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Little Cooking Saint – 0038.3 – Vermillion Meat (c)

Chapter 38.3 – Vermillion Meat (c)

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Since the meat had been pre-sliced, unlike the one served at the Banquet, Shiyu easily picked up a piece of meat and placed it into her mouth. As before, the moment it touched her tongue, the meat began to melt. This time, the fragrance of the meat was brought to its fullest leaving no greasy after taste.

It was obvious that this Vermillion Meat was superior to the previous ones in terms of taste and aroma.

She was very pleased with the genuine version of the famous Vermillion Meat. Restraining the urge to keep eating, Shiyu placed her chopstick down and said, “This dish is clearly worthy of being the signature dish of the Celestial Fragrance Dwelling. Both colour and texture are very fine. Though it took me four tries, I must say it is worth every effort. However, surely this is not how you intend to show your sincerity to me after all the trouble you have put me through?”

Now that she has managed to taste this genuine article, the next step was to negotiate for a meeting.

Just because something was accepted by the people within the industry, doesn’t mean that customers would be happy about it. Customers came to this restaurant intending to eat dishes prepared by Master Wang. If they realised they were given something made by his apprentices instead, at best, it would cause a slight disturbance.

Master Wang remained calm as he glanced over at Feng Luo. The Young Liege was busily enjoying his meal. His none reaction making his stand clear.

“What if Celestial Fragrance Dwelling invites you to dine here for one whole month? All meals free of charge, of course.” A middle-aged man came up from behind Master Wang and spoke in his stead.

From the way everyone, chefs and waiters included, respected him, he must the Manager of the place. He certainly knew how to conduct himself and preserve relationships. To think that he’d immediately offer up a month’s worth of free meals right off the bat.

It was too bad, however…

“I am not short of money.” Shiyu smiled.

The middle-aged man did not waver, his smile remained pleasant as he said, “Then, may we know what sort of sincerity customer might expect? As long as we can fulfil it, we shall certainly not hesitate to satisfy your request.”

From this person’s excellent manners and service attitude, even if one had approached the negotiation table with a belly full of fire, half of the resentment would have dissipated at his courteous attitude.

“I wish to personally witness how the Master makes this Vermillion Meat.”

Shiyu threw down her request.

This was her counteroffer. She had made the request with the understanding that it might not be fulfilled at all. After all, this was the chef’s own unique recipe and the signature dish of this restaurant. No one would be happy to just let people learn it as they please.

However, the reality is often not what one expected.

The middle-aged man appeared very surprised, “Is that all?”

“That is all.” Shiyu nodded.

“I have no problem with this.” this time it was Master Wang who spoke.

Seeing the surprise on Shiyu’s face, Feng Luo leaned over to explain, “Master Wang represents Celestial Fragrance Dwelling at the Annual Culinary Competition each year…”

In other words, the recipe had been shown at least once before crowds of people. Therefore, the secret of the Vermillion Meat, was not really a secret at all. After knowing this, Shiyu’s cheeks flushed, and she realised that she had not done her homework properly.

However, the thought that she would soon be able to personally witness how this dish was made buoyed her mood again.

“Then, might I know when Master Wang is free to give the demonstration?” Shiyu picked up the chef’s name from Feng Luo’s hint.

“I can show you right away.”

“Good.” Shiyu could not wait to get started.

Shiyu and Feng Luo followed after Master Wang to the kitchen. Just as their group passed by a set of stairs, a small group of well-dressed people were just coming down. As these two groups of people crossed paths, their eyes met.

The moment they spotted her, the eyes from the upstairs people slid towards Feng Luo, whose tall figure was just right next to her. She could see their expression visibly change.

“And here I was, wondering why you detach your claws from Liu Yi so easily. So, it turns out your real target is Feng Luo. Is it fun to break up couples and toy with the men’s affections? Are you not afraid of divine retributions?” Fei Yue’s voice was deliberately loud, so loud that it was possible the porters at the entrance heard her.

Shiyu did not bother to look at her.

Instead, she sought out Meng Li’s face. The girl was hidden in the back, her little face pale and full of sorrow. Her eyes were brimming with pools of unshed tears. As Shiyu watched, half fascinated, the tears slid slowly down her cheeks like liquid pearls, it was all very tragic.

Shiyu switched her gaze over to Feng Luo, and saw the pain in his eyes too. As these two star-crossed lovers gazed into each other’s eyes across a crowded room it was clear that their hearts were filled with thoughts of the other. However, neither was willing to step forward.

A headache was beginning to form behind Shiyu’s eyes. The last thing she wanted was to get rolled up in these loopy teenagers’ relationship problems. If she was not careful, she could be blamed for their breakup. Wait, aren’t these people looking at her with disdainful eyes already?

For heaven’s sake, she’s just one of those melon crunching bystanders, ah!

She had absolutely nothing to do with why these two were dragging their feet.

On the other hand, she was not at all happy about Fei Yue making her wear the hat of a meddling third party. Well, since you attack me, I shall return the favour twice fold.

“Feng Luo, have you and Meng Li gotten back together?” Shiyu deliberately asked.

Fixing his eyes with Meng Li’s, Feng Luo slowly shook his head. Pearls of tears slowly transformed into twin streams of sadness.

Shiyu rolled her eyes at this tragic display. What the heck, if you want to get together put in more effort!

“If you are not together, why do people say that I am getting between the two of you? Just because they are your friends, doesn’t mean they can just stuff me into the shit pot. You had better explain the situation now.” The only thing she wanted now was to get out of this awful drama and wash this shit stain off.

However, what Feng Luo said next nearly made Shiyu choked on her own saliva.

“I am no longer involved with Meng Li because I am pursuing Shiyu.” Feng Luo’s voice was very calm as he said this.

However, just because he sounded calm, doesn’t mean the people around him were calm, ah. Shiyu, for one, found her mind in a mess. Meng Li let out a tragic sob and dashed passed the crowd.

Fei Yue righteously stormed forward to point dramatically at Feng Luo and screamed, “You backstabber!” She then glared at Shiyu, “You slut! You just wait!” with that, she turned and dashed out, dramatically, presumably in search of the sad and tragic Meng Li.

F*ck, this has nothing to do with me!

Shiyu was starting to get angry now.

Mo Yin stepped over to give Shiyu a cold look. Then, she said to Feng Luo, “Are you really throwing Meng Li away for this person?”

Liu Yi also arrived at the party to sneer at Shiyu, “How unexpected, ah. To think you would have such a great man hunting skill.”

“Why are you speaking to her!?” Mo Yin was very annoyed, “let’s go. We should find Meng Li!”

Once the party left, everything became quiet again. However, it was the quiet of a stunned audience waiting for the next part of the drama to happen. Master Wang coughed once and quickly led Feng Luo and Shiyu to the kitchen. Courteous enough not to speak of the incident just now.

The moment they entered the kitchen, Feng Luo apologised somewhat sadly. “I’m sorry,”

Shiyu’s anger meter had shot to the top again. “So what if you’re sorry? If you and that Meng Li girl still intends to make things work, can you please not pull me underwater? You’ve seen how I’m being scolded by those idiots. I am not some saint. If they dare screech at me again don’t blame me for not giving you face.”

Feng Luo looked remorseful, “Today was just an accident, it won’t happen again.”

Privately, Shiyu thought: I’d be stupid to believe you.

However, seeing how wretched young Feng Luo looked, she merely nodded and said, “I should hope so. If you want to patch things up with your lover, there are some things that you should consider seriously. Especially if you wish to spend the rest of your life together. Just standing around and waiting for a miracle to happen won’t take you far.”

Wretched lovers who court disasters thought Shiyu, this elder sister’s non-existent balls ached for you.


[Gumihou: I think Shiyu has more balls than Feng Luo at this point]


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