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Tondemo Skill – 185 – Dora-chan is a Good Boy

Chapter 185: Dora-Chan is a Good Boy


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou & Onionpi

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Author Eguchi Ren: The Chapter is a little short this time


Since I was too lazy to make anything fancy for dinner, I decided that a quick and easy Yakiniku Don would be the best.

Luckily, everyone likes it, because it has meat. Moreover, I decided to indulge and make it with the very precious and delicious Earth Dragon meat so there were no complaints from anyone.

After the excellent meal, Dora-chan, Sui and I went to the bathroom for our promised nightly bath.

I had already bought several different kinds of Hot Spring Bath Salts from [Net Super] and it was time to try it out.

The one I used today turned the water a milky white colour which did not emit much scent. However, when we stepped into the bath, the water felt silky against my skin.


It felt like all the tensions in my muscles suddenly melted away.

“Baths are the greatest.”

“Ahh, this is the best~”

“Baths are the greatest~”

Both Dora-chan and Sui floated on the milky white water as steam wafted around us.

Baths really are the best.

We took our time to relax and enjoy the bath.


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We then got out of the bath, and flopped down on the sofa of the ridiculously sized living room to rest for a bit before making the arduous trip up to the bedroom.

I rehydrated with some sports drink while Dora-chan and Sui had fruit flavoured milk.

“Feels great to drink this after getting out of the bath.” I sighed.

“It’s so refreshing and sweet~”

Dora-chan and Sui seemed to like fruit flavoured milk and gulped it all down in no time.

Nu, how unfair.” Fer came padding into the living room, bristling with annoyance. It looked like he had gotten tired of waiting for us in the bedroom.

“Fer, would you like some too?”


I poured some fruit flavoured milk into a deep dish for Fer.

“Hey, don’t I still have some pudding left?” Asked Dora-chan. Clearly, he was talking about the reward pudding cups I had given to him that afternoon.

“Oh yeah, you still have three sets of three flavours.”

“Then, I want to have one set of every flavour now.”

I popped out three kinds of pudding onto a plate and gave it to Dora-chan.

Dora-chan began to slurp through his pudding delightedly.

“That looks really yummy…” Sui was staring longingly at Dora-chan’s pudding.

“Tch, what a bunch of helpless fellas. Oi, give both Sui and Fer some of these too.”

How surprising, looks like Dora-chan was willing to share his favourite pudding cups with others. Moreover, he even included Fer in the offer as well.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I mean, we’re comrades after all. And you, despite being our master you’re still our comrade so I’ll share it with you too.”

Fufu, Dora-chan can be quite edgy and rough, but he’s a good fellow where it counts.

“I’m fine, but thank you for the offer. I’m very touched that you thought of me, so please accept my thanks anyway.”

The words seemed to cause Dora-chan some embarrassment as he ducked his head, his little tail swished back and forth quickly, betraying his feelings. Deciding not to make a big thing out of the matter, I turned away to withdraw the other two sets of three puddings and popped them out on plates for Sui and Fer.

“Here, Dora-chan said you could have them. Don’t forget to say thank you.”

Wee! Thanks, Dora-chan!”

Umu. Thank you, Dora-chan.”

Fer and Sui got started on their pudding after thanking Dora-chan.

“Dora-chan, the pudding is very delicious.”

Umu, indeed. This is not bad.”

“Fufufu, I know right. Since I say they are tasty, so, of course, they must be tasty!”

My familiars got along so well. A warm feeling suffused my chest as I watch them interact with each other.

“Oh yeah speaking of which, aren’t we taking down the Cyclops tomorrow? What kind of monster is it?”

“The Cyclopes are big but they move slowly.”

Was Fer’s response when I brought up the Cyclops subject.

“Fer, have you ever fought a Cyclops before?”

Umu, several times. It was all a very one-sided fight in my favour, of course.” He said it as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’ve fought them too, you know?” said Dora-chan.

Oh, so Dora-chan also had some experience subjugating Cyclopes.

“Cyclopes are big, strong and sturdy, but just like Fer said, they are a bunch of slowpokes. As long as you move quickly and attack first, it’s a win for you.”

Attack first and fast… he made it sound easy but I don’t think matters would go as easily as he said it would.

Umu, it’s just as Dora-chan said. Those things are rather slow, so it’s best to hit them hard and fast and give them no time to react.”

In other words, we apply the same strategy as before. Victory goes to whoever made the first move. Well, under the circumstances, I won’t have a chance to fight tomorrow.

“Sui will also pew pew them~ !”

“Yes yes, tomorrow as soon as you guys spot him, attack at once. Isn’t that right, Fer?”

If victory goes to the person who makes the first move, I expect we will sweep the opponents away again.

Umu. As soon as I see him, I’ll take him down.”


“Sui will do her best~”

Everyone’s motivated as usual. I have a feeling that tomorrow’s subjugation quest would be over in no time. I’m starting to feel a little sorry for the Cyclops who is going to be attacked by all my super-powered familiars at the same time.

The poor thing would probably go down before he could muster any counterattack.

I pressed my hands together and prayed for the Cyclops I had not seen yet.


 [Gumihou: … let’s all pray for the Cyclops]



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