after your quarrel with her? She cries for you in her dreams every night, and wakes up to a soaked pillow every morning. As friends we cannot just stand aside as see you be used by others. Though you might think we are slandering her, but that 11.1 million is not fake, ah. That woman just spat the number from her mouth like so much spittle.”

Feng Luo’s eyes finally fell upon the little figure in white hidden in the back of the crowd. At the sight of tearful eyes over a stubborn little mouth, a pang sounded in his heart. He looked away and said, “It’s only 11.1 million, if Little Shi wants it, there’s no reason not to give her. Enough, I still have my own business to conduct. I shall leave first.”

Seeing how Feng Luo had just outright denied them their face, Mo Yin’s temper exploded, “Just what kind of potion did that slut give you?!”

Meanwhile, Fei Yue was still in a daze. The casual way in which Feng Luo had just parted with his silver was just… if only she had a better relationship with him…

As for Meng Li, though she wore a sorrowful look. There was still a stubbornness about her that was something beyond the fragile appearance she was giving out.

The encounter happened not far from the room Shiyu and Lin Fan were occupying.

“Well, it would appear that my God of Wealth has arrived.” said Shiyu as she cheerfully spread her hands out.

“Who is he?” asked Lin Fan.

“Hm, I think he’s the young master of Feng Clan from the Feng City. I don’t really know the details. I met him on the way to the Imperial Capital. He’s not a bad person. Him helping me this time means I owe him one favour. I’m sure I can pay him back a few days later.”

What she did not say was that Feng Luo was the one who owed her a favour. She had not claimed any reward for the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus from him yet, having him pay her in silver was a good way to offset that debt. [3]

Anyway, now that all the main players were here, the transaction went fairly smoothly. With Feng Luo there to witness and bankroll the trade, not even the Great Elder dared to make too much fuss, no matter how reluctant he was to make the trade.

The moment her fingers touched the dagger, a tremor ran through Shiyu’s body. However, the feeling did not come from excitement, but from deep within herself. Specifically, the space within her Dantian was vibrating like a struck gong [4]. For a moment, Shiyu felt like her spirit was about to be shaken out from her body.

Luckily, the feeling dissipated immediately and Shiyu quickly regained her cool.

After putting away her newly purchased goods, she thanked Feng Luo, “As thanks for your help, let me treat you to a meal in three days’ time.”

Feng Luo thought to refuse, but then he remembered that Shiyu was not the type to take advantage of others. She had shown her sincerity by giving him the genuine Immortal Jade Petal Lotus without having received any assurance the reward after all. [3]

“Very well, I shall definitely come.”

This conversation was heard by the ones eager to leave this wretched business behind them. Unfortunately, they could not openly curse the person who had dump money all over their plans because he’s Young Liege Feng. Instead, they could only curse Shiyu privately for her shamelessness in their hearts.

As for Shiyu, seeing their twisted expressions cheered her greatly. If she was not concerned tripping over flags or calling curses down her own head, she would have bounced over to cling at Feng Luo’s arm and call out a cutesy, “Big brother treats me best~” just to see if they would spit up blood.

They managed to leave the trading house without further trouble. Lin Fan and Feng Luo escorted Shiyu back to her inn. She had just pissed off a bunch of angry teenagers and the leader of an auction house after all. Not to mention having gotten her hands on some valuable treasures, any one of this reason was enough to be extra wary about safety, therefore Shiyu did not decline the company [5].

Back in her room, Shiyu began to pack. Most of her really important things were already in her secret space. There were only a few changes of clothes and a still sleeping San Pang. She shoved her clothes into the space ring and roll San Pang up in a spare blanket and tucked him away in her cloth bag. [6]

Finally, she checked out from her inn and all three headed over to the College together.

Along the way, when Feng Luo found out that Lin Fan was the freshmen who had been making waves at the College lately, he could only admire the young man [7]. Feng Luo was two years older than Lin Fan, but their cultivation level was similar. His talent was considered excellent compared to most students, but he was clearly outmatched by this youth.

Whenever you meet someone stronger than you, or bound to be stronger than you in the future, it’s better to befriend them. If you can’t befriend them, it’s best not to make an enemy out of them. This was one of the basic tenets of a world that respects strength.



[Gumihou: This chapter so drama…]


Heaven Grade Further split into Low, Middle and High Tier
Earth Grade
Arcane Grade
Yellow Grade


[2] Should I care about the names of these level ups? Seriously, do my readers care about accuracy? What is accuracy for this anyway? =.=


[3] This reference to Chapter 37 (b) of the novel. The deleted portion. The original phrase was this:

‘In fact, Shi Yu was very happy when Feng Luo didn’t hesitate to say that he would give her the silver. It showed that Feng Luo treated her quite well.

What. Is. This. Shit? Huh?

OOC alert! Idiot alert! Inconsistencies in character alert! And part of the real reason why I went through the whole trouble of keeping the Matsutake Meat Roll Arc.

Otherwise, FL would just be a ‘random goody two shoes’ plot device that greases the path for Shiyu. I mean, he probably is, but at least give him a good reason to be so helpful to Shiyu now aside from ‘a good heart’. Also, since he’s supposed to be the ‘straight guy’ against the stupidity that is ‘Mo Yin and Co’, he cannot be displayed as too stupid, right? Right?

I get so triggered by bad characterisation.

[4] Added more detail: I added the gong imagery

[5] Added more detail:  I added the reason for the escort. Otherwise, it just looked like a reverse harem on the making… it had better not be. It had better not be, you hear?!!

[6] Added more detail: I added the bag, because

‘Shoving the clothes into the space ring, Shi Yu picked up San Pang, who was still sleeping soundly, finishing with her packing.’

… like girl? Won’t people question you about your snoozing daikon?

[7] See this?

‘when Feng Luo found out that Lin Fan was the freshmen who had been making waves at the College lately, he could only admire him’

Would someone like this dump money on a girl he barely knew and owe nothing to? Seriously?



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