Little Cooking Saint – 0038.2 – Vermillion Meat (b)

Chapter 38.2 Vermillion Meat (b)

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Back at the inn, Shiyu was tempted to try making the Vermillion Meat, but the place she was staying now was an inn belonging to strangers. It would be rather inconvenient to drag a stove into her room or borrow the kitchen for experimental recipes. She could only settle down and decide if she should just buy herself a house.

Having nothing better to do, she grabbed the edge of a blanket and pulled it up, unrolling San Pang out from his nest of blankets. This guy has been getting better at sleeping lately. If she ignored him, he could really sleep the day away.

“What did you disturb this Young Master for?!” because he had just been disturbed from his sleep, San Pang’s plump little face was now as wrinkled as a dishcloth.

Shiyu climbed onto the bed and sat cross-legged before the radish. She took out the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus [1] and asked, “I had forgotten to ask you about this. Just how valuable is this thing?”

San Pang’s eyes lit up the moment he saw the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus. He threw himself forward and said, “This is an Arcane Grade rare medicine, ah! Calling it precious is not precious enough!”

“This is really an Arcane Grade rare medicine?!” Shiyu’s eyes widened.

As far as Shiyu understood, the medicinal materials of this world were divided into four grades: Heaven, Earth, Arcane and Yellow. Each grade was further divided into three tiers, High, Middle and Low. According to these gradations, an Arcane Tier medicine was not particularly uncommon. However, a lot of it depended on the environment as well.

This plane of existence she was currently living in now was called the Ninth Heaven. [1] Under the suppression of the Great Way, the Spirit Qi of this world was very thin. Which was why it was difficult for cultivators of this plane to breakthrough and raise their ranks. Most Cultivators would hit a block once they reach the High Rank – Great Perfection stage, unable to advance their cultivation anymore. The same was true for rare plants and medicines in this world. Medicinal materials with the highest grade usually hit a glass ceiling at Yellow Grade – High Tier. Arcane Grade medicinal materials are considered priceless. Great Clan Families would rouse themselves and fight to own such treasures.

“That flower is probably the only one in this world now.” San Pang could not seem to take his eyes off the Immortal Jade Petal Lotus, a bit of drool dripped down from the corners of his mouth. “Ah, but Jade Lotuses are only useful for Spiritual Beasts, it has little impact on Human Cultivation. You should gift it to me!”

Only useful to Spiritual Beasts?

Shiyu absently stroked the Immortal Lotus. She was now wondering how she should complete the deal with Feng Luo [2]. She had the impression that she was now guarding a mountain of gold. While it was thrilling to think about spending the gold, she was also afraid that others would attack her for it once they got wind of her good fortune. Stuck between keeping secrets and making money, she decided to consult her current companion.

“If I sell this for money, how much would I get?”

“Not sure, treasures with no market value are the hardest to estimate. Of course, you could get the most profit if you put it up at an auction house, but I really don’t recommend it. The target is too big, I expect people would murder for it and I really don’t want you to die on the way home.”

“… …” Shiyu felt a headache coming up.


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Another day passed, and Shiyu had planned to dress up a bit more before dropping by the Celestial Fragrance Dwelling again. However, during her early morning stroll, she unexpectedly bumped into Feng Luo. As the two friends catch up, a new plan began to form in her mind. [3]

Back at the Celestial Fragrance Dwelling, the waiter who ran up to serve her was the same as before. For some reason, he did not look very welcoming. As usual, Shiyu turned a blind eye to his antics and chose the same location, and ordered the same dish.

Perhaps it was the slightly later hour, there were a lot more customers in the restaurant compared to the last few times she had been before.

It was unknown whether it was done intentionally or not, but Shiyu’s dish was served up later than usual today. It was close to an hour before it appeared. After delivering the food, the waiter stood on the side, clearly ready to kick her out if she said anything negative about the food.

Shiyu was not at all worried. As before, she picked up her chopsticks, picked up a piece of meat and took a bite. A thoughtful moment later, she placed her chopsticks down.

“What? Is the food not to your taste?” the waiter’s voice was very stiff. He winked at a few of the floor staff standing by. As soon as this customer say something she shouldn’t, they would immediately drag her out.

“No, my friend has just arrived.” Shiyu raised her chin and waved at the restaurant entrance, “I’m over here.”

The waiter followed her gaze and a change came over his face.

Wait, surely that can’t be true, right?

Right, after considering the matter a bit more, his face recovered its normal colour. He assured himself: After all, how could a plain foreigner like this nasty little girl know Young Liege Feng?

However, what happened next nearly shook his soul out of his body. Young Master Feng was actually walking this way! 

S-surely he’s just passing by? He’s passing by, right? [4]

He waiter cried out desperately in his heat.[4]

However, this cry went unanswered.[4]

Young Liege Feng sat down at the table he had been standing guard over. 

While he was still trying to understand what had just happened. The girl said sweetly, “Feng Luo, would you like to try some of this Vermillion Meat?”

“No!” the waiter shouted suddenly.

When two sets of eyes stared at him inquiringly, he quickly flew over to Feng Luo’s side to explain, “This lowly one felt that, that, since this dish had been touched, it is no longer fit for Young Liege Feng. If Young Liege wish to try this dish, we will make a new one for you immediately.”

Feng Luo looked at Shiyu, “What do you think?” clearly displaying his willingness to go along with whatever she was planning.

“That won’t do, just one of your dishes takes almost one hour to make, we can’t wait that long.” Shiyu immediately declined.

“Oh no, it will be out within a quarter of an hour!” for all his faults, the waiter could clearly see who was in charge. He added, “We won’t charge extra either.”

Shiyu appeared moved by both promises and said, “If it takes only a quarter of an hour, I do believe it’s worth waiting for.”

The waiter breathed a sigh of relief and immediately bowed to his waist, a smile stretching across his face as he said, “This dish must be cold by now, let this lowly one take it away, please!”

“No need,” Shiyu waved a lazy hand at him, “just leave it there. I don’t mind eating cold food.”

The waiter’s heart stuttered and began to race again. However, he knew that there was no way to insist without looking like he was forcing the issue. He could only retreat and rushed to the back kitchen.

“Master Wang! Master Wang! Chef Li, is Master here? Young Master Feng is here, he wants the Vermillion Meat and wants it within a quarter of an hour!” the waiter cried.

“The Master is in the back, I shall go get him.” Someone immediately ran off.

A short while later, a tall, fat man stepped out. He glared at the waiter, and said, “Just why did you make the quarter-hour promise? Tell that Young Liege Feng that I need to make a portion for Noble Child Liu at the upstairs room first. He’ll have to wait his turn.”

Sweat beaded on the waiter’s forehead. “Master Wang, I’m afraid you must make the portion for Young Liege Feng first.”

He quickly told the whole story, beginning from the point when the strange girl first arrived, ending with, “He’s now at the large dining hall. if he ate Chef Li’s handiwork, it would be bad for us.”

If the Young Liege finds the dish lacking and make a huge fuss about it, it would damage the reputation of the Celestial Fragrance Dwelling.

Master Wang’s face grew gloomy as he snapped, “That girl had been here three times, paid in full and left after only taking a single bite. Why did you not inform the kitchen of this?”

The waiter’s mouth twisted, how could he admit this went unreported because he had dismissed the importance of an ordinary-looking person, ah?

“Forget it! Little Li, Little San, come over and help me.” Master Wang had already started the fire even as he spoke.




A quarter of an hour later, Shiyu saw a chubby man in chef’s uniform coming over to their table with a dish in hand.

“Apologies for the wait.” said the man when he reached them. After that polite greeting, he set the dish on the table. The meat quivered with every movement, when set on the table, it was still trembling slightly. It’s crystal-like colour catching the light.

Well, it looked like Shiyu finally has the opportunity to see the real thing.

Leaning forward, Shiyu breathed in and remarked, “Very fragrant.”


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[1] The whole Cultivation level explanation is the most troublesome for me. I did my best to make it accessible to laypeople (including myself). 

[2] Added for continuation purpose and explain Feng Luo’s recurring appearance in futures chapters.

[3] Technically, this was the intended ‘first time’ Shiyu saw Feng Luo after parting ways on the road to when Mo Yin and Co pissed Shiyu off. Seriously, if a guy just up and help a random strange girl for no good reason isn’t he just a pushover? Even if the help is mild? Also, isn’t he a highly placed young master that not even Mo Yin and Co dare to piss off? They did not even talk about the Lotus thing and he’s helping her? Don’t tell me they all talked about it off-screen? 

Over 10 chapters gone and author-san just explained everything away through:

‘Another day passed. On this day, Shi Yu originally wanted to change to a more gorgeous dress and go to Celestial Fragrance Dwelling. However, when as she went out, Feng Luo came to look for her. So she temporarily changed her mind.’

The heck?

[4] Choppy sentences to mark anxiety


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