The Feast – 268 – Investigation

Chapter 268: Investigation


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Vinisha

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“Well, if it is as you say.” Su Nuan Nuan snorted

Suddenly, she darted closer to Duan Tingxuan’s ear and shouted, “You had better not compare the Cesarean Section treatment to the barbaric actions of those foreign devils, you understand? How could the actions of dirty barbarians be compared to those angels in white that are the modern medical professionals? Our Caesarean Section is a surgery meant to save lives, there are strict rules of disinfection, sterilization and proper techniques before the first cut is even made to the belly. This kind of surgery would take less than an hour to complete and included sewing up of the cut, staunching of blood, and application of anti-inflammatory medicines to prevent infections. It is completely different from slashing open a woman’s body, you understand?”

“Understand, understand.” The little marquis was nodding like a pecking chicken now. If he still did not understand, he might lose the use of that ear from his dearest He Dong Lioness’ roar.

Finally satisfied by the venting, Su Nuan Nuan benevolently said, “So, our Dayin shores were once plagued by Japanese pirates. It’s good that it’s now a thing of the past. To think that those cultured and refined-looking foreign devils used to bring us so much bloodshed in the past…”

“Wu! These foreign devils have always been like this. They look down at the sheep kneeling at their feet and worship powerful forces that could take their lives. Therefore, to control them we must never show favour, or they would just see you as sheep. You must be as aggressive as wolves against these devils. By becoming wolves, the devils would turn into sheep.”

“Yi? You seemed to have a very deep understanding of these people.” Su Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up.

Duan Tingxuan sneered, “What do you mean a deep understanding? This is an understanding I’ve gained after studying over a thousand years of history [1]. Enough about that, let’s not talk about this. They have nothing to do with us. What I want to know is, if you’re from a different dimension, do you have any idea whether other people have made it over? A physician for example… she might be able to do the sisseerion…”

“You think that travelling between time and space is like going on a tour, ah? That you can jump over just by taking a spaceship?”

Black lines covered Su Nuan Nuan’s forehead. Then, she tilted her head and said softly, “However, there’s no harm for you to send out some feelers and find out. You might want to look among the common people and see if there is anyone who could perform surgeries with knives… however, even for surgeons, without the ability to sterilize their equipment, they would not be able to perform up to their usual capacity. Without things like anti-inflammatory medications, intravenous infusion…”

At the list of unknown words rolling off his wife’s tongue, Duan Tingxuan’s brain swelled from excess information again. He sighed, “Looks like it really is too difficult, ah. How about this, Nuan Nuan, when you have some free time and couldn’t feel happy just from eating good food, you might want to slowly remember everything you can about this modern-day treatment. I will pick out some female physicians for you. Once they mastered this technique, it would not only rescue a young mother’s life but benefit the country greatly.”

When Su Nuan Nuan heard this, she turned to look up at her husband. She stared until the little marquis grew nervous. Suddenly, she threw herself forward and hugged him, kissing him soundly on the cheek. “Here’s a reward kiss for you. Even though you’re born in this era that worships chauvinism, you’ve at least managed to learn some lessons about understanding a woman’s trouble. This wife of yours is very happy.”

What does this have to do with anything, ah?

The little marquis’ face turned a little green. He was about to speak again when he paused, and said gravely to Su Nuan Nuan, “Someone’s coming, they are rushing over in a hurry. Something must have happened. Come, let’s go and have a look.”

The two retraced their steps. Halfway along, they saw Si Ping running over. He was leaping over small bushes and obstacles like a large antelope. Seeing Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan, the young man gave a hurried greeting before saying, “Master, Madam, the Duke of Ping… oh, Madam’s maternal family has returned to the Capital. The Old Master has asked for the Master to come to the Main Court. Madam’s maternal mother has also been escorted to Spring Breeze Court. Madam, please go and see them.”

“Truly? My parents are back at the Capital? Why have they not sent word to me about this?”

Su Nuan Nuan was very happy. Beside her, Duan Tingxuan sighed, “As I recall, the emperor has granted this decree on the seventh month. For them to have arrived even before the ninth month, they must have hurried over.”

As they spoke, the couple quickly made their way out of the garden. Meanwhile, the Duke of Ping, Su Xiangbei was currently speaking to Duan Ni. Therefore, the little marquis made his way there while Su Nuan Nuan headed towards Spring Breeze Court. As expected, she encountered Xing’er who had been sent out to look for her. The maid smiled and said, “Madam, your mother and sisters-in-law are all here. This maid was just coming to look for you. Would Madam please head over to Spring Breeze Court now, this maid will go ahead and inform the senior madams about this news.”

Su Nuan Nuan nodded, feeling a little despair. To be honest, the memories Su Meng Nuan left behind were not a lot, but at the very least she should be able to fool these ‘parents’ of hers. However, every time they met, this ‘mother’ of hers would weep her heart out, which made Su Nuan Nuan uncomfortable, ah.

As expected, when she reached Spring Breeze Court, her mother and her two sisters-in-law were already there. At the sight of her, all three stood up, and she was once again enveloped in fragile arms and cried on. Luckily, Concubine Jing and Concubine Jiang were also there, so this episode ended very quickly. Moreover, they were able to use the excuse of her being pregnant, and everyone should avoid bringing her spirit down with negative emotions. This quickly dried up the three women’s tears.

After speaking a little while longer, the ladies all set out for the North Court to properly greet Madam Fang. As expected, the moment they reached the receiving hall of the North Court, the atmosphere became very lively.

Though the Su family have now returned to the Capital, they had yet to have their former status reinstated. Because of this, Madam Fang had proposed for them to stay at the An Ping Estate until their title had been returned to them.

The proposal surprised the others, but most were in favour of the idea. Xu Ran Yun and Xue Zhi Lan were the only ones who became anxious by the suggestion. Though neither of them dared to show their feelings on their faces, both had already made their painstaking preparations. If this family stayed within the An Ping Estate, all of their efforts would be for nothing.

Anxious, but not daring to give voice to any of their feelings, the two ladies felt like they were trying to swallow burning coals. Thankfully, the Su family were all stubborn and highly independent people. Madam Liu must have consulted the matter with her husband before arriving and tactfully declined Old Madam Fang’s invitation to stay. Only saying that the family still have some excess money left, and with Su Nuan Nuan and Duan Tingxuan to assist them, they had already found a suitable estate outside. After all, it is still better to live by themselves than to trouble the An Ping Estate to put up with them.

Seeing their determination to stay independent, she did not bother to persuade them anymore and merely smiled graciously. Su Nuan Nuan chose this moment to say, “Grandmother, since father and mother just came back to the Capital, I’d like to stay with them for a few days…”

“Absolutely not. Now that you’re expecting, you must take care of yourself and nurture your health. How could you just go traipsing off to your maternal home? If you miss your parents, I will allow you to go back and stay with them for half a month, but only after the child is born.”

Old Madam Fang immediately rejected, but then Su Nuan Nuan winked at her and suddenly seized her arm and began to entreat her most comically. To the point of promising all kinds of delicacy to sweeten the deal.

“Grandmother, this granddaughter-in-law of yours have nothing to do at home, ah. I’m not even allowed to go into the kitchen, but I’ve been mentally refining my recipes so grandmother will definitely get to eat my creations once I’m out of the confinement period.”

Old Madam Fang squinted at her suspiciously and said, “What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying that if I don’t let you go back to your maternal home, I won’t get to taste these delicacies?”

Before Su Nuan Nuan could say anything, Madam Liu quickly said, “How could this be? Nuan Nuan, how could you say such a thing? You’ll cause Old Madam to misunderstand you. No matter what you make, you must first let Old Madam taste it, this is only filial.”

Su Nuan Nuan stuck out her tongue and pressed closer to Old Madam Fang to entreat her prettily. At first, Old Madam Fang was determined not to let her go, but after some time, she thought: This child must pity her maternal family, in order to give face to her family, she must have not have been able to give too many good things to them for fear of appearing overbearing. However, if she lived with them even for a few days, the An Ping Estate could, under the pretext of providing for her pregnant self, bring in all kinds of supplements, mink fur, bedding and cloth. This child is just trying to be filial to her maternal family, ah. Forget it, let’s just encourage good behaviour in the young.

At this, she pretended to be persuaded by Su Nuan Nuan’s coaxing and grudgingly agreed. As she gave an exaggerated sigh of relief, the others also laughed. However, no one could be more relieved that Xu Ran Yun or Xue Zhi Lan, though they could not allow their feelings to show on their faces, of course. Madam Yang was privately unhappy by the arrangement, after all, it was not easy to get a di grandson born of the official wife. Thus, how could she be happy by her moving out to live in a commoner’s estate, no matter how large or expensive? However, since Old Madam Fang had allowed it, there was nothing she could say against it.

The ladies chatted together idly and had lunch at the North Court with the Old Madam. After lunch, the Spring Breeze Court contingent returned to Su Nuan Nuan’s courtyard, by the time Madam Liu and her daughters-in-law made her excuses to leave, Duan Tingxuan happened to return. He brought with him news that father-in-law was urging them to come back and put their temporary estate to order. As a way to placate Su Nuan Nuan, Duan Tingxuan promised to personally send the Su family to their temporary estate and to oversee the arrangements of the house for Su Nuan Nuan.

Su Nuan Nuan has every confidence with Duan Tingxuan’s ability, but for the sake of appearance, she made sure to extort a few promises from her husband in front of the estate. It was only once they were all out of sight that she returned to her rooms. After such a tiring day of socializing with all her relatives, Su Nuan Nuan was very tired. Therefore, it was no surprise that when Hong Lian came in to announce the arrival of the Branch Lady, her tone was very angry, “She must know that Madam has had a tiring day, so what is she doing here now?”

Su Nuan Nuan gave a bitter smile, “Forget it, she’s already here. She might be bringing important news for all we know, let her come in.”

A short while later, Shi Yurou came in. Su Nuan Nuan immediately noticed that her expression was not too good. She was about to ask what was wrong when the Branch Lady forced a smile and said, “I understand that sister-in-law is pregnant and tires easily. I’m not here to bother you. I just want to find a quiet place to hide away for the moment. Sister-in-law, you may just ignore me while I rest out here for a while.”

This kind of attitude was too odd. Shi Yurou aside, not even Concubine Jing or Concubine Jiang, ladies much closer to Su Nuan Nuan would do something like this. Su Nuan Nuan’s curiosity was aroused, and she smiled, “What’s going on? If you’re tired, surely there are plenty of places for you to rest in this large estate? Who would actually dare to bother you? Why would you want to lie low at my place?”

Shi Yurou turned listless eyes at her and then turned to stare at the ceiling for a long moment. Suddenly, she gave a bitter laugh and said, “To be honest, I knew that this day would come sooner or later. I just never want to consider the matter too closely. Now that the day has come… aih! Anyway, just let me hide out here for a while, please.”

“What kind of joke is this? Others might not know what kind of person you are, but I am very clear. Even the shrewdest of schemers would not dare to provoke you. What could have happened to make you run and hide like this?” Su Nuan Nuan’s interest immediately perked up.

She leaned forward and adjusted herself on the bed. Making herself comfortable to listen to gossip.


[Gumihou: What could be the horrible thing that made Shi Yurou run and hide out at Su Nuan Nuan’s place?]


[1] History distortion or exaggeration – a thousand years ago from the Qin Dynasty era where Dayin was supposed to be set in, the Japanese were gatherers, fishers and hunters. It was the pottery age where they were barely any interaction with the outside world.


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