Tondemo Skill – 186 – Cyclops

Chapter 186 – Cyclops


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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We made our way towards the quarry to take down the Cyclops.

Since the quarry was basically the whole side of a mountain, over time miners had cut out the large step-like structure into the rocky side.

We spotted the quarry long before we arrive. Our target was quite large, so-

“-so, that’s a Cyclops…”

The Cyclops was about four meters tall, more or less man-shaped with one eye, and was stomping about the quarry as though he owned the place.

“As usual, big as heck.” was Dora-chan’s remark as he studied the Cyclops.

“He’s big but he’s slow, no match for us. Let’s take him down quickly, Dora, Sui!”

“Ah, please wait a minute!”

Fer, who was about to charge into the field stopped to give Mukouda a belligerent look. “Nuu, what is it?”

Ahem, “It turns out that a Cyclops’ skin could be turned into valuable leather, so please try not to injure it too much when you subjugate it.”

Yoran-san was the one who told me this. The Cyclops’ skin and eyeball were valuable material. Moreover, since it was an A Rank monster, it should have a magic stone inside. Yoran-san had specially said that the guild will be very grateful to purchase any materials we could extract from the Cyclops.”

“Take it down without too much damage… uuumu…”

“If it’s too difficult, it’s alright.”

“Of course it’s not difficult. Alright, you want us to take it down without damaging it too much. Let’s do it!”

Ah, I might have ruffled his pride a bit. For Fer to loudly declare that he’s going to take down a huge creature without damaging it too much, I wonder what he’s going to do?

“Dora, Sui, you heard him? Take down the Cyclops without damaging it too much. Let’s go!”



Fer took the lead and leapt forward with an almighty bound, followed by Dora and Sui,

Since I would just get in the way, I opted to observe the subjugation from afar. Right here, to be exact.


The Cyclops saw Fer and the rest rushing towards him and raised its thick legs to crush them underfoot.


There was quite a significant pause before the foot actually landed with an earth-shattering sound.

…Yes, I see what they mean by this thing being slow.

Fer and Dora-chan called them idiots, I can sort of see why. With this sort of strength and speed, none of my familiars would get a single scratch on them.

“Roarrr!” Fer ran forward, gathering speed until he launched himself into the air with a roar. He landed on the Cyclops’ arm and using it as a springboard, leapt onto the Cyclops’ head.


Powerful electricity bolted out from Fer’s front paw, zapping the Cyclops right in the brain. It had the same effect as taking hit via a really powerful stun gun to the head.


The Cyclops howled miserably as he fell to his knees.

Dora-chan took advantage of his small size and zipped over… to land just between the Cyclops’ chest.

Dogonn — zzppp!

“Yahoo! One powerful shock straight to the heart!”

D-dora-chan, did you just give a perfectly working heart a cardioversion shock…?

That’s quite a brutal attack.


The Cyclops leaned forward, both hands pressing against its heart gasping for breath.

“Sui is next!” Sui chirped. From her extended slime tentacle, a single Acid Bullet attack was released.


The high-velocity attack pierced through the Cyclops in the belly like a speeding bullet.



The Cyclops died on the way down, falling to the ground with a pathetic thud.

And that was how the Cyclops subjugation ended.

Umu, it’s done.” Fer nodded to himself in a dignified way.

“Haha, woohoo! Our team just mows you down easy!” Dora-chan was zooming around, making victory loops.

“Yay~ Hooray~” Even Sui-chan was bouncing around energetically.

Nevertheless, I could not help thinking that it was over way too quickly.

I had sort of prepared myself for it though.

After getting a shock to the brain and heart, then a final shot through the belly, anything would have died…

Though the attacks were rather spectacular, the way the Cyclops just fell over and die was a rather anti-climatic. However, considering the number of people who had been killed and eaten by this guy… I’d say he probably deserved it.

I went over to where everyone was getting pumped up over another victory. “To beat that monster so quickly, I guess I should have expected it of you guys.”

“To us, that monster is nothing but a splinter on the road,” Fer said with a smug look on his face.

To compare an A Rank Cyclops to a splinter on the road… all the Adventurers who had shed blood and sweat to raise their ranks would probably cry if they ever heard this.

Well, to be fair, if Fer, Dora and Sui teamed up, they could probably take down a flying dragon without much problem.

Also, Fer had actually hunted down an Earth Dragon all by himself.

Elland-san, that dragon otaku told me that of the large flying dragon species, there exist the Red Dragon and Black Dragon types. Both were designated as S Rank monsters and were quite violent.

That said, this ‘Wonder Team’ could probably take them down easily. Anyway, there aren’t that many dragons in the first place, so we probably won’t meet any.

Well, let’s take the Cyclops to the guild to be dismantled.

I walked over to inspect the body. Aside from the burnt mark on the head zapped by Fer’s Thunder Magic, and the small burnt mark on the chest from Dora-chan’s Thunder Magic. There was also the hole in the belly pierced by Sui. It was barely 2cm wide.

Aside from those injuries, there were barely any scratches on the skin.

Too amazing, it looked like I could keep my word with the guild. I placed the Cyclops’ body into my [Item Box] for safekeeping and looked up at the sky. The sun was still shining brightly since it took them barely any time to subjugate the Cyclops.

“What do you want to do? It’s still quite early, should we head back?”

“No, let’s have lunch first.”

“My tummy is rumbling.”

“Sui is also hungry…”

Aah, it’s that time of the day after all.

Well, since it’s lunchtime, let’s have lunch… wait, all the pre-made food had been eaten, what should I do?

I looked through my [Item Box] and only found some cooked rice, and of course, the meat.

Rice, rice, rice, meat, meat, meat… ah! Let’s make that!


[Gumihou: … shoot, I’m hungry too!]



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