Tondemo Skill – 008 – Please Cover Your Own Meals

Tondemo Skill – 008 – Please Cover Your Own Meals

Chapter 008: Please Cover Your Own Meals


Re – Translated by Gumihou

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Through a series of unexpected events, Fer the Fenrir became a member of our party for this part of the journey. Anyway, after all that fuss, we have nearly reached the Kingdom of Feenan.

As of now, the formation of the party went like this: Me in the middle, Rita ahead as Scout, Vincent to my right, Ramon-san on the left, Franca on the rear right and Werner-san on the rear left. Covering our rear was Fer, who was the most relaxed on of us all.

There was a worried look on Werner-san’s face, which seemed to grow worse the closer we get to Feenan. No longer able to bear the tensed silence, I asked, “What’s the matter, Werner-san?”

“Nothing much, it’s just… we’re coming to country border soon, and I’m just wondering what would happen next.”

Eh? What would happen next? What are you talking about?

“No, no, no, Mukouda-san, nothing bad, it’s just not something that we can really help.” Vincent gave a significant look behind us while he said that, and things finally clicked in my head.

The Fenrir.

“The border guards will probably come out in full force. They will most likely drawback when they realise we mean them no harm, I think…”

“Werner, whether the kingdom’s army come out in full force or not, it’s not likely that they could challenge the Fenrir.”

“Well, it is as Ramon said,”

“Eh? Isn’t that just some fairy-tale? Are you telling me that the story of Fenrir destroying a whole country it’s true?”

“Rita, that’s a historical fact, not a fairy-tale.”

Eh? Is there something wrong with my ears?

Did they something about a country destroying… something?

It’s a joke, right? All a joke?

“If they allow Mukouda-san into the country, the Kingdom of Feenan would most probably come after you. “

Werner-san said all this while looking seriously at me.

Eh? Me? What does all this have to do with me?

“There is no way that they would leave a beastmaster who has a contract with a Fenrir alone. Having you with them would be like having a Fenrir associated with the country as well.”

Eh, R-Ramon-san, is that true?

All this talk about countries and kingdoms trying to get Fenrir through me, it all sounds so troublesome!

“No need to worry. If they mess with me or this guy, I will destroy them.”

“Nononono, th-that would be too troublesome. Fenrir-sama, ah, no, it’s Fer, right? Fer-sama, if Fer-sama gets into serious fighting mode, the entire country could be destroyed…”

“Anyone who dares to challenge me must be prepared to be destroyed.”

Nonono, F-Fer-san, aren’t being a little too bloodthirsty? 

“If they don’t want to be destroyed, they are welcomed to stay away. It’s that simple.”

When Fer said that, the people from [Iron Will] could only drop their jaws in awe and astonishment. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was shocked by this development.

“But, more importantly, isn’t it about time for lunch?”

Looks like Fer was more interested in the midday break.

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Aa-, not good.

There’s not much of the [Red Boar] meat given to me by the [Iron Will] party. Well, they did say that I could use their supplies but, I really can’t use their portions as I like since it was the better quality meat they had kept to sell in the next kingdom.

Yesterday, after the Ginger-Fried Pork dinner. Fer was all: Meat, meat, meat, again for breakfast, so I made grilled meat. Which was kind of similar to Ginger-Fried Pork but with a sweeter, more barbecue like sauce.

Anyway, Fer was the reason why we have so very little meat now.

“Oi, I want meat.”

“… as expect, it’s meat for lunch. Well, I’m out of my portion of [Red Boar] meat, so if you want more meat go and get it yourself.”

Mu, is that so? Very well, I shall hunt down some prey.”

With that, Fer loped away towards a nearby forest.

“M-mukouda-san, if you need more [Red Boar] meat, you can just use what we have.”

“Oh no, of course, I can’t do that. That prey rightfully belongs to your party. If we just keep feeding Fer, he’ll be spoilt and I can’t afford to feed him like this for long. It’s fine to let him catch his own prey since I can’t hunt and don’t have the money to buy that much meat. I’ll go bankrupt, hahaha.”

If he’s a Legendary Beast, he should at least be able to catch his own meal.

Welner-san, “Mukouda-san is really amazing…”

Rita, “Amazing, you’re really amazing, Mukouda-san!”

Vincent, “That’s just too cool, Mukouda-san. To be able to make a Fenrir obey you like that, I really respect you.”

Franca, “Only a brave hero like you could have ordered around a powerful Fenrir who could destroy a country just like that.”

Ramon-san, “So, you’re the man who could give orders to a Fenrir, hmm.”

Eeh, well, if you put it like that…

However, the way that Fenrir act, I really can’t take him seriously. In the end, I could only think of someone him as an idiot who had been lured in by food, of course, I would never say that to his face, especially after hearing about how amazing this legendary beast supposedly was.

While we were chatting idly together, Fer turned up dragging a gigantic bird in his mouth.

“I-It’s a Rock Bird…”

The [Iron Will] looked on in a daze as Fer dropped the bird at their feet.

“Oh, so this monster is called a Rock Bird?”

“Yes, it’s a B Rank monster. It would take everything we have to take down this creature.”

Oi, just how did you manage to catch such a thing back?

“Here’s the meat. Make lunch.”

Ah, well, even if you tell me to ‘make lunch’, what am I going to do with such a huge bird? I can’t butcher this kind of thing, you know? Well, I guess I can ask the Adventurers to do it for me.

“Fer, I can’t butcher something like this. How about I ask these nice people to do it for me, and in exchange, we give them other things of value aside from the meat?”

“As long as I get to eat the meat, I don’t care about that.”

“Then, as you’ve heard Fer, I’d like to ask the [Iron Will] to kindly dismantle this bird for us…”

The Adventurers were all shaking their heads and flapping their hands at me, mouthing ‘no, no, no’.

“Surely you can dismantle it for me in exchange for the valuable parts?” I asked, worried now about how I’m going to negotiate with them.

“We have no problem dismantling the Rock Bird, but taking all the valuable materials aside from the meat is still too much.”

Even if you say that I’d still prefer doing it this way than pay people actual money for meat when this guy could just hunt his own meals down.

I thought for a while and said, “No, no, in fact, Fer has eaten a lot of the Red Boar meat you guys hunted down. Also, Fer already said it is alright for you to take the material. So please take it in exchange for the dismantling job.”

Until the end, the Adventurers of [Iron Will] kept saying that ‘You’re giving us too much’, but I persisted. After all, since Fer caught the bird, it’s basically free from my point of view. So there’s no reason why I should not let them have the materials in exchange for dismantling the bird.

Moreover, I had another ulterior motive for making them feel indebted to me. I had a feeling that I would need all the help and favours I could get once I entered this country, so this was the best time to earn as much Karma points as I can.

Eventually, the Rock Bird was cleanly dismantled by the [Iron Will].

I considered the meat and decided that since it’s a bird, I could make a Rock Bird Teriyaki with some teriyaki sauce I had bought from the [Net Super].

First, the bird was cut into pieces that could fit into my pan. Each piece was about the size of my palm. I seared the Rock Bird until it was browned on both sides. While it would be better to dab the excess oil away with kitchen paper, I don’t want to do anything too strange in front of these people. Therefore, the only thing I could do was tip my pan and threw the oil into the grass. Sorry for spoiling the environment.

After the pieces of Rock Bird had been seared, I set it aside and simmer the teriyaki sauce. Since the sauce was store-bought, it was already at the perfect consistency, all I had to do was heat it up and dipped pieces of Rock Bird into it before serving it with the instant soup of the day, Freeze Dried Onion Soup.

This instant soup has more interesting bits and pieces in it, having just consommé soup each time gets boring after a while.

I served the [Iron Will] first.

“Oi, where’s mine?”

“Fer eats a lot, so I’ll serve them first before focussing my all for Fer. Please wait for a little while longer.”

Mu, alright.”

It turns out that Fer really liked the Rock Bird Teriyaki. Aside from our share, the rest of the bird was devoured by Fer.

The Rock Bird Teriyaki was delicious and I really liked it as well, but I’d prefer to eat under more comfortable circumstances.


[Gumihou: Ahhh, teriyaki chicken, maybe I’ll try making them someday.]


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